Am I Pregnant Quiz | Early Pregnancy Symptoms

Am I Pregnant Quiz | Early Pregnancy Symptoms

If you’ve been spending your days wondering if you’re pregnant lately, don’t wait any longer! Try this free online am I pregnant quiz to take a little step closer to knowing for sure. Remember, you cannot find a 100 percent accurate online pregnancy test, if you’re serious about your health and future, please go to a doctor, and find out what they have to say. You can never replace a true medical examination with even the most accurate am I pregnant quiz online.

Early Pregnancy Symptoms

Am I Pregnant or just paranoid? If that sentence goes through your mind all the time, it’s time to take this quiz. Before you answer all of the questions, we need to make sure that you understand what we’re asking. We’ll briefly go through every classic symptom of pregnancy. By the end of this article you’ll hopefully know that even if you experience all of the symptoms, it doesn’t mean you’re pregnant.

Our bodies are unpredictable. As the human race, we’ve taken a lot of steps to control it. But it’s never so easy with nature. Sometimes people experience periods long after conception. Sometimes they don’t realize they are pregnant until the very labor. It’s tricky. I’m sure you’ve heard stories of people, and their doctors, realizing they’re going to have twins during labor, too.

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I’m not saying all of this to scare you off and make you even more stressed. It’s actually meant to help you. I hope you understand that if you decide to have sex, there’s always a possibility of getting pregnant. You can never fully rule that out. Just putting it out there. It has already happened. It’s no time to be regretting the act now. It’s time to focus on your goals and think deeply about all of your options. Let’s see what the classic symptoms of pregnancy are.

Periods, Nausea, and Food Aversions

Periods are not always very regular, and that’s okay. Circumstances like weather, temperature, food intake, or drinking enough water, can all make your cycle a bit shaky. It’s absolutely normal. Our bodies adapt to the world on a daily basis, and we just need to accept that they’re not very regular all the time.

Although, if your period has always been very regular, and nothing changed in your lifestyle lately, you might start getting worried. First of all, don’t get obsessed with this. Stress is a factor known to every human. It can postpone your period, or make it never show up at all. Sometimes, if you’re very stressed, you can miss multiple periods. So please, don’t get too crazy about it.


If your period has been late for a week or more now, try this am I pregnant quiz. Later, if you still feel like you could be pregnant, consider doing a pregnancy test. You can get it in a pharmacy. If the test comes out positive, seek medical help. After that, you’re likely to know for sure. If your period has come, or your period is not supposed to arrive for a few more weeks, don’t panic. Pay attention to your body. Try the quiz, and see if you’re experiencing the symptoms we list there. Stay calm and attentive. Not getting obsessed over the situation might be your best bet here.

Being nauseous might also be an early sign of pregnancy. If you suddenly started to experience morning sickness, and that’s something totally new for you, you might consider doing a pregnancy test right away. This symptom is a very strong giveaway. Having said that, don’t panic. Try staying calm. Monitor your food and water intake. Pay attention to the foods you might have stopped consuming lately. If there are foods you’ve been avoiding because you feel like they could make you sick, try this am I pregnant or paranoid quiz, and find out.

Constipation and Bloating

These symptoms are connected to food as well. Feeling heavy and bloated might suggest that you’re pregnant. But again, it doesn’t have to. Maybe you have been trying new recipes lately, or maybe your body just hates what you feed it. Whatever the case, don’t worry about it too much. Again, it’s all about being mindful and trying out different solutions until you find the one that suits you.

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However, if you’re bloated and constipated, and this is all new to you, it might be a sign of pregnancy. It’s all due to hormonal changes your body may be going through. Your digestive system might be slowing down and adapting to a new situation.

How Not to Get Pregnant?

Being scared of a possible pregnancy is not fun at all. We know it and we’d like to provide you with some useful information on how to avoid this very situation in the future. If you’re aware of how the baby comes to be already, which we hope you are, you might find it interesting to read a little bit about contraception methods. Not everything suits everyone. Be mindful and don’t force your body into something it visibly hates.

There are many contraception methods, some of which are listed here:

  • Condoms
  • Contraceptive implants
  • IUD
  • Female condoms
  • Combined pill
  • Contraceptive injection.

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If you’re not familiar with all of the methods named above, try reading a little bit more about the subject. Staying informed might help you get through these moments of uncertainty a lot better. Protect your sane mind by staying safe during sexual intercourse. If getting pregnant is not your ambition at the moment, talk about it with your partner. It may help you find the most comfortable method of contraception. If you don’t have a regular sexual partner, take care of yourself. Ask your dates questions, and always have a backup plan. Good luck!

Remember, this quiz is not a professional test. Be sure to consult your doctor!

Is this quiz 100% accurate?

No. We will never tell you that you are or you’re not pregnant for sure. It’s impossible. Seek medical help in order to see your situation more clearly.

How many questions are there in the quiz?

There are 20 questions. We selected them carefully so that you can understand easily what we’re really asking. They are not supposed to make you upset, they’re here to help you realize your true position right now. Answer honestly, and you’ll get the most accurate answer.

Does missing a period always mean pregnancy?

Certainly not. It’s a common first symptom people notice, but missing your period doesn’t always indicate pregnancy. There are tons of reasons why you’re period hasn’t come this month, and sometimes they require medical intervention. It’s always a good idea to go and see a doctor.

Is it easy to get pregnant?

Yes and no. Generally, if you’re healthy, your menstrual cycle is regular, and you had unprotected sex, it’s quite likely for you to get pregnant. However, there are a lot of circumstances that could protect you from this scenario. We talk more about them in the article above.

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