Which The Last Of Us Character Are You | 2023 Free Quiz

Which The Last Of Us Character Are You | 2023 Free Quiz

Recently, the first episode of The Last Of Us series based on the game appeared on the HBO platform. Have you watched the beginning of this remarkable series yet? Or have you played The Last Of Us so you are very familiar with the story? No matter how you became familiar with The Last Of Us, you can take our special Which The Last Of Us Character Are You quiz! Are you ready to know which character is most similar to you according to personality? Maybe we sould also make Would You Survive The Last Of Us quiz?

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The Last Of Us series

Fans of The Last Of Us were very excited when they learned that a series based on the game was planned to be produced. The storyline of the game was perfect for the realization of a TV series, and even before there were any plans and speculations, people were already admitting that the plot of The Last Of Us was so elaborate and interesting that it was suitable for a TV series.

In addition, it turned out that the creators of the series took fans’ expectations seriously and The Last Of Us series is a very good representation of the game’s plot. Some people are very happy about this, especially after the recent disappointment that was the Witcher series.


However, there are also those people who like the new installments and have been waiting for something different. Either way, the series is done with attention to detail and very good acting. One of the main roles is played by Pedro Pascal, a much-loved actor also known for Game of Thrones and Narcos. Have you also been eagerly waiting for the first episode of The Last Of Us or maybe you found out about it recently? Take our Which The Last Of Us Character Are You quiz anyway!

The Last Of Us Storyline

What is The Last Of Us series about? The main theme is an apocalyptic vision of our world, where a dangerous species of fungus has begun to infect people and transform them into deadly beasts. The series is set in the US, in various states. At the beginning we learn about Joel’s story, his life before the dangerous epidemic broke out and during the first crisis. We see his daily life, so we know very well what he has lost and what he is fighting for.

Then the series shows us what happens twenty years later, how Joel and his friend Tess struggle to survive. Generally Joel is given the task of finding the girl Ellie. It turns out that Ellie may be a chance for an antidote. Thus begins the long journey of the two of them across the United States, in search of the scientists’ base.

 The series is a typical horror adventure with themes of zombies and apocalyptic human life. There is a lot of action, the plot is engaging. As in the game, the relationships between the characters are deep and engaging. Did the first episode of The Last Of Us encourage you to play the game?

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The Last Of Us Characters

The cast of The Last Of Us is very well chosen to properly reflect the characters of the game. The main role as previously mentioned is played by Pedro Pascal, while the role of Ellie is played by Bella Ramsey. We will also see Anna Torv as Tess, Gabriel Luna as Tommy, Murray Bartlett as Frank, Nico Parker as Sarah and many others.

The series’ creators wanted the series to be similar to the game, so the actors also personality-wise resemble the game’s characters. Although they may differ in appearance, they represent our favorite protagonists well and fit in well with the prevailing apocalyptic climate. While watching the series we experience different emotions and sympathize with the characters. We cheer for them during their constant struggle for survival and when they have to make morally difficult choices.

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Now we will present the characteristics of the main characters, who are Joel and Ellie. They have complex personalities, which we will describe in detail. At the end you can take our Which The Last Of Us Character Are You quiz and find out who you are more like!

Joel Miller

Joel is a male, born September 26, 1967. He has a younger brother Tommy Miller, with whom he has a good relationship. Tommy helped him raise his daughter Sarah. The Outbreak day changed Joel’s life forever and made him have to live with trauma.

Joey is a caring person and has a good heart, although the situation of post-apocalyptic life makes his morals damaged. He has become more apathetic, sometimes even cruel. However, his actions only serve to defend his life and the lives of those close to him. The relationship he had with Ellie renewed his sensitive side, and he treated her as his daughter.

Joel is characterized by courage and perseverance. He is a great survivor who will do anything to save himself and others. He is also very agile and physically strong, and can fight. He also copes well in stressful situations and can be ruthless and composed. Are you like Joel? Take Which The Last Of Us Character Are You quiz and find out!


Ellie Williams

Ellie is a teenager, a young girl trying to reconcile growing up with life in a post-apocalyptic world. Ellie is an orphan who attended a military preparatory school. She can’t imagine a normal world, which has shaped her strong, impulsive and violent.

However, she has the natural innocence of a child within her. She is independent and can take care of herself, but she is afraid of loneliness and needs other people’s help, since she is only 14 years old herself. She is very bytsra, risking her life for others. She also has a lot of energy in her, likes to talk and joke around. She is just an ordinary teenager, living in dark times.

And are you more like Joel or Ellie? Take our test and find out which of these characters better represents your personality. Don’t forget to forward this What Last Of Us 2 Character Are You quiz to your friends who also like The Last Of Us!

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Why is The Last Of Us worth watching?

There are many reasons to watch HBO’s latest series. If you still haven’t seen the first episode, check out these benefits of the series. Perhaps you will become a true fan and want to play The Last Of Us as well?

  • Pedro Pascal plays there – it is worth watching the series if only for him
  • The Last Of Us is considered the best game ever made, so the storyline must be good
  • If you like the theme of fighting for survival like in The Walking Dead then you will like this series
  • The series has very good ratings from reviewers
  • The Last Of Us may turn out to be the best series of 2023

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Are you ready to become a real fan of The Last Of Us? If you have played the game also you can take our both quizzes. On the other hand, if you’re worried about season one spoilers, you’d better not take The Last Of Us Trivia. On the other hand, the Which The Last Of Us Character Are You quiz is spoiler-free, so you don’t have to worry about that. You can find more questions and answers below.

Does this Which The Last Of Us Character Are You quiz contain spoilers from the series or game?

No, this Which The Last Of Us Character Are You quiz is completely spoiler-free.

Do I have to watch the series to take this Which The Last Of Us Character Are You quiz?

No, you can take this Which The Last Of Us Character Are You quiz even if you haven’t watched the series.

When will season 2 of The Last Of Us be released?

The release date for the second season of The Last Of Us is still unknown.

How many questions do I have to answer in this Which The Last Of Us Character Are You quiz?

Pedro Pascal and Bella Ramsey. There are 20 unique questions in this Which The Last Of Us Character Are You quiz.

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