Does she want to sleep with me?

Does she want to sleep with me?

Welcome back, nice to talk with you again! Gentlemen, this one is mostly for you. When you meet a girl and start going out with her, there usually comes a point when you consider getting intimate. It might be nerve-wracking to figure out if you can make that move. Or perhaps she is not ready yet? You do not want to come out pushy or like you are only after one thing. However, this tension in the air tells you, she might want the same thing you do. How do you know for sure, though? How do you know you are not misreading her signals and cues? First and foremost, you need to be observant.

It will not be that hard to tell if a woman wants to sleep with you. Is she being physical with you? That means sitting close to you (even if there is plenty of room for her to sit), all those accidental-not-so-accidental touches, eagerness to hug you, putting her hand on your chest, neck, or even your thighs. She is also comfortable with you touching her, putting your arm over her, and playing with her hair. She lets you know she wants to be physically close to you…as close as it is possible.

Does she compliment you often? It might mean she is really into you and pays more attention than she normally would. In such a case, she notices how you take care of your appearance. It could also mean she wants to flatter you, so you warm up to her and the topic of intimacy. If the compliments are flirty or sexual…well, you already know what that means. She wants it bad!

Does she laugh at your jokes? Now, let’s be real – you might a funny guy, but not every single joke of yours is that hilarious. If she laughs at your jokes, even those weaker ones, she is into you and does not want to risk offending you, or you thinking she doesn’t like you. Test it out and tell her a particularly bad joke – if she giggles still, you got it! (Or perhaps she has a lame sense of humor…)

Does she lick or bite her lips? Of course, sometimes it just means she is licking the rest of the ice cream from her mouth. But sometimes, it means this girl is sexually attracted to you. If she is particularly fixated on lips, and not just hers but yours – staring at them, possibly touching them – she wants to be intimate with you very soon.

If she starts talking about her sexual history and asking about yours, if she wants to discuss birth control or mentions she’s on the pill – there could not be a more obvious sign. This means she is thinking about having sex with you. First, she needs to know some things and what she is getting herself into. If you want to sleep with her, those conversations are incredibly important, so be honest and open.

How are your kisses? If you are still at the soft pecking stage, this might not be the moment to level up the relationship. However, if your kisses are getting hotter and hotter, and she starts kissing you with tongue – well, do you need more cues? You can ask her if she wants to continue the make-out session in her bed.

Does she send you pictures of herself? We are not talking about the naughty kind of pictures (if she sends you those, you must already know she wants to have sex). We are talking about cute selfies or a pic of her with friends captioned “Girls night out”. She wants you to comment on her appearance, but she is being subtle about it. She also wants you to think about her but does not want to show all the goodies just yet.

Does it seem like she shows off her body a bit more than usual around you? Perhaps she is wearing more low-cut shirts, shorter skirts, or tighter pants. Maybe she will coyly stretch her arms up to show off her midriff. This could be one of the tougher hints because it might be just how she dresses and behaves every day. Pay attention to how she acts specifically around you.

Did the volume of texts she is sending you increased? If she is interested in you, she will text you constantly. All those good morning and goodnight messages, checking up on you during the day. Flirty and outright risky texts late at night are a huge sign that she wants you. If she hits you with that “I’m bored” message at 10 PM, do not waste it!

Do you feel a little more confident that you can read her cues if it comes to it? If you still are not sure, take the quiz we prepared for you and find out the truth. Does she want to sleep with you? Only one way to find out! Good luck.

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