What Is My Sun Moon And Rising Sign

What Is My Sun Moon And Rising Sign

Hello everyone! It has been a while since we met last time. I hope that you missed me at least as much as I missed you all.
I am taking you to the astrological world today. Are you a fan of such things?

This quiz will be much different than all others of this type. We are going to check together your moon and rising sing, but it will not be typical. I will evaluate the results according to your character and your choices. I am sure you will love what I have prepared. I have already checked my results- they are exactly what I expected.

All you have to do is to answer the 20 questions I have prepared. And you will know which are your moon and rising signs. That sounds like a lot of fun, but it can also open your eyes to things you have not seen before.
If you still do not know what is the moon and rising signs- I am here to help you understand this. We will figure it out together.

The moon and rising signs add additional pieces of information about your personality and appearance. As the zodiac sign refers to the day you were born, the moon and rising signs include information about the time and place of your birthday.

Let’s start with the rising sign. This is one that was rising on the eastern horizon at the moment of your birth. It tells about your appearance and personality. This sign can easily explain how others see you. With your rising sign, you can understand the way you react to situations and what is the first impression you make on people you meet for the first time. The rising sign can affect you in such a powerful way, that it can beat your zodiac sign. Only the ones that know you very well can go through the rising sign mask we all wear.

Do you know what is a moon sign? Because I find it more recognizable. There are many more variables in that case. It is connected with the time of your birth. The Moon sign refers to emotions, deep thoughts, fears, and feelings. As the rising sign belongs to people who are not close enough to understand your personality, the moon sign describes your personality as deeply as possible. Even the way you fall in love or the person you allocate your feelings to is defined by your moon sign. The perfect representation of your personality is described by the moon sign, which you can see while you are absorbed by fear or stress. Then the instinct takes the steering wheel of your body and mind, so you have no brakes.

Every rising and moon sing has different sets of characteristics they represent. From the rising side, they can say if you are sensitive, creative, optimistic, or represent other characteristics. The same, but for the inner, you show your moon sign.

If the result you will get will be Gemini- it means you are sparkling and a messenger type. Then Pisces are extreme and a type of protector. Sagittarius is a vivid personality with a comical personality. And Cancer is the type of nurturer with a deep soul.

Cancers (due to their moon sign) can read people from a different perspective than others. They stay closed and like to spend time on deep thinking. Because of their rising sign, they are real nurturers. They take care of people, and we see it from first sight.

Geminis focus on creating relationships. Their aim can be slow life with a happy family. They perfectly understand feelings which makes them stable. People find them open and talkative. The positive energy is beautiful.

Pisces represents extreme emotionality. They are sensitive themselves, and they can feel others very well. Pisces are dreamers and overthinkers, which makes them creative. They care about people and always try to help.

Sagittariuses are optimistic people. They like trying new things, and they always take risk when it is needed. At first sight, people may think they are faking another personality, but it is just how they make friends. That makes them feel confident.

Now you are ready to check which moon and rising sign match your personality. The most characteristic signs were chosen to help you understand yourself better. Are you ready for this challenge? I bet you are. All you have to do is to answer the 20 questions, and the results will surprise you. Do not be afraid to finally know your personality better. That will only put a positive impact on your life. I would recommend sharing it with your friends and making a deep conversation about how you see each other compared to the results. That will not only improve your vision of each other, but also it can be a lot of fun.

How many questions are there in the quiz?

There are 20 questions in the quiz.

What can be the result of the quiz?

Gemini, Cancer, Pisces, Sagittarius

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