Flower knowledge quiz

Flower knowledge quiz

Hello everyone, you must be here to check your flower knowledge, right? You all must be real nature freaks to challenge yourself with that test I have prepared. The following 20 questions you plan to answer will evaluate your flower knowledge. I thought that there are not many people passionate about plants, but probably I was wrong, seeing the interest on the Internet. I tried my best to prepare something challenging and interesting. I am sure it will help us find the top florists. That was an excellent experience for me to read all the facts. It got me so fascinated about plants that I would like to share some of the information I found. Then, you can go straight to the quiz. Reading the introduction will also help you with answering some of the 20 questions.

The smell of fresh flowers is something I love the most on the early, cold spring days. That brings back all my childhood memories from living in California. I have been living near an enormous field with various kinds of flowers. Lately, I have read a lot about flowers in California. What I found out did not surprise me. Almost 60% of cut flowers in the United States come from that State. If you experienced what I say, you would agree that it stays in my mind forever.

Also, during my California flowers research, I started to think about how many types of flowers exist.
The number is enormous. I have checked that there are even more than 400 000 flowers. They belong to around 437 families. I think flowers just became my new passion. There will be always something to discover. My aunt is probably the biggest fan of plants. She said that she can only recognize around 1000 different types. The world of plants is simply beautiful.

I wonder if you know the rarest flowers. The smallest flower people know is Watermeal, called also “Wolffia.” This plant lives on the water’s surface, where the water does not circulate. Its leaves have a length of 0,6-0,9mm and a width of 0,4-0,6mm. They are green inside, and transparent on the edges. You can find them in India, Pakistan, or Sri Lanka. I do not think that it is the most charming plant I have ever seen, but it wins the competition for the smallest one.

From the opposite side, do you know the largest flower? I bet some of you know that. The largest flower in the world is Rafflesia arnoldii. It consists of five big red petals. The dimension of the flower is about 100cm. It is also pretty heavy because its weight is 10kg. That is almost like a child, isn’t it? The smell of the flower is stinky. That is to attract insects that make it bloom. It blooms for 5-7 days per few years. You should worry about smelling the parasite only if you plan to visit Sumatra or Borneo.
Comparing these two, I think I prefer the smallest one. At least it has no awful smell. Maybe it does not look as impressive as the largest one, but I prefer smelling effects to visual ones.

Do you know the tradition of bringing tulips to your favorite women for women’s day? If you have ever received them, you must have noticed they grow as crazy. It is likely to cut them every day. Do you know the maximum length they can grow per day? The growing length is up to one inch. They also require a trophy for that, in my opinion. Even if it takes much effort to cut them all the time- I like having them in my house. My favorite ones are pink. And the beautiful smell of tulips, I love it.

Now, let’s move to the topic of cost. Do you know the most expensive flower from 2021? It is the Kadapul flower. Some people call it “Queen of the night.” It blooms once a year in the still of the night. Then, the plant hides the flower as soon as the sun goes up. You can find it in Sri Lanka. The flower is the most expensive one, but you cannot even buy it. That is due to the fact, that it lasts only for a few hours a year. There is something mystic and legendary about this plant and its nickname.

I hope that the introduction showed you some facts that you did not know. If you are new to the world of flowers, it is a perfect occasion to deepen your interest by trying to answer the 20 questions I have prepared. After reading the facts, you are already able to answer some of them. The other ones may be a bit more difficult, but I am sure you will do well. Good luck!

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