Are You Making The Best Possible Use Of Your Time? | 100% Honest Quiz

Are You Making The Best Possible Use Of Your Time? | 100% Honest Quiz

Dear readers! There is another quiz waiting for you to take! Today we will again focus on your experiences. What do you manage on a daily basis with the fulfillment of your duties? Do you always have time for everything? Or do you constantly have a list of unfinished concerns? Today’s topic will be special – Are You Making The Best Possible Use Of Your Time?

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How do you use your time?

That everyone has some responsibilities. School or work. It doesn’t matter. There are challenges waiting for us at every stage of life. We happen to put off those activities that we find unpleasant. But in life we must find time for everything – both pleasures and duties. We are sometimes tired or sick. It’s normal that then we don’t want to do various things. But when procrastination becomes a habit that we return to despite being aware of the negative consequences. Is it your problem? Are you putting your time to good use?


Procrastination meaning

Procrastination is the delaying of previously planned activities. It tends to be duties that we have to perform sooner or later. For example, paying bills, cleaning the house, fixing a leaky faucet, studying for an exam. It can be combined with stress and anxiety. We put them off even though we are aware that it won’t help us. However, unpleasant consequences are not able to motivate us.

However, it is worth remembering that laziness is a populist concept. No such thing as laziness has been confirmed in psychology. It is always for a reason that we don’t do something. The reasons for procrastination can also be various.

People struggling with it feel remorse for not doing planned tasks, and what’s more: they can’t at all enjoy engaging in activities chosen instead of fulfilling obligations, such as watching a TV series or reading a book. “Procrastinator” knows very well that procrastination will most likely be detrimental to them, what causes tension and eventually leads to even more difficulty in starting the task.

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Why do people procrastinate?

The reasons for procrastination are not fully confirmed. There are various theories. Usually personality and temperament traits are pointed out. Psychologists and neuropsychologists have noted a correlation. People hat are impulsive or neurotic are in the risk of procrastination. In contrast, it occurs less frequently in conscientious people who have high levels of self-control, need for achievement and resistance to stress. The self-esteem is also worth noticing. People with low self-esteem are in the risk.

Depression can be another cause of procrastination completely. Depression is often referred to as laziness by ignorant people. But it is a very serious disease. Researchers point out that lack of energy, feelings of resignation and hopelessness can make it difficult to start and finish tasks. Other possible causes include difficulty with planning due to distraction from external stimuli (e.g., in people with ADHD), fear of judgment from others and failure, and the belief that working under pressure produces better results.

Why can procrastination be dangerous? Procrastination of tasks always has its consequences.  Sometimes procrastination is harmless. Some people need deadlines for doing tasks to completion. But when it affects the quality of life, problems may occure. These problems involve work or school, for example. It is environments that are important for everyone.

At school, we strive for good grades. Our education is important. It will help us us in the future. Procrastination can make or break our educational path altogether. Getting expelled from school is always a serious concern. Work is necessary for survival. We need to money to fulfill our basic needs. When we have problems at work, it is a risk of being expelled. In addition, procrastination can also cause problems completely in other fields.

For example, official concerns are often put off. Trouble from not paying bills can be serious. Health problems are also common, as procrastinators delay medical appointments and risk worsening their health. As you can see, it is better to unlearn procrastination so that it never reaches such intensity.

How do you manage your time?


How do you organize your time? Effective time management, by definition, it is the planned and systematic execution of activities aimed at achieving a goal. And it is on this planning and regularity that the whole secret of effective use of the 24 hours that everyone has is based. In order to manage ourselves effectively in time, we must remember about planning and regularity. If you can’t handle your responsibilities, start planning them.

Just remember not to impose too many responsibilities on yourself. Set deadlines only for yourself and stick to them. Proper analysis of the situation mostly means writing down exactly how much time we spend on accomplishing specific activities. How much time you spend on laundry? Or cleaning? Allocate an hour or a few a day for what you need to do. And leave the rest for relaxation.

Once in a while, give yourself moments of rest from your daily life, moments of break from your schedule, which will motivate you to continue working.  In this way, maintaining a proper daily schedule will be more effective and will last big. It will become your habit.

Ways to spend time

How do you spend your time? You can see how we use our time. Most of us wait longingly for a weekend or vacation. However, when we finally have our dream vacation, it turns out that the days leak away like water. How to rationally plan your free time? Do you then necessarily have to spend all your free time with your family? Your free time can also be spent in a quality way. Then you won’t regret in your old age that you didn’t experience something. We have prepared a list of various home and outdoor activities for you. Make the best use of time!

•              Cook something or bake a cake.

•              Take up jogging.

•              Watch something new, movie or series.

•              Go to a swimming pool.

•              Listen to an audiobook or read.

•              Go for a walk.

•              Practice yoga or meditate.

•              Ride a bicycle.

•              Play video games or board games.

•              Play a sport of some kind.

•              Listen to music, favorite or new.

•              Ride roller skates.

•              Write, paint or take pictures.

•              Take a long bath.


There are lot of ideas how to spend your time. We have offered you various options. Pick some activities that seemed interesting to you. Add them to your planner in your free time. It will make you spend every minute of your life in a cool way!

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Are You Making The Best Possible Use Of Your Time Quiz

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