Godly Parent Quiz | 100% Honest Quiz

Godly Parent Quiz | 100% Honest Quiz

Mythology fans unite! Gods and their shenanigans are a fascinating topic. Do you want to know from which god you are descended? Find out your godly parentage with this godly parent quiz!

What are gods?

In many ancient mythologies, gods and goddesses are deities who created the world and ruled over the many natural phenomena known to man. These beings were summoned as allies in times of hardship. They were there to pray for plentiful crops or aid the people in times of war. Some gods stayed in their realm, and others eagerly meddled in the affairs of humans.

Greek pantheon

Out of all known deities, the gods and goddesses of Ancient Greece are likely the most popular. They might be immortal and powerful, but Greek gods still have many of the same flaws we do. They can be jealous, petty, vindictive, and hot-heated. Maybe this is why we like them – their personalities are strikingly human.

Do you wish you could have godly powers? Find out what superpower would you have.

We’ve all heard about the Olympians, ruled by Zeus, god of the sky and thunder. Yet, Greek mythology doesn’t start with them. According to ancient tradition, the universe came to be thanks to Chaos, the personification of the void and nothingness.

From Chaos came Gaia, Tartarus), Erebus, and Nyx. They represented the Earth, the Underworld, Darkness, and Night.

Gaia gave birth to many pre-Olympian deities, including the Titans, who later were overthrown in an epic battle with Zeus and his godly siblings.

The Olympians were gods who rose to power after defeating the Titans. They included Zeus, Poseidon, Hades, Hera, Demeter, and Hestia. Later the pantheon was joined by Apollo and Artemis, the divine twins, the godly messenger Hermes, Athena (the goddess of war and wisdom), Hephaestus (the god of blacksmiths), charming goddess of love and beauty, Aphrodite, and Ares, god of battle and slaughter. Over time, the Demi-god Dionysus joined their ranks on Olympus.

What were the names of some of the lesser-known Greek gods? If you ever look at the moon, spare a thought for Selene. She was the goddess of the moon, riding her silver chariot across the skies every night.

Morpheus was the god of sleep and dreaming. According to legend, he could appear in people’s dreams and deliver messages from the Olympian gods.

If you ever find yourself seeking vengeance, turn to the goddess Nemesis. She was associated with revenge, retribution, and fortune. Nemesis directed her wrath at those who were arrogant toward the gods.

Egyptian deities

Did you know that the ancient Egyptians worshipped more than 2000 deities? We can name some of them, including Ra, Osiris, or Seth; others are less known. Gods and goddesses were integral to ancient Egyptian society.

What position would you have in ancient society? Would you be a pharaoh or a peasant?

The more notable gods were elevated to the status of state deities. Others were tied to a particular region, ritual, or position. For example, the god Ash or As resided in the Libyan desert, and his role was to provide an oasis to weary travelers. Most Egyptian gods were kind enough, but their followers had to be careful not to overuse their favors. Others were vindictive and had to be appeased.

Usually, ancient Egyptian deities took on the form that was a combination of human and animal. The animal could be a representation of a god’s spirit. Depending on its mood, the deity can be portrayed as either a fierce wild animal or a gentle creature.

Over time, Ra, the sun god, merged with Amun to become Amun-Ra, the most powerful deity of all.

Anubis was the god the dead. He was often portrayed dog-headed. Because wild dogs, or jackals, were frequently seen in cemeteries, it was assumed that they kept watch over people in the afterlife.

Bastet was the goddess of cats, women, childbirth, and pleasure. She was also a guardian of pregnant women. Bastet was so popular that even a town in ancient Egypt got a name in her honor: Bubastis. Because of her, cats were an object of worship. Hurting or killing a cat was a heinous crime and could even be punishable by death.

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Godly parent quiz

We don’t need Maury to tell you who’s the father! Our godly parent quiz will tell you which deity is your mighty parent. Are you a son of violent Ares? Perhaps your mother is Hathor, the goddess of love? Maybe you are a daughter of Thor, the god of storms and thunder. Maybe your godly parent is one of the less-known but powerful deities.

Our godly parent quiz covers gods and goddesses from different mythologies. It’s not just the most popular deities, either! Our test includes some of the minor gods that are just as interesting as Zeus or Hades.

Would you like to know where to send a Father’s or Mother’s Day card? In the godly parent quiz, you can discover which deity is your parent!

What godly parent can you get?

Zeus, Athena, Hecate, Bastet, Seth, Khonsu, Loki, Freya, and Heimdall.

Is it possible for a demigod and a god to have a child?

Yes, and the child would be 3/4 god and 1/4 human.

When two demigods have a child, what could it be called?

Children like that are called legacies.

What is a female demigod called?

The demi-goddesses are female demi-deities.

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