Divergent Test | Which Faction Do You Belong In? | 100% Free

Divergent Test | Which Faction Do You Belong In? | 100% Free

Hello there! Do you happen to like The Divergent? Which do you prefer: novels or movies? Is Tris your favorite character? In today’s quiz, you’ll find out which faction you belong to. Is your place with the Selfless, the Honest, the Brave, the Intelligent, or the Peaceful? Or maybe you belong to the Factionless? Find out with our divergent test!

Before jumping into our divergent test, do you want to know which Hunger Games character are you?

The Divergent series

The Divergent tells a story set in the future, in the dystopian city of Chicago. The city was split into five sections to help fix past problems and create a successful society. At the age of sixteen, every child is subjected to an aptitude test (their version of divergent test) to identify their main trait. Then, they participate in the choosing ceremony and decide which faction they want to be in.

The main character in the story is Beatrice Prior, also called Tris. She was born in the Abnegation faction but decided to move to the Dauntless. Tris discovered that she was Divergent, meaning she can exhibit more than just one of the five main traits. The Divergent are thought to be dangerous and are killed when discovered. Is Tris in danger, and did she make the right choice?

The Divergent factions


Abnegation believes the greater good is more important than what the individual person needs. They are also called the Selfless. Their main goal is to serve others. Our divergent test will reveal if your place is in the Abnegation!

Members of the Abnegation faction make up the city council due to their selflessness and incorruptibleness.

The Abnegation’s color is grey. The members tend to dress conservatively and plainly, in loose-fitting, non-revealing clothing. The only accessory allowed for them is a simple watch.


Erudite is the faction that values intelligence, knowledge, and information. Their other name is the Intelligent. They believe that ignorance is the source of humanity’s mistakes. They conflict with the Abnegation faction and are opposed to them being a majority of the government.

The Intelligent are in charge of the official records. The members of the faction make up most of the city’s scientists, teachers, etc. If you’re smart and like to come up with new ideas, you might be the Erudite! Ready for your divergent test?

The rules of the faction state that all members must wear at least one item of blue clothing at all times. The reason is that blue releases calming chemicals to the brain.


The members of the Dauntless faction are also called the Brave. They are the most courageous faction, valuing bravery and disregarding cowardice. They guard the fence around the city.

The color of the Dauntless is black. They wear tight-fitting, dark-colored clothing suitable for their lifestyle. Often they also have tattoos, piercings, and dark makeup. This divergent test will tell you if you belong to the Dauntless!


The Amity faction, also called the Peaceful, values peace, harmony, and order above all else. This faction’s goal is to maintain a society free from conflicts, chaos, and war. The Amity is responsible for running farms that provide food for all the factions.

The members of the faction wear red or yellow, comfortable clothing. Their usual activities involve picking fruits and singing songs. Sounds nice? Take the divergent test to find out if your place is in that faction.


The Candor faction is also known by the name the Honest because the members of this faction refuse to lie. They value being honest and straightforward above all else. They are truthful almost to a fault.

The Honest believe that if you reveal all of your secrets, you will have no reason to be deceptive because everything is already out in the open.

The faction’s colors are black and white, representing the members’ black-and-white idea of truth.

The Factionless are people who don’t belong to any other groups. They either failed their initiation or were removed from their faction for some reason. The Factionless live in poor conditions and do all the jobs nobody else wants to do, like janitor work or garbage collection. Making clothes and driving vehicles is also their job. They receive food and clothing in exchange for work.

Which Pottermore House do you think you belong to?

The Divergent

The Divergent are different from the rest of society. While people from other factions can only show one defining characteristic, the Divergent are capable of showing more. Their minds “go in many different directions”, therefore can’t be adjusted or controlled. The Divergent are thought to be dangerous for that reason.

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The divergent faction quiz

Our divergent test will determine which faction you belong to and what is your main trait. We can’t have you jumping from trains or anything like that, but taking a test is more fun! Do you think this divergent test will accurately assess you? We sure hope so!

Are you ready for your divergent test? No point in wasting time, then. Get to the questions and discover your true calling!

What faction can you be?

Abnegation, Amity, Candor, Erudite, Dauntless, Divergent.

What was Beatrice’s test result in Divergent?

Her test results were inconclusive. It turned out that she was Divergent, meaning she showed more than one trait.

What did Tris fear in the last test?

She originally had seven, but later six fears, including drowning in a tank of water, which symbolized feeling weak and unable to escape.

Is Tris fully Divergent?

Yes, Tris is 100% Divergent.

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