Which Hamilton character are you?

Which Hamilton character are you?

The musical Hamilton took Broadway by force and made itself comfortable in pop culture. Which song from the musical is your favorite? Do you see yourself in any of the characters? The quiz we have for you today will tell you which Hamilton character you are. Are you ready? Raise a glass to freedom and get to the questions!

The Hamilton musical tells the story of America’s Founding Father Alexander Hamilton. Lin-Manuel Miranda wrote a book about the musical, composed the music and lyrics, and even starred in the lead role. Miranda said he was inspired by the 2004 biography of Hamilton as told by historian Ron Chernow.

The story of Alexander Hamilton is exceptional for several reasons. It’s a story of life from rags to riches. Hamilton went from a poor immigrant boy to a soldier, to a statesman, and to a scholar who left a lasting impression on the U.S. legal system.

As an ambitious teenager with an innate interest in politics, Hamilton moved to New York in search of an education and fulfilling the American dream. Afterward, when the American Revolutionary War was still in its early stages, Hamilton fought and rose to the rank of lieutenant colonel, eventually contributing to the war’s end.

Following his appointment, he pursued his political ambitions and became the first US Treasury Secretary under the Washington administration. After a faceoff with Aaron Burr, Alexander Hamilton was unfortunately killed by a gunshot wound.

Act One of the musical begins with the introduction of the main protagonist, Alexander Hamilton. We learn that he comes from a poor family, his father left, and his mother died when Alexander was young. Hamilton travels to America in hopes of a better life.

Soon enough he meets Aaron Burr, who advises him to “talk less, smile more”. Alexander instead joins up with three revolutionaries: John Laurens, Marquis de Lafayette, and Hercules Mulligan, whom he impresses with his rhetorical skills.

The Schuyler sisters: Elizabeth, Angelica, and Peggy are introduced, singing about their hopes and prospects for the revolution. At the same time, Samuel Seabury cautions everyone about the dangers of Congress while Hamilton disagrees and counters Seabury until King George III insists on his authority.

In the winter ball hosted by Philip Schuyler in 1780, the male heroes are in attendance, and they get interested in the three Schuyler sisters. Eliza and Alexander fancy each other and get married. Eliza’s sister, Angelica, still has feelings for Alexander, but she steps back for Eliza’s sake.

As the Revolution is underway, Hamilton keeps asking Washington for promotion and for a command, to which Washington denies and promotes Charles Lee instead.

Eliza tells Alexander that she is pregnant with his child, and although at first, Hamilton is unsure of himself, Eliza assures him that he is everything to her and begs him to stay home.

After Lafayette persuades France to get involved on the colonists’ side, he urges Washington to call Hamilton back to help plan the final Battle of Yorktown. Washington agrees but explains to Hamilton that he should be careful with his actions because whatever he does will be known forever.

The Continental Army wins the battle after a British soldier surrenders to them. After their victory, King George III questions the colonists about how they will set up the government, and how will young America succeed on its own.

Hamilton receives word that his dear friend John Laurens has been killed in a seemingly pointless battle after the war was won, and throws himself into his work.

After Washington is elected in the Election of 1788, he selects Hamilton as the new Secretary of the Treasury. Eliza begs him not to accept the offer and to come back home, but Alexander realizes how big of an opportunity this is, and agrees.

Act Two begins with Thomas Jefferson returning to America from France. Jefferson and James Madison debate Hamilton’s financial plans in a heated manner.

Hamilton’s son Philip turns nine years old. Alexander begins an affair with Maria Reynolds and gets blackmailed by her husband. Jefferson, Madison, and Hamilton come to a compromise on the financial plan.

Meanwhile, Aaron Burr is envious of the amount of power Hamilton holds over the government and its decisions, wishing he could be in that position.

George Washington decides to step down from running for president. This shocks Hamilton, but he’s convinced by Washington that this decision is the best for the country. King George III is certain that the rebellious nation will fall apart under John Adams’ leadership.

Jefferson, Madison, and Burr accuse Hamilton of treason and pilfering money from the government. To prove he’s innocent of this crime, Hamilton decides to come clean about his affair. Mournful Eliza burns all the letters Alexander wrote to her and decides to erase herself from history. Hamilton and Eliza reunite after their son Philip’s tragic death.

Hamilton endorses Jefferson in the presidential election, which causes Burr to challenge him to a duel. Burr shoots Hamilton, which causes him to die, as Eliza, Angelica, and the rest of the cast mourn him.

Eliza sings at the end about “putting herself back in the narrative” and continuing to remember Alexander’s legacy, as well as telling the story of the soldiers who fought alongside him. Eliza raises funds for the Washington Monument while also raising awareness about slavery. After Alexander’s death, Eliza established the first private orphanage in New York City and assisted in caring for hundreds of children. As she passes, she is reminded that her place in history will be protected and her legacy passed on, just as she did for Alexander Hamilton’s legacy.

Does history have its eyes on you? Take our quiz and find out which Hamilton character you are! Do you already know your result? Have fun!

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