Christmas Movie Trivia | How Well Do You Know Christmas Movies?

Christmas Movie Trivia | How Well Do You Know Christmas Movies?

Merry Christmas! Today we welcome everybody to our special trivia quiz. With the Christmas season approaching, it is a great opportunity to have some fun with Christmas-themed challenges. What we prepared for you today is the trivia quiz centered around popular Christmas movies. Do you think you know them all? Or maybe you are still building your Christmas movie plan? Take our challenge and find out! 

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How It All Began

Every cultural phenomena has its origins. One of them is undoubtedly the cinematic era of Christmas which began with the British short movie ‘Santa Claus’.

‘Santa Claus’

This silent, black and white two-minute movie premiered at the dawn of cinematic production in 1898. It was also the first time Santa Claus showed up on screen. The movie was directed by George Albert Smith, a pioneer in editing and close-ups. 

The film tells the story of two children waiting for Santa Claus to visit their home. Unfortunately, they miss the arrival of Father of Christmas, as they are told by their parents to go to bed. During their sleep, Santa Claus comes down the chimney and leaves the gifts. After the children wake up, they discover presents left for them.

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‘The Christmas Dream’

It wasn’t long before another Christmas movie came out. The second Christmas movie, ‘The Christmas Dream’, premiered in 1900 and was directed by French pioneer Georges Méliès who experimented with new movie techniques.

The movie has a similar plot to ‘Santa Claus’. It shows two children hanging stockings and going to sleep. When they wake up, they find gifts which were left for them. The three and half minute short ends with a family having a meal in a dining room and welcoming a beggar to join them. 

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‘Scrooge, or Marley’s Ghost’

The history of Christmas movies got even more interesting with the third Xmas movie ever made. ‘Scrooge, or Marley’s Ghost’ was based on A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens which was written in 1843. It’s the first adaptation of this legendary story. It was directed by Walter R. Booth, and lasted six minutes (half of the movie was lost). The film was then famous for its special effects and new cinematic techniques.    

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Do you have what it takes to solve our Christmas Trivia Quiz? The merry challenge awaits you! 

6 Merry Facts About Christmas Movies

After over a hundred years of cinematography, we have many Christmas movies to choose from. Because of that, there are plenty of interesting facts and twists regarding the production of our favorite films. Here is a list of our picks.

1. ‘Gremlins’ Wasn’t Intended To Be A Comedy

In the writing stage, ‘Gremlins’ consisted of numerous gruesome scenes like decapitation or a dog being eaten alive. Ultimately, it was decided that the movie should be more family-friendly while keeping some of the horror-like atmosphere.

2. ‘The Nightmare Before Christmas’ Was Inspired By Halloween And Christmas Decorations

Tim Burton, the director of ‘The Nightmare Before Christmas’, revealed that what drove him to make his famous animation was an interesting childhood experience in Burbank, California. He noticed the stores had both Halloween and Christmas decorations during fall and winter. The businesses wanted to appeal to the enthusiasts of both themes which resulted in an unusual visual experience. 

3. Grinch Was Inspired By A Car

The original Grinch from books was black and white with a little bit of pink and red. However, an American animator Chuck Jones decided to depict him as a green creature after he rented the vehicle of the same color. You never know when an inspiration will strike you!

4. Tom Hanks Played More Than One Role In ‘The Polar Express’

It was actually five roles. Originally, Tom Hanks hoped to play Santa Claus and conductor, but Robert Zemeckis proposed the actor to play every role. This ambitious task, however, was too difficult for just one person. In the end, Tom Hanks played the narrator, Santa Claus, hobo, conductor, protagonist’s father, and Scrooge puppet.

5. Kate Winslet’s House Was Built Specifically For ‘The Holiday’

During the production stage, creators of ‘The Holiday’ considered a certain cozy cottage to be used in the movie. Unfortunately, it was located too far away from London and would make the production process too difficult and time-consuming. Instead, they built a new house from scratch in Surrey, a more suitable location.

6. The Voice Of Rudolph The Red-Nosed Reindeer Belongs To A Woman

Producers of this classic Christmas movie apparently didn’t want the public to know that the reindeer protagonist was voiced by a woman. Not only voice actress Billie Mae Richards is shown in credits as Billy Richards, she only earned $1000 for the job. This sum pales in comparison to the total gross of the movie which is $100 million.  

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Christmas Movie Trivia Quiz 

Can you call yourself a Christmas movie expert? Take our Christmas Movie Trivia Quiz to test your knowledge about the most popular Xmas movies and get your score. Good luck!

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Which Christmas Movie Made The Most Money?

The highest-grossing Xmas movie of all time is The Grinch (less commonly known as Dr. Seuss’ The Grinch) which came out in 2018. This American animated comedy has grossed $512 million which means that after 28 years it took the first place from the previous leader – Home Alone – which earned $476 million worldwide.

What Is The Oldest Christmas Movie?

The first Christmas movie is Santa Claus which premiered in 1898. This British silent drama lasts only two minutes but marks the beginning of the Christmas cinematic era.

Which Country Loves Christmas Movies The Most?

Christmas movies are most popular in Hungary. According to the internet data from 2021, the largest number of keyword searches related to Christmas movies in December belongs to Hungarians. It’s 4,822 searches per 100,000 internet users. Interestingly, the USA doesn’t make it to the top 10 list. The data shows us that American users are more interested in Christmas movies in November (720 searches per 100,000 internet users) than in December (230 searches).

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