Friendship Test | For You And Your Best Friend | 100% Free

What do you do when your friend is sick?

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Do you hang out together with other friends?

Do you have secrets from each other?

Do you often argue?

Do you go on trips together?

How often do you see each other?

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What do you do when your friend makes a mistake?

Would you cancel a date to help your friend?

What do you do when your friend is sad?

Do you think you are best friends?

Do you have common interests?

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How do you behave during an argument with a friend?

Your friend is moving to another city. Do you continue to keep in touch with each other?

What will you buy your friend as a gift?

Do you know your friend's birthday?

What do you do when it starts raining during a meeting?

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Do you always stand up for your friend?

Will your friend invite you to his/her wedding?

How many years have you known each other?

Do your friend's parents know you?

Friendship Test
Best Friends
Congratulations, you are best friends! Celebrate it together!


Good Friends
Congratulations, you are good friends! Celebrate it together!


Friendly Relations
You may not have known each other long enough to be best friends yet, but you're on the right track!


Are you sure you like each other at all? Maybe it's better to work on it.



Welcome back! You are indeed eager for knowledge. Today’s topic is friendship. Each of us wants to have at least one warm friend. If you are lucky enough to have one, be sure to take the test and find out how close-knit you are! We have prepared twenty questions that each of you can answer separately, but you can also do it together. It will be a lot of fun!


But first a few words about friendship

Psychologists and other researchers of social issues often pay attention to non-romantic relationships. But what is friendship really? Although the question seems trivial, it is hard to answer unequivocally. For everyone, friendship can mean something different. Each of us has unusual needs. However, there are some correlations. It is possible to distinguish certain characteristics that will prove important for everybody. Are you curious? Just keep reading.

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This is an extremely important trait for friendship. A person who cannot accept your different opinion and sees only his perspective will not be a good friend. Such people can easily lower self-esteem and unfairly impose their views. They often turn out to be manipulators. They can also mock the other person in an unpleasant way. In contrast, understanding friends are a real treasure. No matter what problem you are facing, they will listen to you and support you. This is the best quality for difficult times. Each of us showing at least a little understanding changes this world for the better.


The person who wants to be your friend must be there simply for you. If he expects some benefit, it will not be a trusting relationship. If someone likes you solely for your material things, money, fame or social position, it’s better to let it go. Such a person will probably leave on his own anyway if he doesn’t get what he wants. This is why unconditional affection is very important.


This is also an essential quality. Good communication in any relationship is fundamental. If someone often lies, we simply lose trust in them. Frequent excuses and little lies can also indicate a lack of interest on his part. And if someone is not interested in us, why should we want to hang out with him? A person who can confess even a difficult truth to you is brave and worth appreciating.


To some extent, this is a desirable trait. Everyone happens to make mistakes. Not all of them are unforgivable. Therefore, it is worth bearing in mind that the person with whom we want to be friends should not be too stubborn. Someone who gets offended about anything and stops talking will bring a lot of stress and guilt into our lives. Any problems and misunderstandings are better resolved through healthy communication. We, too, should behave forgivingly to our friends, especially if they had no bad intentions.

Examples of friendship in books and movies

The theme of friendship is one of the most popular themes that appears in stories. True friendship, toxic friendship, betrayal of friendship – all these types allow us to get to know the characters more. This unique bond between the characters makes it impossible for us to leave reading or watching. What are the most famous couples or groups of friends? We are already taking a closer look at them!

  • Harry Potter – this novel is the essence of friendship. It features many themes and problems related to it. The main character has two friends. Harry, Ron and Hermione are a team that can not be swapped. Their friendship is unique and will survive even the most difficult times. If we should dream of friendship, this is the one!
  • The Lion King – Animals can make friends too! No one knows a better duo than Timon and Pumbaa. Their similar sense of humor is what brings them together. So is their approach to life. On a daily basis, they follow the motto Hakuna Matata, no worries and no problems. However, in case of a crisis, they also know how to cope and find the best solution.
  • F.R.I.E.N.D.S – it doesn’t take much explaining here. This series tells the story of a group of young people who are all friends with each other. Each episode reveals what kind of problem they face. Thanks to mutual support, it is easier for them to go through life. Having such a close-knit pack is a real happiness.

Are you a Potterhead? Accept the challenge and take the quiz!

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Childhood friends

Children as young as several years old are already entering their first friendships. Connections with peers are very important for children and teenagers. It is very common that we make best friends when we are children. We start by playing together and borrowing each other’s toys. Then we grow up together and struggle with similar problems. And if we survive this time, it is likely to be a lifelong friendship. When we have known someone since childhood, the bond is then exceptionally strong. We know each other like family and our families usually know each other too. Being at each other’s homes makes us familiar with the other person’s environment. This allows us to get to know and understand that person better, and this is the first step to a healthy relationship.

Parents usually expect their children to make new friends at school, because they know how important it is. We need friends. They are what make our lives better and more colorful, especially at a young age. Let’s remember that first experiences are very valuable, also when it comes to friendship. First arguments and breakups will help us understand how to deal with conflicts. So let’s not underestimate childhood friendships, because they are the strongest.


How do you take care of your friends?

Friendship can be just as difficult as a romantic relationship. Maintaining it requires some kind of commitment from both sides. If we care about our friends, we should pay attention to certain aspects to keep them with us for as long as possible. First of all, we should remember that true friendship takes time. We need to persevere with each other and devote enough time to the other person. A close bond doesn’t come out of nowhere, it requires constant work. Second is acceptance. It is known that similarities keep us together. Shared interests and similar opinions are good for any relationship. However, it is impossible to find two identical people. We need to give ourselves permission for this dissimilarity. We don’t have to agree on everything, but let’s respect each other’s opinions. Third, we must not be pushy or possessive. We should not require the other person to spend every spare moment with us. Everyone has their own life and responsibilities. Let’s give each other space so that each can grow independently. Excessive jealousy is also not desirable. Our friend also has the right to meet other people just like us. Let’s keep this in mind!

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If we already know all about friendship, it’s time to take the test! Take an honest approach to it, and perhaps it will help you determine whether there is anything to work on. And above all, have fun while doing it!

What will I discover by solving this test?

You will find out how strong your friendship is.

For how many people is the test suitable?

The test can be solved alone or with several people.

How can I invite a friend to solve a quiz?

Just send him the link or solve the quiz together.

How old do I have to be to solve this test?

The quiz is for people of all age groups.