How Humble Are You? | 100% Reliable Quiz Reveals Your Personality

How Humble Are You? | 100% Reliable Quiz Reveals Your Personality

Humble, subdued, unaffected, unpretentious, demure. Do any of these adjectives describe your personality? Can you say you display genuine humility, or do you feel better than others? There are no lies and wriggling here – we will find out the truth! Come on, get to the questions we prepared for you, and take a long, hard look at yourself. Are you humble or not? 

The concept of humility

Humility is a state of being humble. Both words have the same roots, originating from the Latin word “humilis” – ‘”low.” The term “humble” could describe someone of a low rank, status, or social standing. It also means the opposite of arrogant or prideful; modest in attitude, unpretending, submissive, or feeling insignificant.

A humble person doesn’t think too highly of themselves. They don’t boast about their triumphs, and they don’t feel superior to others. They don’t like to show off. Does being humble require being self-deprecating? No, but they prefer not to focus too much on themselves.

The word “humble” became Merriam-Webster’s Dictionary word of the week a few years ago after Kim Kardashian Tweeted she felt “humbled” because she had her birthday party on a private island. As you might imagine, that out-of-touch statement got her rather mercilessly mocked and criticized. The incident happened during the height of Covid lockdowns, which made it even more controversial. Clearly, that tweet did not demonstrate humility.

Have you met a humble individual in your life? Are you one of them? We, as people, are flawed. It’s not easy to put our egos aside to make ourselves vulnerable. Our path to self-realization and self-pride makes us lose the virtue of humility. We might fear that being humble will leave us weak, humiliated, and submissive in the eyes of others, but that’s simply not true!

Genuine humility means understanding we are not the main characters of the universe. Our role here is limited, and we must accept where we are in the large order of things. No need to take ourselves too seriously.

Signs of a humble person

Can you call yourself humble, or is doing so the opposite of spiritual modesty? We can all fall victim to pride or selfishness. A genuinely humble person is aware of that. They will acknowledge their weaknesses. They won’t be going around praising the gift of humility they possess. 

A humble individual will be interested in what you have to say. They’re good listeners and naturally curious about other people. Do you know that someone in a group who pays attention to your words and encourages you to speak, even when others might ignore or talk over you? That’s a sign of humility. 

You might find yourself fighting inconsequential battles to prove you’re right. Not all hills are worth dying on, but who hasn’t felt tempted to argue over relatively unimportant matters? Sometimes, to find balance and harmony, you may need to let go of certain things. Humble people are masters of that. They can control their urge to be correct. Isn’t that what a peaceful life is about?

Practicing humility

With particular exercises, you can cultivate a humble state of mind and enhance your sense of gratitude and self-awareness. 

Can you believe a simple rubber band on your wrist may help you develop an appreciative mindset? When you’re about to complain, move the band to another arm and reflect on the nature of your complaints. 

Another exercise asks you to write down three things that went well and meditate on them at the end of each day. Don’t strain for earth-shattering revelations. You can note any small thing you feel grateful for. 

Nature has the power to humble us. It reminds us of how small we are in comparison to the elements. Go outside and take in the natural forces. Admire the flow of rivers, the quiet strength of the forests, and the unpredictability of the storm. How self-important can you really feel in the face of the heavens falling down on you? 

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Am I Humble Or Arrogant Quiz

This test will evaluate if you’re modest in spirit. Can you describe yourself as a humble person? Are you supercilious or modest? Answer the questions honestly and see how humble you are. 

How do you describe a humble person?

It’s someone modest who doesn’t take themselves too seriously and minds their own business.

How can you say that you are humble?

We could wager a guess that it’s not up to you to call yourself humble – other people can do that!

How do you be humble?

Be kind and forgiving, don’t think about yourself too much, don’t be judgemental, and accept being slighted with grace.

Is humility about being meek, submissive, or having no self-esteem?

No! Humility is not about thinking lowly about yourself but about not thinking about yourself at all.

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