Dear Peachie Quiz | Asian Beauty Make Up Quiz

Dear Peachie Quiz | Asian Beauty Make Up Quiz

Hi Peaches, we have another interesting quiz for you. Today’s topics are beauty and makeup, and specific Asian beauty standards. Do you know Youtuber Dear Peachie? If not, we will introduce everything to you. Our Dear Peachie Quiz can be taken by both fans of the channel and people interested in makeup and the Asian approach to beauty. You are welcome!

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What is Dear Peachie?

Dear Peachie is a channel on the Youtube website. It is a so-called Beauty Guru that shows various makeup techniques, skin care, skin care, etc. Everything from an East Asian perspective, as beauty standards there can differ significantly from American or European ones. Many people believe that Asians reign supreme when it comes to the subject of beauty. Their ways for healthy and beautiful skin are picked up by people from all over the world.


Dear Peachie shares many tips with us. She often refers to Korean idols, showing how we can become more like them. The channel mainly focuses on beauty and makeup, but sometimes we can also find fashion videos, body posture tips, ways to look prettier in photos and much more. If you are wondering – what is my face shape, Dear Peachie will also tell you. It’s a typical girly account, complete with beautiful pastel aesthetics and a simple message.

The video tips and essays are succinct and easy to read, no wonder Dear Peachie has so many fans and subscribers. She does her work with attention to detail, and we can learn a lot of interesting things about the subject of beauty in East Asia thanks to her.

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Dear Peachie Makeup Tutorials

Dear Peachie has many makeup tutorials and there is something for everyone. Now that K-Pop and Asian culture is popular around the world, fans want to resemble their idols and follow Asian beauty trends. We can find Asian makeup or facial care products in almost any beauty store, no matter which part of the world we are in.

Asian ways have helped many people cope with skin problems, and the habit of using SPF sunscreen has enthralled others and become the norm not only in Asia. It’s actually surprising that the rest of the world has caught on only now, but SPF cream is a wonderful invention that significantly delays skin aging. But in addition to these obvious facts, we’ll also present you with some beuty tips we learned from the Dear Peachie channel. 


Cat-Like Make Up Style

Dear Peachie describes this type of makeup with three words: this makeup is meant to be cute, but also flirty and sexy. Jenny from Blackpink is known for this type of makeup and many fans want to emulate her. But how to do it? Dear Peachie will tell us everything! Jenny herself is involved in making music, and we won’t find her own makeup tutorials, but Dear Peachie has closely followed Jenny’s account and other celebrities who paint themselves in a similar way. First, we start by spreading foundation on the face, preferably with a brush.

The Dior Prestige primer is used as an example, but you just need to have a well-matched primer for your skin color. Then we use setting powder, gently patting the face. Then we move on to the eyebrows, which are long and thin. From the eyebrows we create the contour of the nose. After that, we apply and blend the eyeshadow gently, preferably with a peach or coral color. In the video below you can see exactly how to spread the shadow.

Dear Peachie also suggests according to the tutorial she describes, using eye contacts to make the eyes look bigger. We then spread the brown shadow on the lower eye line with a thin brush. Dear Peachie then presents an Asian technique that gives the eyes a cat-like shape. She also shows how to use the shadows so that they look like eyeliner.

She also notes that in this type of makeup, we only apply mascara to the lower lashes. Finally, we add blush to the cheeks, contour the lips and fill in the lips with coral color. We give them a gradient, which is a popular Akyatian way of painting the lips. This type of makeup is not strong, and looks really lovely and aesthetically pleasing. Be sure to watch Dear Pechie’s video and pick it out for yourself! On her channel you can find another Dear Peachie elegant makeup, Dear Peachie 8 makeup style archetypes and more!

YouTube video

Rich Girl’s Makeup Style

Here Dear Peachie are inspired by the well-known star of the Chinese film industry, Nana OuYang. She notices that Nana is distinctive in her appearance, so she wants to research this thoroughly so she can recreate Nana’s makeup.  She describes this makeup style as the look of a daughter from a rich family, because this style looks expensive and elegant.

Again, she was able to find a Beuty Guru who replicated Nana’s makeup in the best way. First, we start by moisturizing the face with a cream. The videos always feature used products if you want to buy one for yourself as well, so we recommend the Dear Peachie videos.

Then we use concealer to cover imperfections, spreading it under the eyes, among other things. Then we apply foundation using a beauty blender. In the video we can see how to do it correctly and most effectively. We use powder to give our eyebrows the right shape,. They are fluffier and thicker than the makeup style above. Then we contour the nose, giving it a V shape, so that it looks smaller. Finally, we use eye shadow, applying it to the eyelids and under the eyes. Beuty Guru uses peach and orange-beige shades there.

She applies several layers of shadows to create a beautiful effect. Then Dear Peachie explains how to apply eyeliner so that our eyes look rounder. Falsies are added to the lashes and painted with mascara to add volume. Then, of course, there’s blush and lip painting. Want more details? Check out Dear Peachie’s tutorial! That way you’ll be able to recreate the Rich Girl Makeup Style!

YouTube video

Dear Peachie Quiz

We only introduced you to two ways to recreate a particular makeup style according to Dear Peachie. But you can find even more makeup tutorials and other useful tips on her channel! Be sure to also check out her fashion and beauty tips in general. Thanks to her content, you can learn a lot of interesting things about beauty standards in Asia. You can also learn about good Asian beauty products.

And what will our Dear Peachie Quiz be about? It will allow you to match the perfect Asian makeup style for you, which Dear Peachie recommends! Find out what makeup will look beautiful on your face by taking our quiz! We’ll give you the specific name of the makeup type, and you’ll be able to find a tutorial on Dear Peachie’s channel to know how to recreate it well! Inspired by Dear Peachie’s channel, we decided to take four makeup styles. Be sure to check out which one fits you best!


Also, don’t forget to send this quiz to your friends, especially those who are interested in Asian fashion and makeup! Take the quiz, share the results, and then try to recreate the makeup together! Maybe do a makeup challenge by doing each other’s makeup? This will definitely bring you closer together and deepen your friendship, so try our Dear Peachie Quiz!

How many questions does this Dear Peachie Quiz have?

This Dear Peachie Quiz has 20 questions.

What are the types of makeup styles in this quiz?

Cat-like Makeup, Rich Girl’s Makeup, Clean Girl Makeup and Korean High School Girl Makeup.

Can I find a tutorial for each of these makeup styles?

Yes, these are makeup styles from tutorials on the Dear Peachie channel.

On what basis will this quiz select my makeup?

The quiz suggests your preferences, the shape of your face and the effect you want.

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