Are a Royal or a Rebel | Completely Free Quiz

Are a Royal or a Rebel | Completely Free Quiz

Welcome to our website! Every day we have a new portion of quizzes and tests for you! You will find different types of quizzes. Today we have prepared another personality quiz, because these are very popular. Do you want to know yourself more and discover something interesting? Our Am I a Royal or a Rebel quiz today will check on the basis of two personality types, which one you fit more into. Are you ready?

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Royal and Rebel Personality

People have very complex personalities that are hard to define with a single category. Even the MBTI test, which was developed by spacialists and has as many as 16 personality types, has its flaws and will not always match someone’s personality well. But if you take different personality tests over different lengths of time, you can always learn something about yourself that you didn’t know.


Our test today is just that, focusing only on a piece of you that is worth discovering. Do you want to find out which personality traits are indicated by the Royal persona and which by the Rebel? You may have already guessed, but read our detailed descriptions so you don’t miss anything. We have analyzed the matter so that the test is both fun and useful.

Royal Personality

People who have a Royal-type personality are people who work hard to achieve the desired goal. Therefore, they are more persistent and do not give up quickly. They like to have clearly defined rules that they follow. Then the road to success is very easy for them.

Royal people find themselves well in their social roles. They have good grades at school, and usually achieve high achievements at school and at work. This is a quality that rich people possess. However, when some changes and emergencies arise, they are also able to cope.


These people have very high moral values that they stick to. However, this sometimes becomes a limitation for them. It’s hard for them to go outside the box, and they are more practical than creative. But this problem-solving ability comes in very handy, and they use it when they help other people. Royal people are courageous and able to discuss. They know how to use diplomacy. They are the real kings and queens of today.

Rebel Personality

What is a Rebel? People who have a Rebel-type personality are those who are not afraid to step outside the box. They are spontaneous individualists who live life on their own terms. These people are characterized by high creativity and progressiveness. They always keep up with the changing world and try to find themselves in it.

As Royal persons are more prudent and serious, Rebel often show unbridled energy, openness and optimism. In contrast, punctuality and following the rules are the bane of Rebel persons. They have a hard time conforming to generally accepted norms.


They are sincere and independent people, although people do not immediately put their trust in them. But once they convince them, they gain the best and devoted friends. Rebels are perceptive and knowledgeable people, able to recognize the motives and intentions of others. They are a bit chaotic and unorganized, but this only adds to their charm.

So what do you think, are you more of a Rebel or Royal type? Better take our special test and find out for yourself!

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Royal Characters

In order for you to understand more about the personality types presented and to better relate to your type, we have also prepared for you examples of Royal and Rebel personalities. Because this is the best way to relate to a particular person and compare yourself to that person. We have taken into account several people who are probably familiar to you and best represent the type.

First, we will introduce Royal persons. Here it will not be difficult to find good examples, because you can look for them in real Royal families.

  • Elsa from Frozen – The first Disney example, perfectly reflecting the Royal type. She is a confident and serious girl who knows her responsibilities and is diligent in fulfilling them. She feels very responsible for her sister and always cares about her. Elsa can be considerate and solves problems without conflict. If this was your favorite princess, you may also be more Royal than Rebel.
  • Hermione Granger – this character of the Harry Potter world is also a great example. You don’t have to come from a real royal family to be a Royal type. Hermione is a very clever girl who always tries to act according to the rules. You can say that she was the one who often led the group, instructing and giving useful advice to the boys. More than once she saved them from trouble. She was always interested in other people’s problems, especially the weaker ones who needed help.
  • Captain America – This Marvel superhero best represents the Royal type. First of all, Steve Rogers is a great leader and is as good at discussion as he is at fighting. He tries to act sensibly and not under the influence of emotions. He is even capable of sacrificing himself for his values. He is a brave and resolute man who is trying to restore some order in this chaotic Marvel world.

So which of these characters best fits Royal’s personality for you? Or do you have better examples? If you also want an example of a real personality, Princess Diana would certainly fit the Royal type. She is a perfect example of a Royal person with whom many people can also identify. Diana was much loved and adored by ordinary citizens, whose attention she could capture more than the Queen herself. She is a perfect example of a Royal person who lives up to her potential and has a great amount of empathy.

Rebel Characters

Now let’s take a look at Rebel movie, TV series and book characters. Here, too, there should be no problems, as Rebel personalities are very entertaining and often portrayed. Do any examples of Rebel come to mind for you yet? Also familiarize yourself with our characters, perhaps it will help you understand more about yourself. Here are our representations of the Rebel personality type.

  • Flynn Rider – At the very beginning again Disney characters, because these are known and liked. Flynn is the best example of Rebel, he is crafty, stubborn and has an extraordinary energy about him. He doesn’t like to act by the rules, after all, he changed his own name to the dignified Flynn Rider, when in truth his name is Eugene Fitzherbert. Despite the fact that at the beginning of the film he is known as a thief, he still gains the trust of the audience, who, as the plot progresses, begin to root for him and wish him the best.
  • Lorelai Gilmore – if you’ve watched Gilmore Girls, I’m sure you’ll agree with me that Lorelai is the perfect example of a Rebel, especially in her family. She constantly broke the rules, which drove her mother crazy. But she was able to live her life the way she wanted and didn’t succumb to pressure. As a result, she led a happy life and never regretted anything. Lorelai is a very strong and confident woman who, thanks to her persistence, achieved what she wanted.
  • Robin Hood – no matter which version of Robin Hood you watched, the Rebel type always agrees. This character from the well-known legend works outside the law to restore justice. He is relentless and in his own way wants to help other people. He defies authority and gains a group of devoted friends who support him. Robin Hood is a great representative of Rebel, which shows that this type of personality has been known to people for a very long time.

Now that you know exactly what the aforementioned two personality types mean and have read the examples, then you can move on to our Are a Royal or a Rebel uquiz! Perhaps the result will surprise you!

And do you know where the Royal or Rebel trend came from? It’s all thanks to the cartoon Ever After High, which children and teens have come to love. Have you ever watched this cartoon? Even if you are not familiar with it, you can take our quiz! Any person, regardless of gender or age can take our universal quiz. And fans of Ever After High especially! Maybe we should also make Ever After High Quiz Who Are You? You can check this out on Ever After High website.

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What are the main traits of a Royal?

Rationality, eloquence, patience and discipline.

What are the main traits of a Rebel?

Individuality, creativity, spontaneity and intuitiveness.

What are some examples of Royal characters?

Elsa from Frozen, Hermione Granger and Captain America.

What are some examples of Rebel characters?

Flynn Rider, Lorelai Gilmore and Robin Hood.

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