Mother Daughter Relationship Quiz | Free And 100% Accurate

Mother Daughter Relationship Quiz | Free And 100% Accurate

Being a mother is a big challenge. That’s why mother-daughter relationships are complicated. Each relationship is unusual in some way. But some patterns are repetitive. The Mouther-Daughter Relationship Test can tell you what type of relationship you have with your mother. So this is a special quiz for all daughters who want to know the truth. Read our article and take our “Mother Daughter Relationship Quiz”!

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What was your mother like?

A mother’s love for her children is a very unusual love that can be difficult or beautiful or both. It should be an unconditional love, but the world is not perfect and mothers often project their expectations, needs, demands and beliefs onto their daughters. For a kid it is the first relationship experience. So it is the basis, foundation for us. Let’s think about what

 was your relationship with your mother. Was it simple and loving or was it difficult and harmful? Accept your situation, many people share similar experiences as you. It can help you understand yourself more. Recall both the good moments and the bad. And then take our Mother Daughter Relationship Quiz to find out if your relationship with your mother was healthy.


Types of relationships with the mother

The relationship with our mother is the one that shapes us the most. It has the greatest impact onyour life and your personality. Full of love and trust relationship with your mom is good for you. But otherwise, it can bring suffer. Now we will present some types of mother-daughter relationships. 

You should know that parent-child relationship can’t be perfect. Every parent makes mistakes. However, it is worth to notice the bad signs in your relationship with your mother. Toxic relationships with parents can be very problematic, because even when parent is abusive, it is still our mother or father. That’s why this bond is so strong and very special.

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Emotionally unavailable mother

This type of relationship can be very hard for the kid. Children naturally want close contact with their mothers, they need closeness and support from their mothers mie only in the young years of life, but even in adulthood. A mother that is emotionally unavailable is unable to provide for these basic needs of her daughter. Such mothers are cold and distant. You won’t hear a mother say I love you, as this is a difficult task for her.

Such mothers are unable to establish physical closeness. Hugging or kissing is awkward for them. There may be various reasons for such behavior in mothers. But such a mother-daughter relationship is bound to reflect on the daughter. Since the daughter did not feel safe in childhood, she may also have problems expressing her emotions in adulthood. Daughters learn the same behaviors from their mothers. Excessive self-control and anxiety prevail in them.

Strict mother

Strict parents are strict because they think it is the best way to raise their kids. Strict mother always knows what is best for their daughter. Therefore, they may impose expectations and demands on their daughters, and when they are not met, the relationship becomes difficult and full of negative emotions. Such mothers may have problems with excessive use of power. They may impose on their daughters how they should behave.

Sometimes they even try to control their daughters’ entire lives. Because of this, the daughters of controlling mothers lose their ability to make independent decisions, make accurate judgments. Instead, they depend on their mother’s decisions and opinions, they become dependent on her, they need her like a guide.Daughters of such mothers do not feel free, they feel that they are not an independent entity, but a second version of their mother.

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Toxic mother

The above two types are unhealthy mother-daughter relationships. But toxic mothers cause the most damage. These are mothers who are perpetually dissatisfied. They try to control their daughters. They use manipulation. They may be overly critical of their daughters, envy or compete with them, and often initiate or provoke quarrels.

The biggest burden on daughters is that mothers have the upper hand – especially as long as daughters are not yet of age. Daughters take to themselves the words that come from their mothers’ mouths. This is dangerous. It shapes a daughter’s character very strongly. Most of the time, these mothers believe that their criticism is necessary, although in reality it is not. Often the daughters of such mothers feel worthless and powerless – all their lives. Is your mother toxic? Take our Toxic Mother Daughter Relationship Quiz!

Mother friend

This relationship seems to be healthy. The series Gilmore Girls portrayed just this type of relationship and many young girlfriends dreamed of having a mother like Lorelai. However, this relationship was not ideal and is not a good example of parenting. Experts warn that mothers should not treat their daughters as best friends. A good mother should be an authority figure and a protector for her daughter.

The child feel safe then. Mothers who want to be friends may burden their daughters with their personal problems. Mothers may also interfere in their daughter’s intimate concerns. Daughters will therefore begin to hide many things from their mothers. There is a generational difference between mother and daughter, so a mother will never understand her daughter as well as her peer friend.

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How to improve the relationship with the mother?

Only when a daughter understands that the ways of thinking or behaving that make her life difficult stem from her relationship with her mother can she deal with them. Sometimes it is enough to realize this. And remember that it’s not your fault. It is the toxic relationship with the mother. Our relationship with our parent can be tried to repair, although changing an adult mother will not be easy. But you can try the following steps.

•                   Look at the mother as a stranger. See her as an individual human being, with problems and a past. Try to understand.

•                   You can try to forgive her, but you don’t have to do it – it is your decision.

•                   Think about what you are grateful to your mother for and how this relationship has affected your life.

•                   Get rid of idealistic expectations. Often they are simply unrealistic, thus creating frustrations.

•                   If needed, you can think about having joint therapy with your mother.

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This will help you accept your relationship with your mother. Remember that your happiness only dependent on you. You deserve the kind of life you want to lead.

Now you are ready to take the Mother Daughter Relationship Quiz. By this you will understand yourself more. Be aware and move on!

How many questions does this Mother Daughter Relationship Quiz have?

The Toxic Mother-Daughter Relationship Quiz has 20 questions.

What are 4 types of unhealthy mother-daughter relationships?

The emotionally unavailable mother, the strict mother, the toxic mother and the mother friend.

Will this Mother Daughter Relationship Quiz tell me if I have a toxic relationship with my mother?

Yes, our quiz will tell you if your relationship with your mother is toxic and why.

What if my relationship with my mother is toxic?

You can confront it with your mother and try to work on the relationship, but you don’t have to. Accept it and try to understand yourself.

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