Do You Have a Selfish Partner Test | 100% Honest Answer

Does your partner immediately notice when you're in a bad mood?

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Does your partner plan various things without asking your opinion?

Does how and when you spend time together depend mainly on your partner?

Do you do most of the household chores?

Has your partner ever told you that your problem is not that important and you are exaggerating?

Does your partner apologize to you when he/she does something wrong?

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Does your partner react very badly to criticism?

Does your partner make you do things you don't want to do?

Does your partner make most of the decisions in your relationship?

Does your partner hang out with their friends more often than with you?

Is your partner very involved in your problems and personal issues?

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Does your partner motivate you and enjoy your successes?

Does your partner enjoy spending time with your friends and your family?

Has your partner ever forgotten something that was very important to you?

Has your partner ever forgotten your birthday?

Does your partner have high expectations and demands of you?

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Is your partner a good listener?

Does your partner often admit you are right?

Do you sometimes feel that your partner ignores you?

Do you think your partner is sometimes overconfident?

Do You Have a Selfish Partner Test
It seems that your partner is selfish. If you need advice, come back to our article.


You don't need to worry because your partner is not selfish.



Welcome! If you’re here, you probably want to take a closer look at your relationship. There’s nothing wrong with that, it speaks well of you for trying and caring! People face a lot of different problems in relationships, so it’s a good idea to identify the problem as soon as possible so you can deal with it easily. Do I have a selfish partner – you wonder? Is he selfish or am I needy? Today you will find the answers to this questions, so stay with us! So take our Do You Have a Selfish Partner Test!

Selfish Partner Signs

Is your partner selfish? First, you need to know exactly what it means for someone to be selfish. Because the truth is that each of us is selfish to some degree. At the end of the day, we have to take care of ourselves first and foremost, it helps us survive and not be used.

But a relationship is also a responsibility for the welfare and happiness of the other person. Then selfishness cannot be excessive, because then it causes a lot of problems. In this case, what is a selfish partner? How does such a person behave, think, what are the characteristics and signs of a selfish partner? Let’s analyze it carefully.

10 Signs of a Selfish Partner

  • Partner only cares about his problems.
  • Partner doesn’t notice or care about your needs.
  • Partner is overconfident.
  • Partner thinks he or she deserves everything.
  • Partner imposes their values and goals.
  • Partner does not admit mistakes.
  • Partner does not take responsibility.
  • Partner controls everything.
  • Partner makes important decisions on their own.
  • Partner does not listen to you.

If you notice these rad flags in your partner, don’t ignore them and confront them as soon as possible. These are the very signs of selfishness in a relationship and the examples of a selfish husband. Selfishness can occur to varying degrees, but if in most situations your partner behaves selfishly then you will not create a healthy relationship. Even more so if your partner doesn’t want to change.

Everything you need to know about selfishness


So let’s now discuss these signs in more detail. Selfish partners usually think that their needs, problems and concerns are much more important and deserve more attention. They then expect that they will always be heard and that you will be involved in their concerns, while they themselves do not give you the same support. They sometimes don’t notice your needs at all, they don’t seem to care about them. They are too busy with themselves to devote time to you.

This is often due to egocentrism, which is when people consider themselves more important than others. Such people are overconfident, making them unable to admit their mistakes. They are convinced of their infallibility and think that they are entitled to the best of everything, without anything in return. Such people can often impose their views, values and ways of life on others. You must abide by their rules in order for them to accept you. 

They may also have problems with an excessive need to feel in control. Because of this, they can be possessive and toxicly jealous. Sometimes, however, the opposite is true, when selfish partners care so much about themselves that they don’t even pay much attention to you. Then they simply ignore you.

Such people are not good listeners, in conversations they only talk about themselves and often interrupt. They make all the important decisions in the relationship on their own, without taking your opinion into account. Do any of these things remind you of your partner? Better take our quiz and find out if your partner is definitely selfish!

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How to deal with a selfish partner?


Sometimes in a relationship it seemingly seems that everything is fine. However, as soon as there is a small crisis, all the problems are much more apparent. If one of the problems is a selfish partner, find out how to deal with it! Ending the relationship is not the only way out, but if your partner won’t admit the problem and won’t try, it’s really better to leave.

But first try to deal with it and give yourself a chance. It is likely that your selfish partner does not have bad intentions. Perhaps he is selfish because of the way your partner was raised. Past experiences also matter, perhaps there was trauma. The best thing to do is to talk frankly about it with your partner, calmly and respectfully. You can point out situations where you felt your needs were not being met and give tips on how to change this. Tell what you expect from your partner and give him or her time.

Be prepared to accept some selfish behavior. After all, you can’t tell our partner to change completely, and your partner may not be able to make such a big change. If you are very unhappy in the relationship, it is worth rethinking the breakup. When it gets hard, you can enroll in couples therapy.

Dealing with selfishness in a relationship

In addition, it’s also worth applying these tips when you’re dealing with selfishness:

  • Work on assertiveness and don’t let your partner overstep your boundaries. In this aspect, it is very important that your selfish partner respect this.
  • Notice it when your partner is selfish. Talk then about your emotions, how you feel and how his/her behavior affects you. Also say what your partner could do instead, work out a compromise.
  • When anger and intense emotions arise, learn to take a break to calm down. Try to work through each argument calmly and respectfully.
  • When a selfish partner thinks you expect too much from them, confront it. Let them know that the relationship works on mutual compatibility and work.
  • Pay attention when you get hurt instead of constantly making excuses for your partner. Your partner should get used to it over time and be more attentive to your feelings.

A relationship with a selfish partner is not easy and has a chance to survive only if you also have a strong character and motivation. Working with a selfish partner can be time-consuming, and when it’s too overwhelming for you and doesn’t produce the desired results, it’s better to give yourself a break. After all, this is about your happiness. If your partner doesn’t care enough, do it yourself.

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Don’t forget about your well-being and constantly do something good for yourself. It could be going for a walk by yourself or going to the cinema to see the movie you wanted to see. Buying yourself a favorite coffee or meal. Taking care of your health and appearance. The best way is to learn to live happily by yourself and rely on yourself. This will make you realize what you really want from life.

Do You Have a Selfish Partner Test

Now you are ready to take our test. You don’t have to be afraid of anything, because you already know how to deal with a selfish partner. Find out if your partner is definitely selfish. We have prepared a thorough test that will give you an honest answer. Remember to think and analyze each question, answer accurately and honestly.

Our test can be the first step for you to a better relationship and a better life. Therefore, we wish you good luck! Also check out other relationship quizzes available on our site! What if you are selfish? Then maybe take this test from a different perspective and treat it as the Am I Selfish Test?

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How many questions does this Selfishness Test have?

Our test has 20 special questions.

What exactly does this test measure?

This test checks your partner’s level of selfishness.

Is it possible to form a healthy relationship with a selfish parnter?

It is possible, but it takes a lot of work and persistence.

What if I am selfish in my relationship?

It’s worth noting it then and making changes because it will benefit both partners.