How much do you know about Heartstopper?

How much do you know about Heartstopper?

Hello again! I hope that you are all doing well. I think that it is very important to find some time every night to watch your favorite series. Which one is in your last top 3? Ok! Let me guess! Is this one based on the book of Alice Osman? Or maybe easier- is it played on Netflix, and its name is “Heartstopper?!” If your answer was yes, we are definitely in one Fanclub. If you do not know this one, you should hurry up and watch it today! This one will not take you much time since the first season is only eight episodes. And I hope for the next ones! I think it is one of not many adaptations as good as the original book! I read this one in one week, and I was a bit nervous when I heard of the series on Netflix. Anyway, it is one of my favorite series now! It kept me feeling all the emotions I had during reading. I know that, it is a great idea to watch and read both of them. It does not matter from which you start, because they are both excellent.

If you have already guessed, now it is time to say what is our plan for today! We are going to check your Heartstopper-knowledge. After answering the 20 questions I have prepared, you will understand how well you know the new Netflix series. Are you ready? It will not be difficult- I promise. All you have to do before: is to watch the series and revise your knowledge with the description below! I am sure it will bring you a lot of fun! Maybe after solving this quiz, you will even read the book! The choice is yours, but I highly recommend it.

Now it is time to remind you of some facts about the plot.

The series “Heartstopper,” tells a story about a teenage boy. He tries to find himself in high school. We all know that this can be hard sometimes. Charlie dates one guy at first. He tries to keep their relationship in secret because he pretends to be straight. That all makes Charlie feel down. He finds a new love, but it also brings a new risk that the other guy is straight. Unexpectedly, Ben also finds out that he is gay, and they start dating in secret. This relationship is also kept secret, but Charlie feels it is different. What we see in the story is not only love drama. It shows us the problems of all teenagers in our country. There is bullying, friendship, and other commonly known school stuff. I remember exactly, when I had to deal with groups of people that did not like me. The only thing that kept me not feeling down every day was my best friend. She told me that all the bad days would go away one day. I think that it is a hidden message behind the story. Friendship is one of the most important values in life. Also, it happens in everyone’s life for a reason. The thing that we meet bad people on our way only makes us stronger. No one can laugh at us because we are different than them. The same thing applies to being rude. We should be much more tolerant. Especially, in the days of the internet and social media when everything goes viral in a few seconds. We need to think before posting something because it can seriously hurt someone.

They should play this series at high school during classes in my opinion. It could open the eyes of many people. “Heartstopper” exactly explains how LGBT people feel. They need more support from us. We still have close-minded people around us. I am sure Charlie from this series could convince them to be more tolerant.

Despite the educational values, the story is a beautiful one. I think it is sweet to see the first love shown in the series. How actors play their characters is professional. I guess most of us reminded ourselves of the feeling of first love.

What makes it even more relevant is that Alice Osman- the author of the book based the story on her real life. Maybe that is why I feel it is so realistic and that many people can relate to this.

What we have to do now is to check how much you remember from “Heartstopper!” That quiz will bring back all the emotions you had while watching this series. It will probably convince you to watch it again or even read the book! I hope that you will have fun when answering the twenty questions and that they will not be difficult to answer. Alright, everybody! Ready? Steady? It is quiz time! Best of luck to all of you!

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