Which Island Belongs To You?

Which Island Belongs To You?

Hello, hello everyone! We are here for a special reason today. I am happy to see so many of you enjoy solving my quiz. I have prepared something we have never done here before. Ok, I am not keeping you wondering anymore. Today we will focus on the Islands. With the 20 questions I have prepared, we will check which island belongs to you. That is a great test for your character because not many people know to which island their soul belongs.

The solution can help you find your place on earth. Also, it can become your next holiday destination if you still do not have it. I visited all the islands I am talking about here, and I can recommend them all.

The islands we take into account today are Maldives, Santorini, Bali, and Kaua’i. If you have not heard of them before, I have prepared short descriptions of the islands. They will help you understand more in detail what it is all about.

I do not know if you know the Maldives that it is a country. The Maldives consists of a great number of small islands. Does any of you know their number? It is 1200. Not all of them are habitats. It has not always been such a popular tourist destination. It became that popular about 40 years ago. It is a perfect place for swimming and sunbathing. If your island is the Maldives, you have a luxurious soul. You must be classy and know your worth. You keep your head up, and that is something everyone should follow. It is a valuable thing.

We are staying on the same continent, just moving to a different island. What is next? My favorite island is Bali. I always feel there as I was in Australia. The climate makes me feel that. For me, it is a feeling of freedom. There you can find unique beaches. These have black sand and crystal water. The beaches are a view which you will never forget.

I am not the only fan of this island. It got so many prices for its flora and fauna that I cannot count them all. Bali belongs to all of you that have open minds and a head full of ideas. You must be unique and very talented if your island is Bali. Just do not forget to share your power with others.

Are you ready for a quick trip to the United States of America? We will stop at the “Garden Island.” Do you know what is on my mind? Yes, it is Kaua’i. It is a place which people from abroad have not affected that much. That is a safe place for all Hawaiians. It is possible to visit this island, but you have to respect all laws of the citizens. You would be surprised how many scenes of movies and series you know come from there. I am sure that you know Jurrasic World and Outbreak. Are you fancy discovering this place now? You have to be an adventurer to belong to Kaua’i. You are starving wildlife and discovering the unknown. Such people are nature lovers which we need in these times.

Ok, let’s head up to Santorini. Greece is a beautiful country, the music, food, and people show the spirit of their place. The Santorini we know today has been done due to volcanic eruption. This island is still the only caldera in the world without habitats. The volcano is still active there. I love the feeling of swimming in its hot springs, especially, when it is not that warm outside. The most iconic thing about this island is still the white and blue houses. You have to belong to Santorini if you like traditions and are energetic. Such Icons find themselves best on that island. If you feel the music with your whole body and dancing or singing is what you can do for life- Santorini belongs to you.

No matter what is the result of the quiz- you have to remember to stay yourself. The result may depend on your current life situation. It can change in the next years parallel to the changes in your mentality and objectives. That is an interesting fact to check in the following years or even months. We all change, and there is nothing negative about it.

Now you are ready to check which island belongs to you. This can be Maldives, Santorini, Bali, or Kaua’i. You can check if your beloved ones have the same typology of personality or if they belong to a different island. That is a perfect tool to understand each other better in a funny way. For my family, it worked perfectly. Share this quiz if you find it interesting, and enjoy your quiz time. Have fun and good luck with scoring the island of your dreams.

How many questions are there in the quiz?

There are 20 questions in the quiz.

What can be the result of the quiz?

Maldives, Santorini, Bali, Kaua’i

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