Are You A Pantheist? | This Quiz Analyzes 20 Factors To Answer | Surprising Results

Are You A Pantheist? | This Quiz Analyzes 20 Factors To Answer | Surprising Results

Hello everyone! Do you often think about the universe and wonder how it was created? Do you think there is a single supreme being, divine creator and overseer of the world, who put it all together, or are there more celestial entities responsible for the creation? Or maybe there are no gods, but just nature, composed of physical components? 

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People who ask themselves these questions sooner or later become proponents of one of the philosophical or religious doctrines. Depending on which one makes most sense to them, or appeal to them, they adopt its tenets and perceive the universe according to its dogmas or theories. Most of the doctrines include a single god as the constructor of the universe, or many deities representing different aspects of life. Some of them are non-theistic such as atheism and pantheism. 

But what about you? Have you already come to the conclusion and become a proponent of one of the religious or philosophical doctrines? Thanks to our reliable quiz – ‘Are You A Pantheist?’ – you can discover something new about your personal views on the universe and divine deities.  All you need to do is answer 20 questions and we will reveal to you if you are a proponent of pantheism, one of the non-theistic philosophical doctrines we mentioned above. Enjoy!

Never heard of pantheism? Have a read of our article below to learn about this doctrine in greater detail. We included many interesting facts about pantheism so you could have an easier time solving ‘Are You A Pantheist?’ Quiz!

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Pantheism – Definition

Pantheism is both religious and philosophical belief that the supreme being, god, or any divine entity is the same as nature, the entire physical existence. The consequence of this thought is that the universe is its own creator which has always existed, even before time. It continues to create within itself, expanding and growing. 

Pantheism Vs Atheism

Pantheism is a non-theistic doctrine which means it does not recognize a deity or multiple gods with an identity. Like atheism, it rejects the idea of the supreme creator being a person with a mind on its own. However, atheism does not recognize any kind of gods, while pantheistic doctrine introduces the idea of nature being a god. 

At first, it may seem that pantheism and atheism are the same. Both doctrines reject the idea of the universe being created by a super intelligent and powerful entity. The main difference is the definition of what they are sure that exists – a physical world. However, what is also essential to discern atheism from pantheism is the presence of divinity. Pantheists believe that nature is divine, and it is because of that feature it can stay united. Atheists, on the other hand, deem divinity as irrational and reject that concept.

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Etymology Of Pantheism

The term ‘pantheism’ can be traced back to Greek word πᾶν (pan) which means ‘all, of everything’. It is also connected to θεός (theos) which translates to ‘god’ and ‘divine’. The first combination of pan and theos appeared in De Spatio Reali seu Ente Infinito,  Joseph Raphson’s book written in Latin in 1697. The author uses the term ‘pantheismus’ when referring to Baruch Spinoza and other thinkers.

Baruch Spinoza’s Pantheism

Formalized philosophy and theology of pantheism was created based on the works of Baruch Spinoza, the 17th-century Dutch philosopher. Most of his books were published after his death and were very controversial at the time.

Because of his unpopular ideas on the nature of God, he was expelled from the Jewish society at the age of 23. In Ethics, he described God as a unifying force of all the substance. He held a monistic view, arguing that spirit and body are the same. This was the opposite concept to the dualism of mind and body, created by René Descartes. 

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Monism was a core part of Spinoza’s philosophy. He rejected the idea of spirit being something else than body, a physical object. According to this doctrine, God is not a separate spiritual being but a physical and also a divine world. It has neither a mind nor identity but can stay unified due to its divine features. 

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Are You A Pantheist? Free And Accurate Quiz

Are you a proponent of the view that the whole existence is identical to God? Check out our new quiz and find out how much you agree with the tenets of pantheism.

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Is Pantheism Similar To Atheism?

Although both of these doctrines are non-theistic, pantheism is not the same as atheism. According to atheism, a single supreme being or multiple gods responsible for the world’s creation don’t exist, while pantheism includes the existence of a god (however, it is not a person-like god).

Do Pantheists Have Priests Or Churches?

Pantheists have never formed a church. They also have not established priesthood, sacraments, or dogmas. Because they believe god is identical to nature, there is no reason to revere something that has no mind or identity on its own.

Which Famous People Are Pantheists?

The most recognizable people who revealed they are pantheists include Elon Musk, Albert Einstein, James Hetfield, Alan Vega, Carl Sagan, John Leslie, and Mark Rylance.

Who Can Benefit From Solving ‘Are You A Pantheist?’ Quiz?

Do you like the idea of god being identical to nature? Our test will confirm if you are really a proponent of pantheism. If you have never heard of this doctrine, you will also benefit from solving our quiz – you will know what’s what after answering 20 simple questions!

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