What Is My Fursona? | Discover Your Furry Alter Ego In 2022 | Free Of Charge

What Is My Fursona? | Discover Your Furry Alter Ego In 2022 | Free Of Charge

Hello everyone! Have you ever wondered which animal species would be best for you as fursona? Or maybe you are trying to get into a furry community and look for a furry to identify with? Whatever is your reason to discover the furry truth, we assure you that you will have fun solving our quiz! 

What is my fursona? What is my furry alter ego? Those are the questions we will tackle today. Answer honestly to all 20 questions we prepared for you and discover if your fursona is Dog, Cat, Fox, or Wolf. Have fun!

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What Is Fursona?

Fursona is a portmanteau word which means it was created by combining multiple words. In this particular example, it was ‘persona’ and ‘furry’. Unfortunately, the exact origins of this term are not known. However, it can be traced back to the mid 90s, when it was commonly used in the furry community.

A fursona is best described as an animal character created by someone from the furry community. Each fursona is a personalized and individual project. The creation of a fursona depends on the person’s intentions. It can be made for an elaborate role-play or used as an anthropomorphic persona, an idealized version of its owner. A fursona can also be created out of curiosity and just for fun. Some members of the community don’t have physical costumes to don but instead possess digital versions of furries they identify with. 

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Where To Find Furries?

Usually, the people who have fursonas manifest their furriness mostly online and at furry conventions. There are, however, community members who wear their costumes in a public space. The trend to wander the streets as a fursona has gotten more popular in the last few years, especially in 2022 when more and more members are mustering the courage to show off their animal side. This social phenomenon is also more accepted by society which encourages experimenting with unusual fashion.

Furry Data

Now it’s time for some furry science. According to the Anthropomorphic Research Project, almost every furry has a fursona and The New Science of Narcissism claims that 95% members of the furry fandom have their own personalized animal species. The average member of the community has two or three different furries during their lifetime, says the data provided by the Anthropomorphic Research Project.

The decision to pick the right species is not as easy as it seems. For most members, it’s a long process which takes a lot of thinking and comparing best picks. Because of that, half of the community had only one fursona in their lives. 

According to the surveys, 25% of the community had more than one fursona at the same time. This unusual approach to the furry alter ego has a good explanation. Proponents of having more than one fursona state that each of them represent a different part of their personality. Do you identify with more than one animal species? 

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Creation Of Fursona

The process of making a fursona is known as one of the most common behaviors in the furry community. It’s not uncommon that furries create their fursonas as a way to distinguish themselves from each other. 

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Main Sources Of Inspiration

What inspires an individual to start their fursona project is different for every furry. There are different sources of inspiration, one of which include anthropomorphic characters from various media, favorite deities from mythologies, or digital art. Most of the furries, however, claim that the furry calling came from their own self. It means that their fursonas are internally generated, and are a response to their needs, personality traits, behavior, everyday habits, and lifestyle. It’s common for the fandom members to choose animal species which have something in common with them. However, this method isn’t based on ethology, the study of animal’s behaviors. The species are chosen based on their archetypal traits as seen by a human. 

There are many archetypes based on observation of animal behavior. Most popular ones include dog, cat, wolf, fox, lion, and raccoon, among others. For instance, foxes are associated with being cunning, smart, evasive, and resourceful, hence the saying ‘sly as a fox’. Dogs, on the other hand, are perceived as a loyal and playful species which are easy to make friends with. 

Other Reasons 

Not every furry can be thrown in the same basket. There are also other reasons an individual may create a fursona. Some members of the fandom claim to have an innate connection to certain animal species. The less common explanation is a statement that the chosen species was one’s previous life. The most unique reasoning, however, is that a favorite species is a furry’s spirit guide, or that they were supposed to be born as that animal.

What Is My Fursona? Free Personality Quiz

Are you ready to learn the answer to the question ‘What is my fursona’? Our quiz will help you to solve your furry dilemma. Enjoy!   

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Which Fursonas Are The Most Popular?

According to an online survey, wolves are the most common species to identify with. The second slot was taken by dragons while the third place was won by foxes.

How Long Does This Quiz Take?

You don’t need a lot of time to solve this test. You only need a few minutes of your time to discover your fursona species.

Which Fursonas I Can Get As The Result?

You can get one of the four species: Wolf, Fox, Cat, or Dog.

Where The Concept Of A Furry Came From?

Although it cannot be said for certain, it is believed that the concept of a furry originated in the 80s at the science fiction convention when a drawing from Steve Gallacci’s Albedo Anthropomorphics caused a discussion about anthropomorphic characters in the media. This explanation was provided by Fred Patten, the fandom historian, and may differ from the research conducted by the community members.

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