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Do you ever give up?

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When you recall what people say about you, which sticks in your mind more?

Can you remember the direction clearly, even if you have only walked through it once?

Do you believe aliens exist?

Do you think human nature is inherently good or evil?

Are you good at softening the atmosphere of a room, and fixing awkward situations?

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Did you ever “secretly have a crush on someone”?

Are you decisive?

Are you able to study if there is a lot of noise around you?

What role do you usually play in a team?

Are you ever rude to people?

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Do you daydream a lot?

If you have to order take out lunch, would it take you a long time to decide on what to eat?

Do you watch the news?

Are you the type to forget unpleasant things while focused on work or studying?

Which is more important, the process or the result?

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Do you have a good sense of humor?

Do you like to challenge yourself?

Are you good at solving problems and thinking out of the box?

How would you spend a three-day holiday?

Which Blackpink Member Are You?









Hey everyone! Are you a fan of BLACKPINK? If so, then today’s “BLACKPINK quiz: which member are you?” is sure to please you! Answer twenty questions in this BLACKPINK test and find out which BLACKPINK member you are!

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Blackpink is a four-member Korean girl group created by YG Entertainment. When Square One, a single album featuring “Whistle” and “Boombayah,” was released in August 2016, the trio made their public debut. These songs became their first to reach number one on a variety of lists.

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The members of the group underwent an audition procedure with the company towards becoming trainees with the intention of one day achieving their recording artist debut. The group was formed by YG Entertainment under the well-known K-pop beginner system in South Korea. According to BLACKPINK’s record label YG Entertainment, the name was chosen to suggest that the group has qualities beyond only beauty, such as toughness.


The statement added, “The concept of BLACKPINK is to defy the conventional idea of the hue pink. “Pink is frequently used to convey attractiveness, but BLACKPINK is actually trying to convey that being attractive isn’t everything. Additionally, it represents the fact that they’re a group that combines both brilliance and beauty.”

Blackpink is the most popular Korean female group abroad and is referred to be the “largest girl group in the world.” Throughout its career, Blackpink has smashed a lot of web records. Their music videos for “How You Like That” (2020) and “Kill This Love” (2019) each broke records for the most views on the first day after publication, with the latter shattering three records and creating two Guinness Records.

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They are the first girl group and the first Korean female act to still have five songs receive one billion views apiece on YouTube. They are also the most popular artist on the site and the first to have 80 million followers.

They have been recognized as one of South Korea’s most influential celebrities by Forbes Korea and by the former president of South Korea, Moon Jae-in, as a worldwide K-pop phenomenon assisting in the dissemination of K-pop material globally. Blackpink received the Time’s award in 2022 for its contribution to music.

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Although they have included several different genres in their careers, such as Rhythm and blues, Arab music, ballad, and rock, Blackpink’s music has often been described as EDM and pop with characteristics of hip hop and trap. Some newspapers have referred to their frequent use of bass drops—especially those that occur just before the chorus—as part of their signature sound.

The vocals of Blackpink’s songs have been compared to a combination of aggressive and fearless rapping and frequently “edgy” singing. According to Jisoo, the members are “engaged from the start” in their artistic process, from “creating the bricks” to “raising this or that sensation” and “exchanging criticism,” she said in a talk with Rolling Stone. As musical inspirations, Blackpink has named several different performers.

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The notion of Blackpink is embodied in the group’s name, with the “black” side standing for their more sophisticated, “girl crush” image and the “pink” side for their more cartoonish and colorful image. According to Rosé, their track “Pretty Savage” best captures their personality because “it sort of matches with ‘black pink’,” she said in a talk with Jimmy Kimmel. “There are two colors that reflected us the most because we’re really pretty but at the same time we’re extremely savage too.”

Frequently discussed themes in the songs of the group are:

  • individualism
  • female empowerment
  • breakups
  • toxic relationships
  • summer romances.

Since the launch of their single “Boombayah” in June 2016, the four-piece South Korean female group has become an international sensation. The group’s moniker is a combination of the fierce “black” and flirtatious “pink” of their songs.


The band’s catchphrase, first used in their debut single “Boombayah,” announces their intention to rule the whole planet. BLACKPINK reveals tidbits of fresh ideas, hair hues, and outfits with each new song. And wow, has the attention been worthwhile. The group’s YouTube account presently has over 54 million followers, and the clip for “Kill This Love” has had around 1.1 billion views.

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Loyal fans take into account everything, including who maintains the center line in the choreography and how many lines each member has in songs. BLACKPINK frequently posts training footage of the group performing their choreography because they want to offer their fans what they desire. 96 million people have seen the “Lovesick Girls” practice video as of this writing.

Blackpink Quiz Questions And Answers

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