Am I Handsome | Free And 100% Accurate Quiz

Am I Handsome | Free And 100% Accurate Quiz

Welcome back! Today we have a special quiz for every man. Have you ever wondered if you are really handsome? Mom will always tell you that, but is she right? Perhaps these are not just kind words, but a true statement! Find out today. We will present the characteristics of a handsome man and consider what else makes a man perceived as handsome. Are you ready to learn this truth? Take our special Am I Handsome test that will measure your handsomeness level!

Am I handsome

Each of us wants to look good and be attractive to others. It is not only women who dream of a perfect figure, a beautiful face and thick hair. . We live in a world where beautiful people have more privileges. That’s why it’s no surprise if you want to find out if you’re handsome.

Youth and beauty are always seen as desirable things. Is this a healthy attitude? We’ll look at this later. Now let’s consider what a handsome guy looks like. Sometimes it’s hard to tell, because each of us has different tastes and everyone may like something different. But there are some main features that can fit into the canon of male beauty. Do you know what these qualities are? Are you a handsome man? Find out and check our list, then take our special test and be sure!

Features of a handsome man

Scientists have long studied the concept of beauty, which is very difficult to study because it is subjective. But they have been able to discover that certain traits recur in people and make us perceive them more attractive. The canon of beauty can vary somewhat due to times and places. So there may be cultural differences. But according to the general canon of beauty, some universal qualities can be singled out. Let’s check what they are.

  • Fit body
  • Symmetry
  • Facial features
  • Smooth skin
  • Healthy teeth
  • Thick hair
  • Nice hands
  • Height

What does a handsome man look like?

These are the general characteristics of a handsome man. So let’s start with a fit body. As far back as ancient Greece, people marveled at men’s athletic bodies and depicted them on works of art. In today’s world, you don’t have to look like a Greek god to be handsome. All you have to do is take care of yourself enough to maintain a shapely figure

And what’s most interesting – muscles are not always seen as a must-have of being handsome! Muscular male bodies are still popular, but these days we pay more attention to diversity. You may be surprised to learn that many women find these slim and less muscular male bodies more attractive. But of course, again we must point out that everything is a matter of taste. The most important thing is that you are the one who feels good in your body.

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Then we have symmetry, which means the correct proportions of the body and face. Remember, however, that complete symmetry in humans is almost impossible, there are always some differences, for example, a nose pointing more to the right side. But in general, the more symmetrical we are, the more pleasing we are to the eye. However, that’s not all when it comes to the face.


Proper facial features are also important. There are different types that can be considered attractive, above all, an outlined square or triangular jaw in a man always looks good. But also important is whether we take care of the skin of our face, if it is smooth and clean is a big plus, so are the teeth, white, even and without cavities.

Next on the list we also have thick hair, which indicates a man’s youth. Dense, nice hair even disheveled, will give charm to any man. But it’s not a necessity either, as many men also look good when they have their heads shaved bald. What is worth focusing on are men’s hands. Neat and clean nails, also smooth skin. Women often look at the hands in men, so don’t neglect them.

And at the very end we have the height of a man. It is colloquially accepted that a man must be tall to be attractive. But we gave this feature to the end of the lists for a reason. If you have other qualities that make you handsome, height no longer plays such a significant role.

Other characteristics of an attractive man

A person’s attractiveness is influenced by features of appearance, but not only. Character traits and lifestyle are also of great importance. Also, if you do not fit into the general canon of male beauty, do not worry. Some features of appearance we can not change (for example, height). But there are many more things indicative of attractiveness that we can influence.

An attractive man is above all confident, but not overconfident. You need to know your worth, but too high an ego is usually a deterrent. Also remember how powerful a sense of humor is. Also try to be kind and behave maturely. Being a brute only works in the movies.


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Also adding to your attractiveness is your tone of voice and the way you speak. A low, pleasant, gentle voice attracts attention and will melt any woman’s heart. You can pay attention to your body posture too. An upright and confident posture adds to attractiveness. And your style of clothing is something to focus on. If you take care of the right clothing, you will definitely increase your attractiveness! You might also consider – Am I handsome or cute? Because being cute can do more than simply looking handsome.

Every man can be handsome

As we mentioned, people with a great focus on beauty and youth, which can cause various problems. A lot of pressure to look beautiful is especially put on women, but men also feel the unpleasant effects of this. Men these days also see silhouettes of handsome men everywhere on magazine covers and in advertisements, which can affect their self-esteem.

Mental problems and eating disorders also impact men. Therefore, it is important to note that there is no single canon of beauty. Whether you are handsome depends on many factors, and you can work on many of them. So let’s focus on our individuality and uniqueness instead of trying to fit into an imposed type of beauty. Real beauty is your own happiness!

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You can still take our test and see if you are handsome. But if the test tells you that you are not, don’t worry! Take our advice and if you want, you can work on your level of attractiveness in a healthy, good way. As we mentioned, you can get yourself some new outfits in which your figure will look better.

Also try maybe some new hairstyle if you have the opportunity. Longer hair will perhaps add to your beauty! Take care of yourself and remember that a real man also takes care of his complexion, skin, hands and body. Hygiene is the most important rule if you want to be attractive. And above all, be yourself and do everything according to your preferences. By not pretending to be anyone, you will be the most beautiful version of yourself. This always works.

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How many questions does this quiz have?

This quiz has 20 questions measuring your level of attractiveness.

Does this quiz only take into account appearance features?

This quiz takes into account all aspects that affect a man’s attractiveness.

Is this the Am I Handsome picture test?

No, because the test does not focus solely on facial attractiveness, it takes into account more aspects of attractiveness.

How can I prepare for this Am I Handsome test?

Prepare a mirror, or a photo of you, preferably showing your entire figure.

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