Do I Have MS Quiz | Worried you have MS?

Do I Have MS Quiz | Worried you have MS?

Are you afraid you might be developing symptoms of MS? Multiple sclerosis cannot be diagnosed with a single test. Still, our quiz can help you make sense of concerning signs and gather information to consult with your doctors. Take this Do I Have MS Quiz and find out if you could have multiple sclerosis.

Multiple sclerosis what is it

Multiple sclerosis, or MS, is a disease in which our brain and spinal cord are affected and there is damage to nerve cells. We don’t know what triggers multiple sclerosis. We understand that something causes the immune system to target the brain and spinal cord. It causes damage to the protective layer covering nerve fibers, called myelin, and the disruption of signals from and to the brain. The result is unpredictable symptoms like muscle numbness, memory problems, blindness, or paralysis.

What do you know about multiple sclerosis?

Anyone can get MS, but there are some risk factors. The beginning of MS usually happens between 20 and 40 years old, but both older and younger people can develop it.

We observe gender differences too. Women are statistically more than two to three times as likely to be affected by multiple sclerosis than men. Other factors include genetics, certain infections, and even race.

People who have a parent or sibling with MS are more at risk of developing the disease, although there is no scientific proof for direct genetic inheritance. Viruses like Epstein-Barr have been connected to MS. People of all ethnicities can get multiple sclerosis, yet it’s the most common among white people, particularly of northern European ancestry.

Is there a cure for MS? We can’t cure multiple sclerosis for now. The treatment focuses on slowing the disease’s progression and controlling the symptoms. Hopefully, with the advancing medical research, we will get closer to discovering a cure.

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Does multiple sclerosis result in paralysis every time? No, and not every person with MS will become severely disabled. Statistics say that around two-thirds of multiple sclerosis patients will retain their ability to walk, although many will require an aid like a mobility scooter or a wheelchair. 

Every type of multiple sclerosis

The National Multiple Sclerosis Society identified several types of multiple sclerosis in 1996. 

The clinically isolated syndrome is the first episode of neurological symptoms. For a diagnosis, the attack has to last 24 hours or more. It can’t be related to an infection or another illness. Some people might experience only one episode. For others, it could be their first MS attack.

The type that occurs the most is relapsing-remitting MS. Around 80% to 85% of MS cases get diagnosed as this type. People who go through it experience relapses when their neurological symptoms get worse, separated by remissions (periods of recovery). Symptoms might cease throughout remissions, and some may persist while others disappear.

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Some people with relapsing-remitting MS develop secondary progressive MS. This type gets progressively worse, and symptoms are present during remissions (if they experience them). About 50% of the time, untreated RRMS progresses into SPMS within ten years. 

Other rare types of multiple sclerosis include progressive-relapsing MS, malignant MS, and benign MS. Benign or inactive multiple sclerosis occurs when the patient’s condition doesn’t change at all or very little for 10 to 15 years. This type is controversial, and not all experts believe in the validity of its existence. 

How can I check myself for MS?

Usually, multiple tests are involved in diagnosing multiple sclerosis. Diagnosis involves a neurological exam, blood work, spinal fluid evaluation, and other types of testing.

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What can MS feel like early on?

Multiple sclerosis often starts with blurry vision, numb muscles, tingling sensation, or muscle spasms. Some report their face or other parts of their body feeling “like a sponge.” Many people experience sudden, sharp pain or a burning sensation. Pay attention to these signs if you suspect you could have multiple sclerosis.

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What are the three early signals of MS?

Dizziness, vision changes, muscle spasms, and pain are some of the most common symptoms of MS. Other signs include:

  • stiff muscles
  • uncontrollable jerking movements
  • poor coordination
  • slurred speech and difficulty talking
  • problems with balance
  • dysfunctional bladder
  • struggling with concentration
  • memory problems

Multiple sclerosis can also affect a person’s mental health. People suffering from MS can experience depression, anxiety, irritability, and mood swings.

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In this Do I Have MS Quiz, you will be able to review any concerning symptoms and discover the probability of you having multiple sclerosis. Our Do I Have MS Quiz isn’t a medical tool and can’t replace the professional diagnosis. However, it can help you worry a bit less.

Is it possible you have multiple sclerosis? Let’s analyze your symptoms to find out. Take the Do I Have MS Quiz and assess the possibility. 

What kind of result will I receive?

You will receive a numerical score. Number 1 means you’re least likely to have MS, and number 20 means you’re very likely to have MS.

What does MS feel like in the beginning?

A lot of people experience numb muscles, vision changes, poor coordination, and cognitive issues.

What are the three early signs of multiple sclerosis?

Sharp pain, tingling sensation, problems with balance.

How can I check myself for MS?

This is a self-report quiz that doesn’t replace medical consultation. To diagnose MS, several tests are required, including a neurological exam or blood work.

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