Is Your Partner a Dark Empath? | This Reliable Test Will Confirm It

Is Your Partner a Dark Empath? | This Reliable Test Will Confirm It

Hi all! Welcome back! If you clicked on this quiz, you probably want to learn something new about your boyfriend’s or girlfriend’s behavior. It is always worth it to improve our understanding of other people’s thoughts and feelings, especially if they are close to us. Whether you are worried that there is something wrong with your loved one, or are just curious what a dark empath is, stay tuned! Dark empathy is not a common personality type and often flies under the radar. You are going to be among the few who really understand this phenomenon!

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Empathy And Dark Empathy

So what is the difference between normal empathy and dark empathy? Is this a mental disorder or learned behavior? Let’s try to tackle the first question first. According to psychologists Paul Ekman and Daniel Goleman empathy can be divided into three types:

  • Cognitive empathy describes a person’s ability to know what others are feeling and thinking. Thanks to this type of empathy people are able to understand each other’s perspectives. 
  • Emotional empathy refers to the ability to experience other people’s feelings as if they were our own. Of course, this does not mean a person capable of emotional empathy can feel exactly the same things. It involves physical sensations and emotions which help us understand other people’s experience.
  • Compassionate empathy is the type of empathy we use in a common language. This type of empathy is what we usually think of when talking about empathetic or not empathetic people. It involves helping others when we sense or see that they are in trouble.

As you can see, empathy involves both cognitive and emotional abilities. It is a multifaceted and complex ability which allows us to better understand each other. What is more, it is considered a positive skill, associated with helping other people without any strings attached. Dark empathy, on the other hand, has its negative side.

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Empathy Vs Dark Empathy

Dark empath refers to a person who possesses emotional and cognitive empathy but uses them for own benefit. They know what other people think and feel, but instead of offering a helping hand or being compassionate, they use that knowledge to exploit and manipulate. 

Dark empaths manifest traits of narcissism, Machiavellism, and psychopathy, components of the dark triad. They often seek ways to take advantage of someone’s weaknesses which they identified thanks to their empathic abilities. 

Most people who display personality traits included in the dark triad lack empathy. They don’t understand what other people are feeling and thinking. Psychopaths and narcissists exploit people because they are not aware that it makes them suffer. This is why dark empaths are dangerous. Dark empathy combines cognitive and emotional intelligence with the opportunism of a psychopath. 

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Is Your Partner a Dark Empath? – How To Tell

Dark empaths are difficult to identify. Because they manifest personality traits of three different psychological phenomena, it is not easy to tell for sure if someone is a dark counterpart of an empath. Best way to recognize a dark empath is to take into account various warning signs. Take a look at the list below and see how many traits apply to your partner.

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  • Gaslighting (making a person to question their feelings, decisions, and sanity)
  • Using charm and charisma to get what they want
  • Sarcastic attitude
  • Making hurtful and offensive jokes
  • High emotional intelligence (they understand what others are thinking and feeling)
  • They can struggle with depression, anxiety, or have prolonged bad mood
  • Tendency to talk about people behind their backs
  • They often seek validation because of low self-esteem
  • They are needy in relationships
  • Extremely skillful at using manipulative tactics
  • They are stubborn and rarely admit a mistake
  • They know what to say in order to keep control of the situation
  • Dark empaths mask their true emotions
  • In relationships, they prefer to keep certain emotional distance

If most of the above traits are displayed by your partner, you are probably in a relationship with a dark empath. Living with someone who is toxic can be challenging and exhausting. There are few options you can try in order to improve your love life. You and your partner can go together to a relationship coach to discuss your problems. Another option is to convince your partner to visit a therapist or psychologist. 

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Is Your Partner a Dark Empath? Free And Honest Test

Does your partner manifest traits of psychopathy, narcissism, or Machiavellianism? Check out our reliable test to find out if your loved one is a dark empath. 

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What Is The Difference Between Dark Empathy And Narcissism?

Narcissism is part of the dark triad which consists of narcissism, Machiavellism, and psychopathy. Dark empaths are often associated with the dark triad because they manifest traits of all its components.

Is Dark Empathy A Mental Disorder?

Dark empathy is quite a new term in psychology. It can be diagnosed as a mental disorder but is not officially recognized as one. It is usually considered a sign of personality disorder.

Can My Partner Stop Being A Dark Empath?

Because dark empaths display features of narcissism, psychopathy, and Machiavellism all at once, their personality can be very difficult to improve. They may refuse going to therapy, stubbornly believing that they are fine. If you manage to convince them to seek professional help, it is possible that your loved one will change their behavior.

How To Deal With Dark Empaths?

Unfortunately, there is not much that you can do. If it’s someone you don’t care about, it’s best to avoid that person. As for your closed ones who happen to be dark empaths, you can try to explain to them that they have personality disorder and convince them to schedule an appointment with a psychologist or therapist.

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