Can You Identify These Famous Paintings? | Just Real Art Fans Can Score +80%

Can You Identify These Famous Paintings? | Just Real Art Fans Can Score +80%

You might love art, but can you identify these famous paintings? Welcome to the quiz! Art has been an essential part of human culture for thousands of years, and many painters have produced masterpieces that have stood the test of time. We will test your knowledge of the most iconic paintings.

This famous paintings quiz with answers covers a diverse range of art genres and eras. Whether you’re an art enthusiast or just someone who appreciates beautiful paintings, our quiz will challenge your visual memory and knowledge of art history. So, get ready to flex your artistic muscles and see how many famous works of art you can recognize!

The most iconic paintings in history

Here are some of the most renowned artworks that have left a lasting impact on the art world. How many do you know? Can you identify these famous paintings?

The Mona Lisa may be the most well-known artistic creation ever. The painting, also known as La Gioconda, depicts a woman thought to be Lisa Gherardini who was the wife of a merchant from Florence.

Mona Lisa’s composition is notable for the subject’s enigmatic smile, which has sparked much guesswork and analysis over the centuries. Some see the smile as mysterious and alluring, while others see it as aloof or melancholy.

Mona Lisa was commissioned by Lisa’s husband, Francesco del Giocondo, and completed around 1506. After Leonardo’s death, the painting passed through various hands, eventually ending up in the collection of King Francis I of France in the 16th century. It has been on view at the Paris Louvre since 1797.

What is this painting called?


“The Persistence of Memory” is the name of the painting. It is a creation by Spanish artist Salvador Dali. It depicts a barren, dreamlike landscape populated by strange and distorted forms, including melting pocket watches draped over the branches of a tree.

The painting’s composition is notable for its intricacy and soft, subdued colors. The landscape is devoid of life or movement. The melting watches suggest a sense of timelessness and decay.

The painting’s popular interpretation is a meditation on the nature of time and memory, as well as the fragility of human existence. The melting watches imply the impermanence of time and how memories can be distorted and lost over time. The presence of the ants on some of the watches suggests that life and movement continue even in the face of decay and dissolution.

Art fans know what this painting is called


Can you guess the name of this painting? It’s called “American Gothic” and was created by the American artist Grant Wood in 1930. The painting depicts a farm man and his unwed daughter in front of their farmhouse in rural Iowa. The man is holding a pitchfork, and both figures have stern expressions.

The vertical lines emphasized in the painting’s composition create a sense of tension and unease, heightened by the solemn expressions of the figures. The Gothic style of the farmhouse’s window adds to the painting’s ominous atmosphere.

The painting is one of the most recognizable works in American art. Its distinctive style and subject matter have been imitated and parodied in countless works of art, advertising campaigns, and popular culture references. Also, it has been the focus of numerous interpretations. For some, the painting represents the traditional values of conservative America. Some see it as a criticism of rural America’s extreme individualism and narrow-mindedness. The stern expressions of the figures and the vertical lines that dominate the composition suggest a rigidity and inflexibility of thought.

Do you know who painted this work of art?

This famous painting’s name is “Scream.” Its creator was the Norwegian painter Edvard Munch. He was born in Norway in 1863 and is thought to be one of the pioneers of the Expressionist style. He lived through a difficult childhood, marked by losing his mother and sister to tuberculosis, which impacted his work profoundly. Munch’s paintings frequently depict themes of death, love, and human suffering. Bright colors and loose brushstrokes make his style stand out.

Throughout his career, Munch created numerous other iconic works of art, including “Madonna,” “Puberty,” and “The Dance of Life.” His art was controversial and frequently criticized, but it also influenced many other artists and contributed to the evolution of modern art.

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Can you identify these famous paintings? Test yourself with this art quiz with answers and discover if you’re a true art connoisseur! How much can you score? Only one way to find out.

What results can I get?

You will get one of these scores: True Connoisseur, Art Enthusiast, Art Novice, or Fresh Flower.

What is the world’s most well-known painting?

Mona Lisa can be considered the most famous painting in the world.

Can I buy Mona Lisa?

Mona Lisa is a part of the Louvre’s display and cannot be purchased or sold according to French heritage regulations.

What is the world’s priciest piece of art?

Mona Lisa was assessed to be worth $100 million in the 1960s; $900 million after inflation in 2021).

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