Am I a Dominant or Submissive Personality? | This 100% Accurate Quiz Reveals It

Am I a Dominant or Submissive Personality? | This 100% Accurate Quiz Reveals It

Another personality quiz for the curious! Today we’re going to discuss submissiveness and dominance. It is two extreme personality traits that are revealed not only in relationships. Being submissive or dominant can affect all life situations. Let’s learn today another thing about you! Take our self test -Am I a Dominant or Submissive Personality?

Submissive or Dominant Personality

Let’s start by describing what submissive and dominant personalities actually are. In psychology, personality is a person’s characteristic way of reacting. That everyone is an individual collection of many traits. It is useful to know one’s traits, both good and bad. Knowing what we are like helps us make important decisions and lead happy lives.

Personality plays a very important role in adaptation to environmental conditions, a sense of internal stability, and motivational processes. The process of personality formation is very complex. Its greatest intensity is during childhood. It is assumed that the development of certain personality traits is influenced by three factors.

They are genetic factors, relationships with loved ones and personal experiences. Although personality traits are considered immutable. But there are factors can be changed. With this knowledge, you can know a part of yourself today.  Are you dominant or submissive? Take our Dominant Submissive Personality Test!

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Dominant Personality Meaning

Let’s start with people with a dominant personality type. They are the people who like to be in control. They make the decisions. They are guided by their needs and are not afraid to express and fulfill them. Dominant people are confident, resourceful and assertive. Other people can’t easily influenced them. Dominant people have strong characters. It helps them achieve success.

Being dominant has many advantages. However, it also has its bad sides. You have to be especially careful where dominance shows itself in a relationship. Domination in a relationship can present itself in various ways – from light, harmless forms for the relationship, to those shocking, involving violence of various kinds. Dominant individuals can have manipulative tendencies.

Meeting their own needs sometimes becomes their main goal. Then they use all possible solutions. One of them is precisely manipulation. Such people may impose their opinions on others completely. Expect others to obey them completely. For a relationship that should be based on partnership, it is an unhealthy approach. Generally speaking, men are considered more likely to be dominant partners. However, psychologists stress that women can also be dominant.

There are forms of domination that will always have a negative effect on a relationship. It is, of course, everyone physical and psychological violence. Healthy domination, on the other hand, is where it does not harmfully affect either partner. It can be the case when one partner makes most of the decisions.  For example about finances or trips. And the other person iagree with their choices. If there is open communication in the relationship, it is such differences that will not interfere.


Submissive Personality Meaning

Now we will describe what a submissive personality type is. Submissive people seem to be very empathetic and caring. The needs of other people are more important tp them than their own needs. Such people also do not like to make important decisions themselves. They prefer to give this power to authorities they trust. Submissive people adapt easily to a new environment or group.

They are non-confrontational. So they quickly gain the sympathy of others. It readers are lovable people who have big hearts. However, it sometimes works against them. Neglecting their own needs, they will not be fully happy themselves. They are not assertive, unable to let their guard down. Many problems can be created by such an attitude. They are very dependent on others.

They have no faith in their abilities and their strength. Their lack of self-confidence make them to give up their own identity and desires. The main trait is the lack of self-confidence. They are prone to cooperation, conformity and lack of assertiveness. They hate being the center of attention. The sentimental and sensitive disposition that characterizes submissive people can cause them to be extremely conciliatory.

Submissive people tend to look for a dominant person to whom they can delegate responsibility. They become emotionally dependent on others. It is worth remembering that the submissiveness shown in a partnership can have many causes. But the submissiveness may be good for the relationship. It may be related to trust.


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Dominant and Submissive Personality Traits in Relationship

The dynamics of submission and domination are most often evident in relationships. Some people believe that the combination of a dominant and a submissive is the ideal couple. But is it the thruth? It depends on the intensity of these traits. Extremes are never good in any case.

Both excessive submissiveness and excessive dominance are harmful attitudes. But sometimes these traits positively influence the dynamics of a relationship. And what your partner is – dominant or submissive? Check out these traits. And take our quiz!

Dominant Personality in Relationship

•              Making most decisions.

•              Reacting with anger/irritation to refusal.

•              Controlling others.

•              Expecting others to conform.

•              Being firm and strict.

•              Manipulation.

•              Taking over responsibilities.

•              Taking control.

•              Helping and advising others.


Submissive Personality in Relationship

•              Fulfilling the requests of others.

•              Focusing on the needs of others.

•              Problems with decision-making.

•              Problems with assertiveness and boundaries.

•              Lack of self-confidence.

•              Avoidance of conflicts.

•              Empathy and understanding.

•              Patience and caring.

•              Obedience.

As you can see, submissiveness and dominance in a relationship have their good and bad sides. It is worth noticing these weaknesses so that you can work on them. If you are too dominant, then try to perfect in yourself such qualities as empathy, understanding, listening to others. Dominant people must take their partner’s happiness as their goal. They must reject excessive control and replace it with trust.

On the other hand submissive types need to work on self-confidence. Such people should focus on their needs and expectations. Learn assertiveness so they don’t hide their true thoughts and feelings. Each personality trait is susceptible to change. Therefore, know your personality traits first so you know what to focus on. And it will make you happier and more satisfied! Therefore, take our self test! You can also find other personality tests worth taking on our site. Good luck!

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Am I a Dominant or Submissive Personality?

Now you can take our test without any worries or doubts. Our self test will show you which side is more prominent in you. Are you dominant or submissive? Our test takes into account various life situations to make it clear. See also the other personality tests on our site completely. As we mentioned we have a lot of self tests. Discover yourself more and more! We discuss various topics on our site. Now check which personality type suits you – dominant or submissive?

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How many questions does this Sub-Dom Test have?

Our Sub-Dom Test has 20 specially prepared questions.

What exactly does this test measure?

This test checks whether your personality is more submissive or more dominant.

Does this test apply only to a relationship situation?

No, this Sub Dom Test applies to various life situations, so it is more accurate.

Can you change your personality type from dominant to submissive and vice versa?

Change is possible but requires constant self-work and motivation.

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