What Eye Shape Do I Have | 100% Accurate & Free Test

What Eye Shape Do I Have | 100% Accurate & Free Test

Welcome to another quiz! To start with, we have a question. When you meet a new person, do you pay attention to their eyes? It turns out that a lot of people pay attention to it. Perhaps it’s because when we talk, we try to look people in the eyes so they feel listened to. Or simply the eyes have an attracting power. Do you want to know what is hidden in your eyes? So take our What Eye Shape Do I Have Quiz!

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Types of eyes shapes and meaning

There are several techniques by which a particular eye shape can be considered. Each of us has different features of appearance that we inherited from our parents and grandparents. Can you identify which parent you inherited your eyes from? We will show you to recognize the shape so you can get a better look at it.

Eye shape is usually categorized by the corners of the eyes, which are raised more upward or more downward. But you can also pay attention to whether our eyes are large or small, compared to other people’s eyes. You can also point out how wide they are spaced apart and how deep they are set. Eyes can also be rounder or oblong, almond-shaped.

And what shape of eyes does our reader have? Prepare yourself a mirror, or possibly the camera on your phone, read our tips and take a close look at yourself. Finally, you can take our quiz to confirm it. Did you know that the shape of the eyes can reflect our personality? Our What Eye Shape Do I Have Quiz will tell you what’s hidden in your eyes!

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This eye shape is about recognizing which direction our outer corners of our eyes are facing. If your eyes tilt more upward, it means you have upturned eyes. This feature is easy to recognize and may be the first thing you notice. Is this eye shape perceived as attractive? It all depends on other appeal as well, but often this shape is considered more mysterious, sexy and alluring. This is the shape of eyes Mila Kunis has, among others. Some people even get plastic surgery to achieve this effect. These are known as Fox Eyes and are desired by many.


However, this beauty standard is more common among women. In men, not so much attention is paid to the shape of the eyes. Of course, it doesn’t surprise us that men don’t have to worry about their appearance, it’s not the first time. Also, if you are a woman and don’t have foxy eyes, don’t worry. Your eyes certainly have other interesting and attractive features. Read on and discover what your unusual eyes hide.


This is the opposite of upturned, meaning the corners of the eyes are pointed downward. Look closely at your face and try to determine whether your eyes are more upturned or downturned. Downturned eyes may seem less attractive compared to upturned because they give a typically sad, worried look to our face. However, to some people it may suit a lot more. Downturned eyes appear larger and express more emotion.


People with this eye shape seem to be more empathetic, sensitive and individual. Such people are more trusted. Therefore, this eye shape also has many advantages, and it is not at all necessary to follow the current beauty standards. This eye shape is very evident in Anne Hathaway. This actress is known for her beautiful, large and downward-facing eyes. Want to know what else is behind downturned eyes? Take our What Eye Shape Do I Have Quiz and find out!

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Now let’s take an even closer look at the eyes. Are your eyes rounder or oblong? Round eyes are not as wide and appear larger. People with such eyes can look constantly puzzled and surprised, or even scared. However, such eyes are also associated with youth and innocence, as young children have such large, round and surprised eyes. Either way, big eyes are always seen as attractive. And what is the rarest eye shape? The round one!


They attract attention and make our face look prettier, according to current beauty canons. This is the shape of Zoey Deshanel, whose eyes are admired because of this characteristic round shape. That’s why she can even mesmerize with her gaze. Do you also have this ability? Take our What Eye Shape Do I Have Quiz and see what your eyes can do!


Another type is wide, almond-shaped eyes. Take a mirror and see if your eyes are more oblong or round. If they are narrower and oblong, you most likely have almond-shaped eyes. For people who are interested in makeup, this shape of eyes is the most desirable, because you can match any type of makeup. Eyeliner, shadows, mascara, everything fits this eye shape.


This type of eyes is also very attractive in men, who then seem more handsome, mysterious and alluring. Take a look at Henry Cavill, for example, this man definitely fits into the male canons of beauty, and his eyes will melt the heart of any woman. Whether almond eyes or round eyes are more attractive rather depends on a person’s taste and other appearance characteristics. Almond eyes are more popular and more common.

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Other eyes features

We have already described the different types of eye shapes, but there are other eye features that are worth noting. You can also check how your eyes are located on your face. For the overall appearance and attractiveness of your face, this can be even more important than the eye shape itself. Want to find out what kind of eyes you have? First of all, consider the following subsections.

  • Hooded eyes – Eyes deeply located in the skull, even falling into it, are precisely hooded eyes. They are called that because they are more hidden. The eyelids are not as prominent, so not every type of makeup suits these eyes. But with this placement, the eyebrow line is more shapely and distinctive, which can increase our attractiveness.
  • Monolid Eyes – This is the opposite of hidden eyes, meaning they are not so “hidden” in our face. The eyelids are visible and do not wrinkle. They are typical of people of Asian descent. People with such eyes are naturally beautiful. That’s why modeling agencies are looking for people with such eyes.
  • Wide set – Also, the distance between the eyes is worth mentioning. Wide set eyes means the eyes are widely spaced on the face. This arrangement of the eyes adds to our youthfulness. You may notice that we also often see this eye spacing in models, so perhaps people with these eyes are more photogenic.
  • Close set – Sometimes the distance between one eye and the other is small. Some people think that wider-set eyes are more attractive, but this is not always true. For example, look at Jennifer Aniston, one of the most beautiful women in the world just has closely set eyes. Therefore, what your eyes look like doesn’t matter that much in terms of overall attractiveness. But they can tell a lot about your personality! Take our test and check it out for yourself!

Now you are ready to take our What Eye Shape Do I Have Quiz. Find out your eye shape and what’s behind it? Discover your personality hidden behind your beautiful eyes! You can also find online What Is My Eye Shape Camera Test!

How many questions does this What Eye Shape Do I Have test have?

This What Eye Shape Do I Have test has 20 questions.

Why is it important to know what shape of eyes I have?

Because the shape of your eyes can define your personality and you can better choose your makeup with eyes makeup tips.

Does this What Eye Shape Do I Have test compare eyes to those of celebrities?

Yes, to get a better idea of the shape of the eyes it is good to compare to other people’s eyes.

Are there pictures and photos in this What Eye Shape Do I Have test?

Yes, there are sample pictures in this What Eye Shape Do I Have test.

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