Can you pass this fun facts quiz?

Can you pass this fun facts quiz?

Hello, girls and boys! Are you ready for another exciting quiz? We hope you will be able to learn something new with this one. How many fun and cool facts about the world do you know? Do you think you could pass our fun facts quiz? Go ahead and try your luck.

There is so much fun trivia on the Internet. We’re always looking for neat fun facts to expand our knowledge and ability to beat our friends at trivia nights. One of the best things about fun facts is that they are so easy to share with others. You can quickly text your pals or snap them a screenshot of an interesting fact. Heck, you can even send them the link to this page! From funny laws to historical tidbits, these cool, fun, and surprising facts will be a source of enjoyment for you and your friends.

Have you ever fed pigeons? Hopefully, you never tried that in San Francisco.  It is illegal to feed pigeons on the sidewalks and streets in that city. But why? Giving some crumbs to birds should be harmless enough, right? Well, it’s not that easy. If you feed pigeons, that means there will be more of them. A large population of pigeons is a health hazard – pigeon droppings make public spaces dirty, do damage to buildings and spread diseases. Pigeon food makes a mess and attracts rats. Plus, when you feed pigeons, you are not doing them a favor. They lose their natural ability to scavenge and survive on their own. I guess some strange laws can make sense!

Do you know about the astronaut who is allergic to the moon? His name is Harrison Schmitt, and he suffered from an allergic reaction to Moondust. Schmitt was a geologist and was responsible for collecting samples from the Moon. The Moondust got stuck to his suits, boots, and tools, and when he took his helmet off, Schmitt became congested. He said that he had the worst allergic reaction the first time, but it gradually went away. Another fun fact about Mr. Schmitt: he is the last living person and the only civilian to have walked on the Moon. See? Two fun facts for the cost of one!

Did you know Liechtenstein has just one jail? Liechtenstein is a tiny European country sandwiched between Switzerland and Austria. It is so small that it only has one prison, and there are only 10 to 20 people in it. Any criminal requiring a sentence of more than two years is sent to prisons in Austria or Switzerland. Liechtenstein is not only small but also very safe. It has one of the world’s lowest crime rates. The last murder there occurred around 1997. The crime rate is so low that the average Liechtenstein resident reportedly doesn’t even lock their front door. Hmm…is it time to move to Liechtenstein? If you can find a free spot, I mean. There’s not much space!

Now, it’s time for a fun fact that is as stinky as it is adorable. Known for being very cute, the animal named wombat produces around 80 to 100 pieces of excrement each night, which is cube-shaped. For a while, no one knew the reason for that. In 2018 however, researchers found that the Australian animal’s intestines are made up of stretchy and some stiff sections, that create the cubing during the digestive process. Is it endearing or is it a bit gross? You decide!

Do you like museums, or do you find them boring? You probably won’t find the Museum of Failure boring! Yes, such a museum exists. Situated in Helsingborg, Sweden, it is supposed to help people confront anxieties about failure. The museum’s curator, Samuel West, explains that by seeing big, successful brands like Google, Microsoft, and Apple in the mix, “it feels like ‘Ok if they can fail and they’re very successful then me too, I can fail’.” What can you find on display there? Amongst other things, there are Harley-Davidson perfume, Colgate frozen entrees, and Microsoft Zune.

Did you know the Twitter bird has a name? It’s Larry! The infamous bluebird of social media was named after former NBA player Larry Bird, who used to play for Twitter co-founder Biz Stone’s home-state team, the Boston Celtics.

It’s illegal to own just one guinea pig in Switzerland. It might seem absurd, but there is a good reason for that. Guinea pigs are very social and they need the company of other guinea pigs. That’s why it’s illegal to own only one of these cute critters in Switzerland. Additional fact: if one of your guinea pigs passes away and you’re not ready to commit to another, the Swiss government will allow you to rent a guinea pig as a companion to your remaining pet.

So many fun facts! How many of them do you know? Do you think you can ace this fun facts quiz? Don’t waste time and get down to the questions!

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