Personality Test INFJ | Test With 99% Accuracy

Personality Test INFJ | Test With 99% Accuracy

Hello! You probably know a thing or two about personality tests like MBTI. Today we will talk about the INFJ, the rarest MBTI type to exist. Our personality type test will decide which of the INFJ subtypes fits you. Are you ready for the quiz?

Find out which DISC trait is the closest to your personality.

The 16 personalities personality test (MBTI)

The Myers-Briggs method is a personality assessment tool that categorizes people into one of the 16 types. The name comes from Katharine C. Briggs and her daughter Isabel Myers, who created the MBTI method inspired by the work of Carl Jung.

According to the Myers-Briggs typology, there are four dimensions used to categorize people’s behaviors and thoughts. The first is Extraversion versus Introversion, then there is Sensing versus Intuition, Feeling versus Thinking, and Judgement versus Perception.

The 16 personality types are generally abbreviations of the first letters of the dimensions’ names. Today, we’ll focus merely on one of the MBTI personality types: the INFJ.

Do you wish to discover which INFJ type are you?

The INFJ personality type

The INFJ type can also be called the Counselor or The Advocate. It’s because a person with this personality is empathetic, sensitive, and wants to change the world for the better.

The INFJ means Introversion, iNtuition, Feeling, and Judgement. We will explain how they relate to these four specific dimensions.

The Counselors enjoy their time alone and don’t reveal their feelings. They have rich inner lives that might cause them to seem mysterious. However, they still put a value on building genuine connections.

The INFJs are intuitive. They are less interested in facts and details and more in abstract patterns, theories, and possibilities.

This personality type values emotions over logical alternatives. The INFJs make decisions with their hearts instead of their heads and are aware how their choices will influence other people.

The INFJs are a Judging type. It doesn’t mean they’re judgemental. It means that they prefer structure and order over spontaneity and unpredictability. Waiting until the last minute to do something is not their style. They would rather make solid plans and know what to expect.

You can only be one of the many personalities!

The INFJ subtypes

The first INFJ subtype is INFJ-A. The other name for it is the Assertive Advocate. The other subtype is INFJ-T, also called the Turbulent Advocate. These two types are very similar and share a lot of INFJ traits, but there are nuanced differences.

The Assertive Advocate is confident, optimistic, and laid-back. They tend to be relaxed and have an “easy does it” attitude. In the face of any issues, INFJ-A stays calm and composed and doesn’t let stress affect their life.

The Turbulent Advocate is sensitive, empathetic, and soft-spoken. This type is keenly aware of other people’s emotions and has a strong intuition. INFJ-T is more susceptible to stress than INFJ-A and tends to interpret things as way worse than they are.

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What is the INFJ personality?

The INFJs are idealists. Their life goal is to discover their true calling. They frequently feel compelled to assist others, right wrongs, and stand up for what is right. For this exact reason, they are called Advocates.

They are creative types. INFJ personalities enjoy thinking in an unconventional way. They embrace the originality and innovation in themselves and others. Nothing makes the INFJ happier than aiding someone in reaching for their true potential.

Which of the MBTI types might you be? Find out now!

The INFJs are insightful and intuitive. They aren’t satisfied with superficiality and always want to look for what’s under the surface.

The Counselors tend to be reserved and selective in sharing their feelings.

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Is INFJ a rare personality type?

The INFJ is the most uncommon in the population. It only makes up around 2% of all people and 2% of women. It is the rarest type among men – only 1% of males are INFJs.

Do you know any famous INFJs off the top of your head? We can tell you a few. One of the known INFJs was Jane Goodall, the scientist, peacemaker, and friend of chimpanzees. Others include former U.S. president Jimmy Carter, the English poet and novelist Emily Bronte, and even Carl Jung himself.

Which of the two INFJ types are you? Our quiz will let you discover the answer in just a couple of minutes. Are you the INFJ-A or INFJ-T? Get down to the questions and find out your personality type!

Is INFJ a rare personality type?

Yes, it is, it’s the rarest of all 16 types! Only 2% of the population are INFJs.

What are the possible results of this quiz?

You can either be INFJ-A type or INFJ-T type.

Which personality type is the rarest ever?

It’s INFJ, of course!. Only 2% of women and 1% of men are INFJs.

What is the INFJ person like?

INFJ personalities are intuitive, creative, and empathetic. They have rich inner lives and seek a higher meaning.

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