Am I An Alcoholic? | This Quiz Analyzes 20 Factors To Answer

Am I An Alcoholic? | This Quiz Analyzes 20 Factors To Answer

Are you a fan of alcoholic drinks? Do you enjoy a can of cold beer after a day of hard work or a glass of wine to relax in the evening? Or maybe you prefer stronger and more classy drinks like whisky, martini, or gin? No matter your preferences, we welcome all alcohol lovers to try our quiz! Let’s begin!

Am I An Alcoholic? – About The Quiz

Alcoholic drinks are not only delicious beverages but also mood enhancers that make us happier, more confident, and light-headed. They can make parties and meeting with friends a more enjoyable and memorable experience. Beverages like beer, wine, or vodka can also help to relax or fight off negative thoughts. Some people choose to drink in order to deal with sadness, stress, or depression. This method of coping can help to get through difficult times but may also have bad consequences for mental and physical health.

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But how about you? Do you drink alcohol just for fun or is it your way to deal with life problems? Do you drink occasionally or everyday? Depending on your drinking habits and presence of alcohol in your life, you may be already addicted or close to reaching the stage of alcoholism. Or maybe there is nothing to worry about? There is only one way to know for sure. Answer all 20 questions included in our ‘Am I An Alcoholic?’ and settle this once and for all. Are you alcoholic or not? You will soon learn the answer!

Alcoholism – Impact On Health

Alcoholism has many negative effects on mental and physical health. It affects various body’s systems, limiting cognitive and physical performance of the body. If that is not bad enough, it increases the chance of developing an intimidating number of diseases, illnesses, and severe conditions. Excessive consumption of alcohol can lead to the development of such chronic diseases as heart disease, high blood pressure, liver disease, digestive problems, cancer of mouth, breast, throat, colon, rectum, and many more. 

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When discussing alcoholism, it is obligatory to mention that this condition also affects mental health. It was proven that excessive drinking of alcoholic drinks increases the chance of depression, anxiety, self-harm, psychosis, and even suicidal thoughts. Heavy drinking disrupts the chemical balance of the brain which can result in many serious mental issues, making it more difficult to combat addiction.

To get a better picture of how dangerous regular drinking can be, take a look at the short-term and long-term effects of alcohol consumption.

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Short-Term Effects

Short-term effects are often immediate and the result of drinking too much alcohol in a short span of time (binge drinking). They may lead to the development of long-term effects.

  • Injuries such as drownings, burns, car accidents, home accidents, falls, bruises
  • Outbursts of violent behavior (assaults, domestic abuse, theft)
  • Alcohol poisoning (may require medical emergency if blood alcohol levels are high)
  • Miscarriage, fetal alcohol spectrum disorder or stillbirth among drinking pregnant women
  • Dangerous and risky sexual activity (unprotected sex, sexual assault) and sexually transmitted diseases

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Long-Term Effects  

If alcohol consumption becomes a regular activity during the day, it can lead to many negative effects like chronic diseases, cancer, and mental health problems.

  • Digestive problems, heart disease, stroke, liver disease, high blood pressure
  • Increased chance of getting sick (weak immune system)
  • Cognitive problems (difficulty learning, memory problems, forgetfulness, absent-mindedness, dementia, problems at work or school)
  • Difficulty concentrating, getting distracted easily, daydreaming  
  • Increased chance to develop mental health problems (depression, psychosis, anxiety, self-harm)
  • Increased chance of cancer (breast, throat, liver, bowel, voice box, rectum, colon)
  • Social problems (unemployment, school or work problems, worsened relations with family and friends) 
  • Chances in mood and behavior due to the dependency on alcohol
  • Worse performance of lungs (breathing difficulties, lower level of nitric oxide)
  • Vomiting, chronic gastritis, stomach ulcers
  • Lower physical performance (weakened muscles, muscle wasting, lower energy, tiredness and drowsiness)
  • Changes in appearance (bloodshot eyes, messy hair, weight gain)

How many of the above effects apply to you? Do you exhibit symptoms common for alcohol addiction? Now that you are aware of the immediate and long-term effects of alcohol consumption you are ready to solve our quiz and learn the honest answer! If you are addicted, we hope you will be back on track in no time!

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Am I An Alcoholic? Free Quiz Online

Are you addicted to alcohol? Can’t get through a day without alcoholic drinks? Take our new ‘Am I An Alcoholic?’ Quiz and find out if your drinking habits are getting out of hand.

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How Many People Are Addicted To Alcohol In The USA?

According to the National Institute On Alcohol Abuse And Alcoholism, it is estimated that more than 6% of adult Americans struggle with alcoholism. What is more, 623,000 people in the group of people aged 12 to 17 have alcohol use disorder.

How Difficult Is It To Cure Alcoholism?

If the person is motivated and willing to stay sober, they can recover from alcoholism’s side effects after some time. However, if alcohol has caused damage to their body, it may take a long time to reduce symptoms. Most people who stopped drinking are able to live their lives normally.

What Are The Most Common Health Problems Caused By Alcoholism?

The most common symptoms of regular heavy drinking include memory problems, difficulty keeping focus and learning, neglecting responsibilities, avoiding friends and family, lack of personal hygiene, disrupted sleep patterns, headaches and stomachaches.

How Many Questions Does ‘Am I An Alcoholic?’ Quiz Have?

 ‘Am I An Alcoholic?’ Quiz has 20 questions in total.

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