Coldest places on earth knowledge quiz

Coldest places on earth knowledge quiz

Hey hey! Nice to see you on our website again! We see each other so often lately! That is something I appreciate. I hope that it also applies to the quizzes I prepare for you! I have been wondering what is the weather like in the place you live. Is it sunny? Is it rainy? Or maybe it is snowing today! In the place, where I am right now, it is extremely hot. The temperature during the day reaches 35 Celsius degrees! Trust me- that is hot! On days like this, I just want to close myself in a fridge. Or move to the coldest places in the world! And they are the subject of today’s story and quiz. With this quiz, I will check your knowledge about the coldest places in the world. Do you know anything about them right now? Do not worry! I have prepared a short introduction to cool down the emotions a bit!
The first city I am going to tell you about is Yakutsk. It is a Russian city, the capital city of the Sakha Republic. The record low temperature from there was -64 °C (−83.9 °F). It is said that Yakutsk is the coldest city in the world! But it is also the biggest city located in continuous permafrost. It has 122 km2 (47 sq mi). What amazes me the most is that plenty of people live there! In the ranking from 2010, the human population of the city is the 68th place in the world! How many coats and scarves do the people wear to go grocery shopping?! Fortunately, summer is not that cold there. The average temperature in July is +19.9 °C (67.8 °F). When the city was found it was only a small one. Now they perfectly use their potential with the title of “the coldest city in the world.” They organize various events. They improve their cultural sector to bring there more tourists each year. If you have already started planning your journey to Yakutsk, please prepare yourself because going to such a cold place can be dangerous!
Another cold place may be closer than you think. It is located in Alaska. We all know how cold Alaska can be, but to join the “the coldest cities in the world?!” That is quite surprising! You can also know Barrow as Utqiaġvik since it is its new name. It is again a large one- the largest city of North Slope Borough. Can someone tell me who wants to freeze constantly?! I just have a crisis and want to cool down for a few days but to live in that cold for months would be a real challenge for me! I have a lot of respect for people enjoying that low temperature. Anyway, the views pay off staying in the cold! The city is beautiful! be temperatures of Utqiaġvik stay below 0 °F (−18 °C) in winter! I lived in a place that had -20°C- that was an interesting experience.
We are moving not so far away from the United States because now it is time for Canada! Another city we have to talk about is Yellowknife. Its territory is 136 km². It is located at 206 m (676 ft). Again, what you can expect- it is the capital, the largest community, and the only city of Northwest Territories in Canada. Wow! People must really like low temperatures. Maybe it is not as cold as in Russia, but still! The lowest temperature that was there recorded was −51.2 °C (−60.2 °F)! But do not worry! It was in 1947. Now- the lowest temperature can be noticed in January, and it is −26 °C (−15 °F) on average.
Now we move a bit more far away. We are on our way to Mongolia! Relax and get ready for the last cold place! For sure- it is the biggest one we talk about today. Its area is 4,704.4 km2 (1,816.3 sq mi). And the elevation is 1,350 m (4,429 ft). That must be a wonderful feeling to be there and to see all the views from there! That is an ancient place that is already placed on my bucket list! When I read about all the histories and histories hidden there- I do not even care about coming there in the coldest month. In this case, it is January. The temperatures are usually between −36 and −40 °C (−32.8 and −40.0 °F). I can already see myself freezing there!
Ok, everyone! It is high time to check your knowledge about the coldest places in the world! I highly recommend doing additional research to be able to answer all of the questions correctly. Do not worry if the result is not perfect, because it is one of the most challenging ones! I hope that you will enjoy the quiz. No matter if you are in a hot place and just need to cool down, or you are in a cold place and you just want to feel warmer! Good luck!

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