Why Am I Single? | What To Do About It | Quiz for Girls & Guys

Why Am I Single? | What To Do About It | Quiz for Girls & Guys

Love. Everyone is talking about it. Hundreds of romantic comedies watched. Romantic novels, songs about love. Couples holding hands while walking in the park. Love is always in the air. And don’t get me started about Valentine’s Day. Did your mother once again ask when you are going to find someone? Do you feel like everyone is finding their other half, but you’re still alone? Maybe this test we prepared will help you with that. So stop askinkg yourself “Why Am I Single?”. It can still be worked on!

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Will I be single forever?

If you feel lonely and dream of romantic love, being single probably overwhelms you. You begin to wonder if this state will last forever. Will you be able to find love ever? You begin to lose hope. But don’t give up. Somewhere, the answer is surely hiding. You need to look at this case carefully. Do you have a history of relationships? Try to analyze what they looked like. What was the reason for the breakup? Not everyone can create a healthy relationship. Unfortunately, we are not taught this in schools and our parents are not always good examples. Perhaps you made some mistakes and didn’t even know it. Rest assured, a lot of people went through this. You can do it too! “Why Am I Single Man” or “Why Am I Single Girl” you asked again? Maybe you find the answer here. There are some important points ahead of you. Make sure you haven’t overlooked anything. 

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A very important quality. A very important quality. Have you carefully taken care of this in your recent relationships? It is often the case that once you are in a long-term relationship over time you stop making an effort. You get lazy. After all, you don’t have to prove your love to your partner anymore and you seem to take it for granted. You go on dates less and less often because you don’t want to leave the house. Especially if you live together. After all, you stay with each other all the time anyway. This is where the mistake lies. You have to fight for love all your life. It doesn’t matter whether you are just starting to meet or have been together for many years – flowers are always a good gift for a loved one. It is worth constantly reminding that you care about each other. Nice messages, small affection. It seems unimportant, but it is extremely valuable for the relationship. Appreciate every day that you have your beloved by your side.

Values and lifestyle

What really matters in a relationship is similarity. In order to form a happy couple you must have similar life goals and values. It is worth agreeing on this early enough. Do you care about the wedding? Do you want to have children? Do you intend to buy a house someday? All these things matter. Because if someone has different dreams than you, they may eventually change their mind about you. And you have that right, too. Each of us wants to live our own way. Let’s allow ourselves to do that. Unfortunately, you can’t agree on everything. But if there is a possibility you can always compromise. It all depends on the situation. Above all, you must be able to talk about it.


As important as the others. If you can’t talk to each other, every little conflict will be a nightmare for you. And sooner or later problems always come up in a relationship. There are no shortcuts. You have to deal with this issue. And communication is the key to this. In a relationship, you can’t be afraid or avoid talking about difficult topics. You need to clearly express how you feel and what you expect from the other person. Also, you must learn to listen to your partner. Always try to understand him or her. After all, you care about him.

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You can see for yourself that there is a lot to work through. On the other hand, if you haven’t been in any relationship yet, see the next paragraph. We have something for you, too.

Why Am I Single?

Lack of experience

You’ve never been in a relationship before and wonder why. Is there something wrong with you? It’s certainly worth looking into certain aspects. However, don’t worry. Sometimes life just doesn’t go our way. Perhaps you live in a small town and meet very few people on your way, so how are you supposed to meet that perfect person? Or you are an introvert who spends most of his time at home. Sometimes it’s worthwhile to come out ahead. Find some group of people, ask your friends or get in touch online. Most people meet their love just through the contacts they already have. A neighbor, a colleague’s sister, a person you met at a co-worker’s birthday party. This is how you meet the most valuable people.

How to not be single

However, perhaps something can be changed in your character. Self-development is good regardless of the problem, so it’s worth a try. So let’s take a look at you and your emotions. Are you afraid of rejection? And that’s why you don’t allow people to see you? This is a way of coping that you have unconsciously developed. Unfortunately, it doesn’t serve its function anymore, does it? Try trusting others. Don’t be afraid to talk about yourself. If someone doesn’t like you, it’s their loss. If you have a hard time with it, it’s worth going to a therapist. They know how to help.

Just a few more steps

We have bulleted the next things to look out for. Read each of them and study them carefully. Self-insight is very good for quality of life. Don’t be afraid to know your weaknesses just confront them!

  • Shyness and anxiety – Many people struggle with this. If you feel clueless, seek help from a specialist psychologist. Remember that a lot can be changed. With small attempts, try to make contact with people. And if you make a mistake – turn it into a good joke! If you stop worrying about what people will think, you can finally be yourself. That’s true freedom I wish for you!
  • Past Hurts – You may have once been hurt by a girlfriend or boyfriend. Your high school love rejected you and since then you no longer have the courage or strength. Remember that one failure does not define the whole you. Each of us has been rejected at times and each of us rejects others. We have the right to choose our partners and if you don’t like someone, you can gently let them know. If someone does it in a rude way, it means that it is not worth dating such a person anyway!
  • Unrealistic expectations – If you only know relationships from movies and TV series you may have an unrealistic vision of love. You may also be expecting your future partner to be perfect. But are you perfect? No one is. Everyone would like to be accepted and loved. Remember that appearance is not the most important thing. The happiest couples are those who are also similar in level of attractiveness. No one wants to be “the uglier” half. On the other hand, love is not always as intense and trouble-free as in the movies. This is worth bearing in mind.
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So now that we have that out of the way, why not move on to solving the Why Am I Single test? I wish you the best of luck!

What can this test give me?

The test will tell you the reason why you are single.

Does it take a lot of time to solve this test?

No, the test contains 20 questions that you will answer quickly.

What should I do after I know the results?

You can follow the advice we prepared for you in the article above.

What mistakes do singles most often make?

They isolate themselves, they don’t care about the emotions of others, they have unrealistic expectations or they don’t make an effort.

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