Which element are you in Chinese WuXing?

Which element are you in Chinese WuXing?

Hello and welcome back to the quiz world. You probably heard about the twelve Chinese Zodiac signs – the Monkey, the Horse, the Rat, and so on. But did you know about the five Chinese elements which can give you even more detailed information about your personality? If you didn’t, read on!

The Wu Xing, usually translated as The Five Elements Theory (sometimes known as Five Movements, Five Phrases, or Five Steps) is a Chinese philosophy based on five elements: Fire (huo), Water (shui), Wood (mu), Metal (jin) or Gold and Earth (tu) or Soil. Those elements are believed to be the fundamental roots of the universe, interacting with each other. Everything in the universe is supposed to come from these elements. Each Chinese element has its own associations, its strengths, and weaknesses.

The way the world works is determined by the Chinese elements creating or destroying each other. The creating cycle goes as follows:

Metal carries Water, Water makes Wood grow, Wood fuels Fire, Fire creates Earth (ash), and Earth produces Metal.

The destroying cycle goes as follows:

Metal chops down Wood, Wood separates the Earth (for example through roots/0, Earth absorbs Water, Water smothers Fire, Fire melts Metal.

The phase of Wood, associated with Spring, is a period of flourishing and growth, creating vitality, movement, and wind. It’s the time for making plans and looking forward. Throughout our lives, we equate this period to childhood through adolescence. Wood personalities may be firm and strong but also rigid or uptight. Wood is associated with the planet Jupiter, with the organ of eyes and the sense of sight, with the sour taste and a scaly animal.

The phase of Fire, associated with Summer, is a period of flowering, expanding, brimming with fire, energy, and activity. This is a time for being busy and achieving productivity. This is also the time associated with young adulthood. Fire types may be boisterous and joyous but also quick to lose their temper. Fire is associated with the planet Mars, with the organ of the tongue and the sense of taste, with the bitter taste and a feathered animal.

The phase of Earth is either a transitional period between other phases or seasons or it can be seen as late summer. The Earth phase is associated with stability, leveling, dampness, and receiving nourishment. This is when the fruits are ripe for picking. In our lives, this phase is when we settle into late adulthood. Earth types may be caring and giving but can also be immovable, stubborn, or overbearing. Earth is associated with the planet Saturn, with the organ of mouth and the sense of touch, with the sweet taste, and with a human.

The phase of Metal, associated with Fall, is a period of harvesting, collecting, and dryness. It’s the cleansing period when we start to love inwards and wind down our activities. This is the time when we become elderly people. Metal types can be responsible and meticulous though sometimes very hard to bend. Metal is associated with the planet Venus, with the organ of the nose and the sense of smell, with the umami taste and a furred animal.

Finally, the phase of Water, associated with Winter, is a period of retreat, stillness, and coolness. Everything is cold and contracted. Our activities slow down and we enter the period of well-deserved rest, closing the cycle. We return to the earth, delivering the seed to start the new life and begin the new cycle. Water personalities can be quiet, reserved, and introspective as well as emotional and sentimental. Water is associated with the planet Mercury, with the organ of ears and the sense of hearing, with the salty taste and a shelled animal.

These elements are essential parts of Chinese principles, beliefs, and culture, and are incorporated into the fields of medicine, feng shui, astrology, martial arts, and many others. According to Chinese medical theory, each organ is associated with one of the Five Phases. It is believed to be more effective to treat an organ during a particular time period appropriate to it.

 For example, Earth is responsible for the stomach, which links this Phase to digestion. It’s also associated with the spleen. Wood affects the liver and gall bladder, Fire – heart and small intestine, Metal – lungs and large intestine, and Water – kidneys and urinary bladder.

It’s easy to find out which element is connected to your date of birth. Metal is connected to birth years ending in 0 or 1, Water – birth years ending in 2 or 3, Wood – birth years ending in 4 or 5, Fire – birth years ending in 6 or 7, and Earth – birth years ending in 8 or 9. Are you not convinced if the element linked to your birth date is accurate? If so, don’t wait up and take our quiz to find out your Wu Xing element. Have fun!

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Wood, Fire, Earth, Water, Metal

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