What country should you’ve been born in?

What country should you’ve been born in?

Hi there, quiz enjoyers! Do you ever feel like you have been born in the wrong place? Sometimes the country we have been born in just does not feel right for us. If you happen to feel like you do not belong in your homeland, you came to the right page. Here you can take the quiz we prepared and find out which country you should have been born in. Please, do not feel like you are betraying your motherland – it is just a quiz, after all.

Just because you were born in one place, does not mean you have to stay there forever. People migrated to far-away places throughout history – it is only natural for humankind. Our predecessors made the choices they made and that is why we were born where we were born. We did not have a choice in this but can decide where we want to live later in life. We cannot change where we were born, of course, but it is fun to wonder: what could have been?

What if you were born in Japan? When foreigners think about this country, images of sushi, polite crowds, busy city streets, anime, and funny cat videos come to mind. Is it all there is to Japan, though? Certainly not, and being born and raised there must be a whole different experience.

While we want to avoid generalization, the fact is that Japan is much more group-minded that the West countries. Individualism is not something that is greatly appreciated there. The Japanese feel immense social pressure to meet certain expectations. Sometimes they are even forced to follow social norms against their own preferences and convictions. This may be either a good or a bad thing for you, depending on your personality. If you feel strongly about being your own person, Japan might not be your dream place. For what it is worth, foreigners who live in Japan are seen as different people, and therefore do not have to adhere to the strict standards. It is a little consolation for those who were actually born in Japan, though.

Work culture in Japan can be considered harsh, even toxic to some. People in that country work hard and long hours. This might greatly depend on where you work and what you do, but overall work life in Japan is much more stressful than in other countries. Japanese people are overworked and under social pressure to not slow the roll. You might be the type to thrive in such conditions, in such a case – perhaps you should have been born in Japan.

If you think about it, it is no wonder that the Japanese work so much – the costs of living in their country are pretty high. The prices are high, and the houses, though small, are unfortunately also expensive. Public healthcare is one of the best internationally, but you better have insurance if you do not want to deplete your savings with one visit to the doctor. You should also carefully plan your day while in Japan, so you could save on transport.

What about the weather? While spring and autumn are pleasant, during the summer the weather becomes unbearable. The hot mixes with humidity and makes for an uncomfortable experience. Do you think you could handle the summer in your tiny Japanese apartment?

When summer is about to end, then strong storms, produced by hot and humid weather, start. During the storms, typhoons can originate. Not to mention the large amount of meteorological and geographical phenomena that the country suffers throughout the year, like torrential rains, typhoons, floods, earthquakes, and tsunamis. Of course, if you are born in Japan, you become rather used to those kinds of events and are not scared anymore. Are you scared?

Food in Japan is delicious and interesting. Japanese culture is known for its high-quality seafood, rice and vegetable dishes, and sweet desserts. Noodle dishes such as ramen and yakisoba are also popular and easy to find at cheap prices. Compared to, for example, the average American diet, the average Japanese diet is much healthier. It is rich in rice, vegetables, fish, and seafood, with minimal amounts of animal protein, added sugars, and fat. Food is one of the major reasons why the Japanese live so long. If you are a health-conscious person and care about what you put in your body, you might fit right in with the sushi-eating Japanese.

Were you meant to be born somewhere like Japan or perhaps Germany? Mexico or New Zealand? Were you meant to be born in a country that still values tradition and heritage the most? Perhaps you were supposed to be born in a country where everyone has the freedom and can do what they want. Maybe your place is in one of the cold countries of Scandinavia, the land of intellectuals. Or were you supposed to be born in one of the hot, colorful African countries? There is only one way to find out. Take the quiz and discover the truth! Then show the results to your parents and demand they redo some things. We are not sure if they can do that, but you can always try.

How many questions are there?

There are 20 questions.

What country can you get?

Japan, Germany, Mexico, New Zealand, Morocco, Canada

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