How Democrat Are You? | 2023 Political Quiz | Completely Free

How Democrat Are You? | 2023 Political Quiz | Completely Free

Hi all! Welcome back to our quizzes! The test we prepared for you today may help you prepare for the next elections. If you are still wondering which party you should vote for, this test quiz can help you out! We are going to take your political and economical views under a microscope and see whether you’re a Democrat or if the other party is more to your liking. The test takes into account 20 different factors which will help determine if you are really a Democrat.

So what is your true political standpoint? Do you have firm beliefs or are still considering different political options? There is only one way to find out. Answer 20 questions honestly and see whether you are a proponent of the ideas proposed by Democratic Party or if you disagree with this political formation. 

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The Democratic Party – Overview

The Democratic Party is the main counterpart of the Republican Party. These political formations are two dominant parties in the United States. Followers of these parties, Democrats and Republicans, are known for their rivalry and opposite views on many aspects of economy, environment, taxes, and rights. 

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The Democratic Party was founded in 1828 by Martin Van Buren, American statesman and lawyer. It is the oldest political party in the world which exists to this day. It wasn’t long until its nemesis entered the American political scene. The Republican Party was built in 1854 and since that time remains the main rival of the Democratic Party. 

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Pros And Cons Of Being A Democrat

The Democratic Party core values are based on progressivism, liberalism and social democracy. It is committed to environmentalism, civil rights, and social justice. It gave birth the one of the most influential American leaders in the history such as Barack Obama, Franklin D. Roosevelt, and John F. Kennedy. 

Like each political party in the world, the Democratic Party has its strengths and weaknesses. It is impossible to appeal to everyone. Each party sets priorities differently which can make some groups of people unsatisfied and disappointed. It may also pour less resources into certain branches of the nation’s economy, perceiving them as less important than the rest. Depending on what you see as important, you are going to vote for the Democratic Party or against this formation. 

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So is it a good idea to become a Democrat? Maybe the Republican Party would be more to your liking? Take a look at the pros and cons of this political formation and see if its proposed strategies to solve the country’s problems appeal to you.


  • Economic freedom and open economy
  • Better public schools and good quality of education
  • Reliable healthcare facilities
  • High defense budget
  • Better economy with more jobs
  • Affordable living
  • Variety of social programs
  • Decrease of wealth gap and lower inequality
  • Higher minimum wage
  • Environment over business 
  • Rights for non-heterosexual people
  • Pro-choice
  • Emphasis on agriculture
  • Appeals to working class and the poorest
  • Gun control
  • Freedom of religion
  • Regulation of workplace safety
  • Better rights for people with disability 
  • Better consumer protection
  • Higher taxes for the rich
  • Better criminal justice system


  • Tend to be too liberal on social problems
  • Associated with weak national security
  • Accused of corruption scandals
  • Anti-capitalism philosophy
  • Higher taxes
  • Larger government
  • Too much focus on environmental issues
  • No right to bear personal guns
  • Too much reliance on government
  • Sometimes lack good organization and clear leadership
  • Accused of being chaotic and divisive


Democratic and Republican philosophy are two dominant political ideologies in the United States. The rivalry between the two is well known even beyond the edges of North America. This never ending quarrel causes a lot of tension in the society. There is no doubt that US politics is a subject that evokes many emotions and has no shortage of controversy.  

Depending on your political views, you may dislike Democratic or Republican philosophy, and even both of them, if you think they are unable to take care of issues you deem important. We hope that our quiz will help you shed a light on your economic and social views, no matter your political sympathies.    

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How Democrat Are You? Democratic Party Quiz

Do you agree with the ideas proposed by the Democratic Party? Answer 20 questions included in ‘How Democrat Are You?’ Quiz and find out for yourself!

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What Is The Democratic Party’s Main Focus?

The Democratic Party believes in worker rights, protection of the environment, equal pay, and consumer protection. It also promotes labor unions, social programs, racial equity, disability rights, regulations against environmental pollution, workplace safety regulation, and criminal justice reform.

Who Should Solve ‘How Democrat Are You?’ Quiz?

This test can be solved by anyone who wants to learn if their political views align with the philosophy of the Democratic Party. There are four possible results which describe to what extent you agree with this political formation.

Who Benefits The Most From Voting On Democratic Party?

The Democratic Party generally appeals to working class, minorities, union members, catholics, non-heterosexual people, proponents of higher taxes for the rich, people with disabilities, and environment supporters.

How Much Time Does This Quiz Take?

If you have firm political beliefs, you are going to finish this quiz within 5 minutes. It may take you a bit longer if you are still developing your political standpoint. You may need to check some terms in a dictionary – a great occasion to learn new words!

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