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Which Frog Are You
The Flexible Frog
You're the yogi frog! You are very chill and prefer to be alone all day. Most importantly though, you can stretch your legs spectacularly!


The Hungry Frog
You love food! Maybe your tongue is not as quick as frogs' tongues, but you're getting there!


The Chill Frog
You're just chilling here. Nothing can bother you. We're jealous!


The Friendly Frog
You can't spend too much time alone. It's just not a concept for you. Good luck finding the right people (or frogs)!



It’s evident that everyone gets this kind of thoughts sometimes, and it’s nothing to be ashamed of. We all wonder what kind of animals we would be in some parallel universes. This frog quiz will help you find out once and for all.

Taking this fun quiz seriously might be dangerous! Don’t do that! Just have fun filling it up, and reading about your frog type! This test might not be very informative, but the text you’re about to read will undoubtedly be bright!


Frog Fun Facts

We’d like to present you with some of the most interesting facts about frogs! They might be new to you, but people, who are real frog lovers, will surely know many of them! Let’s see if you’re the smartest frog in the pond.

Camouflage skills

Most frogs are brown or green. It makes sense because these are the most common colors of their natural environment. The ground is usually in different shades of beige, and it gets darker if it’s wet. The same goes for the color of the leaves, that fall in, yes, fall. Frogs are smart enough to understand that they’re not the most dangerous animals in their habitat, and they will address this issue by blending in with whatever surrounds them at the moment.

Yes, you read that one correctly, some frogs can change their skin color. It’s not that rare. Their skin changes depending on the season, geographical placement, or even their mood. Frogs are sociable, and they like to let others know about their mental state. One of the ways is by changing their skin color.


Some frogs are toxic. And we don’t mean their personality. They really can make you die, so we don’t recommend licking their skin to complete a challenge. There’s one general rule that applies to most animals and plants. The brighter their color, the more toxic they are. Frogs whose skin is blue, bright green, or yellow, can surely be expected to be very toxic. Don’t mess with them. Treat them as you would treat a toxic person – stay away! And if they follow you, just run!

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The frog kingdom is not so different from the human world! You see, there are some frogs, who are jealous of the toxic ones! They mimic their skin colors to be seen by the predators! Even though they’re technically not toxic, we still don’t recommend trying your luck with them!

Extreme Frogs

Frogs are crazy! They can survive very extreme conditions. All frogs are cold-blooded, literally. Their body temperature changes along with their surroundings. It makes it possible for them to dig holes in the ground, and spend some of their lives there. It’s especially useful when they need to wait for some danger to pass, and there’s no better place to do it than underground. It’s nice and cozy, and they’re alone most of the time. And we all know, that’s just perfect!

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There’s one frog in Australia that can survive up to 7 years without rain. It collects water within the body. It may sound crazy, but somehow, it’s probably explainable by science, it saves the water. This skill would be extremely useful to obtain, considering our upcoming energy and water bills. Being a frog may not sound that dumb in a few months! Better find out what kind of frog you are now!


Creating Baby Frogs

Every animal’s purpose is to reproduce. Sorry to be so straightforward, but in the end, it’s all that matters. Without a kid, your life just never feels entirely complete. Frogs know that simple, yet important, fact, and try to have as many kids as possible.

Generally, most frogs lay eggs. Human females also produce them. But with frogs, there’s a catch. They get impregnated outside of the female’s body. Mommy frog and daddy frog, once they love each other very much, and all of that, create a little mating hug. It’s called the amplexus. And yes, that might be the only clever word you’ll spot in this quiz.

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The frogs’ ideas of pregnancy differ. Some of them just leave the eggs be, others like to carry them around. There are also frogs, whose eggs somehow grow into their back so that mommy can always be close to her developing children. There’s also this Australian frog, who likes to swallow its fertilized eggs. The female carries them around in her stomach for 8 weeks, and in the end, baby frogs just, quite literally, jump out of her mouth. Sounds extremely cute, right?


Frogs are amazing creatures. Their bodies are constantly trying to live up to their expectations. One of the most characteristic things about frogs is that they love to jump. And they’re good at it!

Frogs never skip their leg days. They train every day, and the results follow. Many frogs can jump as far as 20 times their body length. Not only is this spectacular, but it also helps them escape situations they’d rather avoid. It may be a creepy date, a boring movie night, or a dangerous predator, you name it. They can get away with that, with grace.

Do you feel like you could be a little bit clingy? Well, it’s time to find out. This quiz won’t lie to you.

Sounds and Visions

Frogs have excellent night vision. They can spot nearly everything. Think about it next time you think you’re alone in the forest, and getting ready to do something a little bit naughty. There are eyes everywhere. You can never escape frogs. It’s just impossible.

Their eyes are amazing, and we’re jealous that it’s impossible to transplant them into the human body. Maybe it will become possible in the future… Frogs can see behind them. Yes, getting away with an eye-roll the second your frog boyfriend says something dumb, is just not an option. Frogs’ eyes are designed to spy on every other animal around them. They could be excellent gossipers. And that brings me to my next point…


The froggy voice. Now that I mentioned it, you can probably hear this specific sound in your head. It’s very loud and can be heard from a long distance. But it’s usually the male frogs that possess this ability. They’re one of the first animals that were allowed to have some vocal cords. And we must admit, they use it pretty well. Their sound is known to every child on Earth!

It’s created by filling the vocal sack with air. It resembles a balloon and makes a megaphone-like sound. We will never know what frogs talk about but it must so extremely useful to be able to shout it from miles away. Once again, we’re jealous!

How many questions are there in the quiz?

You will have to answer 20 questions to find out your frog type.

Why are frogs so cool?

Frogs are small, and we rarely focus on them. At school, they’re known as the animals you cut open in class. But they have so much more to offer! Hopefully, this quiz will help you understand that, and push you to learn more about frogs!