Which Breaking Bad character are you?

Which Breaking Bad character are you?

Hello, my dear friends. I missed you so much, even if I have just posted my last quizzes yesterday. I love this kind of cooperation with you. When I think about how to make your day better, I feel motivated to create other quiz games and challenges for you. I know it is a great way to relax and chill. I use this method more often than you think- trust me. If you have not tried doing quizzes to reduce stress, it is high time to try it. You can even try our quiz about “How stressed are you” after finishing this one. That is a perfect portion of important stress knowledge.

But now, it is high time to introduce the main topic for today. I am taking you on a trip back in time. We will focus on a series that everyone loves. Based on the 20 questions, you will figure out which Breaking Bad character you are. Is it Walter, Jesse, Saul, or Mike? Do you already have your types? Let’s see together.

That is one of the most popular crime series. Also, it was one of the first ones. How old am I to remember the times that well? It tells a story about a group of friends involved in the drug production business. Despite the amazing plot, we have many hidden values that make it even more interesting. Simply everyone can find something for themselves. There is love, friendship, loyalty, and knowledge. I love crime series because the evil plan always amazes me. Did you also like this series that much? I have seen all 5 seasons without breathing. Maybe with a few breaks for laughing.
My favorite season is the first one. No one knows what is going on at the very beginning. To be honest, I even thought to quit watching it after the first episode. How lucky I was to stay- only Breaking Bad fans will know. There is the highest number of actions and plot twists. And based on the fact it is the first season, you do not expect anything of what will happen. Let me remind you now about the main characters we take into account in our quiz today.

Walter White may be taken as arrogant at first, but he has got something deeper inside. He is intelligent. That is why he is the head of operations. He can solve every problem. But also he is ready to do everything to achieve his goals (no matter how it ends up). That is the kind of person that is a typical winner. Motivation is what leads him, and he is success oriented. I wish I was half that motivated in my workout routine.

Another character similar to Walter is Mike. He is always ready to keep pushing to overcome every obstacle and achieve his goals. Additionally, he is a real family guy. He is loyal, and Mike could give up everything to rescue the ones that he loves. That is my role-man- an ideal candidate for a husband. When the values come together with intelligence, that must be Mike. You can be sure about it.

Jesse Pinkman is the opposite of the guys I have just introduced. He lives from day to day. Jesse does not take anything seriously. He likes to party and have fun. Jesse has a good sense of humor, but not everyone gets his jokes. He is young, so he can get crazy because when we get old not everything is possible. We all were at this point. I wish I could come back to the times when I was as chilled as Jesse. That character is the reason for many plot twists in this story.

Saul is a bit selfish, but it comes with hard-working. That is why it is not that difficult to accept. He has achieved everything himself. Even when it was difficult he never gave up. He tried over and over again until he was happy about the result.
Saul can easily communicate with others. He represents a high level of soft skills. That is the reason he is a perfect negotiator.

It is high time to see which character of Breaking Bad is the most similar to you. You can play a game with your friends. You just have to type which character is all of you and write it down. Then you solve the quiz. The person with the highest accuracy wins. Now there are only minutes left to see if you are Walter White, Jesse Pinkman, Saul Goodman, or Mike Ehrmantraut. I hope that you are excited to see the results. That is a nice nostalgic feeling to get back to Breaking Bad after that many years. But I am sure I am not the only fan of this series here. Enjoy the quiz!

How many questions are there in the quiz?

There are 20 questions in the quiz.

What can be the result of the quiz?

Walter White, Jesse Pinkman, Saul Goodman, Mike Ehrmantraut.

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