Girl Products For Guys To Guess | Everything You Need To Know

Girl Products For Guys To Guess | Everything You Need To Know

Are you a guy? Do you ever get confused by all these products girls use? If the answer to both questions is yes, you should take our quiz! We will give you a couple of mysterious items and beauty tools that women use to identify. Can you get a score over 80%? Are the ladies the only ones who can name these products? Prove yourself in this test!

If you’re a girl, you can take the quiz too! Some say that only a woman can identify 100% of these girl products. Are you up for the task? Take the quiz and guess these products!

Girl products for guys to identify

Are you getting cold feet before the test? Don’t worry! Here is a little cheat sheet of popular girl products. If you’re a girl, you can take a peek too. How many of those do you own? Here are some hard girl products for guys to guess!

Nail separators

Have you ever seen any of these but could never figure out their purpose? They are called nail separators and are meant to go between the toes to spread them apart. When a girl paints her toenails, it makes the application easier, and the nail polish stays intact. Genius, right?

Pumice stone

Perhaps you’ve stumbled upon this weird rock while showering at your girlfriend’s, and it’s been a mystery ever since. Time to uncover the secret!

A pumice stone’s purpose is to get rid of dead skin. You simply rub it on your heels, the sides of your toes, or other dry areas of your skin. I can sense the question: does it hurt to use the pumice stone? No, and if it does, you’re not using it correctly. Fun fact: a pumice stone is formed when lava and water combine.

Beauty blender

Have you seen that little egg-shaped sponge in your girlfriend’s makeup bag? It’s called a beauty blender. The purpose of a beauty blender is to apply foundation and other liquid makeup products. Girls love it because it allows makeup to blend in perfectly and doesn’t waste the product.

Jade roller

What is that thing your girlfriend rolls on her face every morning? A jade roller is a massage tool made from jade or other stones. It looks like a mini paint roller but somewhat more luxurious.

The curious thing about jade is that it’s supposed to maintain a cool temperature, despite being exposed to body heat. The coolness prevents blood flow to a specific area, and the pressure applied pushes the fluid to the lymph nodes.

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Eyelash curler

You might have seen this product before but don’t know its purpose. An eyelash curler is used to curl eyelashes. Shocker, I know! Girls use eyelash curlers to lift their lashes and make them look more beautiful. This little item allows your girlfriend to get that dramatic curl effect with ease.


You know about a hairbrush and a toothbrush, but how much do you know about a facebrush? Girls use it to cleanse their faces. Why can’t they just use their hands, you might ask? Supposedly, a facebrush does a more thorough job of cleaning out all the dirt and cleansing the pores.

Lip liner

Some guys are unable to distinguish between lipstick and lip liner. If you’re one of them, we’re in a hurry to help: a lip liner is meant to outline the edges of the lips before you put on the lipstick. It creates the illusion of fuller lips, gives them more shape, and keeps the lipstick inside the lip area. Do not – I repeat – do not use that lip pencil to write notes!

Do you know how high is your makeup IQ?

Brow soap

Is it something girls use to clean their brows? Nope! It’s a brow styling technique that’s been insanely popular lately. Coating your brows with a layer of soap is meant to give them that fluffy, luscious look. Many people will use a clear brow gel, but others prefer an actual soap. Makeup artists recommend glycerin-based soap because it’s less likely to irritate your skin. Refer that fact to your girlfriend – or any other woman in your life – to impress her with your knowledge.

LED light therapy face mask

Is this just a fancy Hannibal Lecter mask? Is your girlfriend secretly a cannibal who is also obsessed with skincare? Perhaps she’s turning into a robot? The truth is far more benign. LED masks are intended to address a variety of skin issues. Different lights are supposed to be useful for different purposes. Red lights, for example, can help with fine lines, redness, pimples, and skin inflammation.

Girl products for guys to guess test

Our picture quiz will test your knowledge of the products girls use. Can you get a perfect score? Prove yourself in this “girl products for guys to guess” quiz!

What results can you get?

You can get a maximum of 20 points.

What is a beauty blender?

A beauty blender is a little sponge used to apply foundation and other makeup or skincare products.

What is jade roller meant for?

The purpose of a jade roller is to tone the face, reduce puffiness and redness, improve circulation and relax muscles.

What is a facebrush?

Facebrush is used to thoroughly cleanse the skin and remove all dirt from the face.

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