What Instrument Should I Play | Instrument Quiz

What Instrument Should I Play | Instrument Quiz

Do you have a musical soul? Do you want to learn an instrument or maybe you are an enthusiast of some instruments? If you are here, then you probably love music a lot. You came to the right place, as we are going to give you an interesting musical experience: What Instrument Am I? Personality Test! 

There are quite a few stereotypical views of musicians playing certain instruments. A lot of the Instruments have hundreds of years of history, and some of them date back to prehistoric times. That is a lot of time to develop stereotypes and assign certain features to people playing them. Because of that, the instruments themselves make us think of some personality features and traits such as subtlety, elegance,  high intelligence, and, on the other hand, high energy, overconfidence, wildness.

So which instrument are you? Do you identify with saxophone, electric guitar, drums, or a piano? Answer all 20 questions included in What Instrument Am I? Quiz and discover which of the four instruments respond to your inner musician the most. We hope you will have fun!

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Musical Instruments – Origins

Music has been performed for thousands of years. Humanity has developed and improved hundreds of instruments, many of which are popular to this day. It has yet to be confirmed by the science world which instrument was first but the dawn of the instruments probably happened in the prehistoric times when flutes were invented. They were made from animal bones and probably served for rituals and ceremonies, but it couldn’t be ruled out that prehistoric people also played them for entertainment. 

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What Is An Instrument?

Musical instrument is a tool or a device which is used to create sounds. Any object that is able to make sounds can be considered an instrument, for example, a set of glasses or bottles can be used as instruments. Anyone can make a DIY instrument and give it a name, or just use whatever everyday object they want and make music with it. 

Instruments such as piano, guitar, or trombone are much more sophisticated designs capable of playing advanced compositions. There is a reason why certain instruments are more popular than others. Musical devices like saxophone, drums, or violin are difficult to learn but satisfy our deepest musical needs. 

Instruments – Examples

Now it’s time to take a closer look at the instruments we included in our quiz. All of them are great choices to start a musical career!

Electric Guitar

Electric guitar is a musical instrument which, unlike its classical counterpart, requires an amp in order to achieve loudness typical for other instruments. An idea to create an electric guitar came from the need to achieve higher loudness. In the 90s, many guitarists were unsatisfied with the capabilities of classical and acoustic guitars. The first experiments with electric guitars started in the 1930s. The very first model was created by Paul H. Tutmarc. It wasn’t long before more improvements were made by other inventors such as John Dopyera and George Beauchamp whose prototypes started to look and function like electric guitars we use today.


Saxophone was invented by a designer named Adolph Sax, hence the name of the instrument. It is one of the few instruments still used to this day which were invented by just one person. Adoph Sax was a Belgium musical designer, able to play many wind instruments. He wanted to combine the best features of a woodwind instrument with the best parts of a brass instrument. The fruit of his ambitious endeavor was a saxophone, a brass instrument invented in the 1840s and patented in Paris in 1846.


Drums are one of the oldest instruments which are in wide use today. They come in many forms, shapes, and sizes. They can be made from many different materials and be brought together to form a percussion set in a number of ways. According to historians, drums date back to 5500 B.C. The ancient drum artifacts suggest that these instruments were made from alligator skins. Drums were used in ancient cultures such as Greek, Egyptian, Mesopotamian, and Roman during religious rituals, ceremonies and gatherings.   


Last but not least, a piano is an invention of Bartolomeo Cristofori, an Italian musician and instrument designer. The motivation behind creating piano is similar to the origins of an electric guitar. Bartolomeo noticed that the control over volume in the harpsichord is unsatisfactory. In order to make improvements in this matter, he invented a hammer, a replacement for the plucking mechanism in 1700. Today, Bartolomeo is credited for the creation of the modern piano. However, the invention was actually called ‘clavicembalo col piano e forte’ which means ‘a harpsichord capable of playing loud and quiet sounds’.

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What Instrument Am I? 4 Possible Results

Which instrument is in tune with your personality? Answer 20 questions and discover if you are saxophone, electric guitar, piano, or drums. Have fun!

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What Is The Most Popular Instrument In The United States?

According to the survey conducted by OnePoll, the most popular instrument to play among Americans is piano or keyboard. 27% of respondents chose this option as an answer. Keyboard or piano is also the most attractive instrument for parents to teach their kids: 18% of surveyed parents picked this answer.

What Was The First Instrument?

The oldest instrument is the Neanderthal Flute which is 60,000 years old. Discovered near Cerkno, in Divje babe cave, the flute is a priceless artifact. It is made of cave bear’s thighbone and consists of four pierced holes.

Which Instrument Is The Easiest To Learn?

There are quite a few instruments which are great choices for beginners. Instruments which are easiest to learn include bongos, recorder, tambourine, castanets, harmonica, and harp.

What Is The Most Musical Country In The World?

The most musical nation in the world is the United States. According to the estimates, the total revenue of the music industry reached almost 29$ billion U.S. dollars which is an increase of 24.7% year-to-year.

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