What should I draw?

What should I draw?

Sometimes it can be hard to come up with something to draw. Your head feels empty, and that piece of paper remains blank as you struggle with ideas. Every artist has been through that at some point. Don’t worry – we will help you out! Our quiz is prepared for you to find an idea to draw. All you have to do is answer the questions! Do you want to brainstorm a little before taking the quiz? Let’s try to figure out what you should draw today.

Your first step should be finding your style. Do you like realism? Perhaps you enjoy abstract art or pop art? Choose which one you like the most and think you would have fun drawing. Remember that you don’t have to draw in one style all the time. It’s way more fun and free to dabble in different styles, so if that’s your method, go for it!

It’s a good habit for an artist to sketch the ideas they have popping up during the day. Keep a little notebook or a piece of paper on you and doodle whatever comes to your mind. You can simply trace some letters, and draw squiggly lines or shapes. These little drawings are just to draw and keep you warmed up.

Allow your mind to wander a bit when you’re able to. Daydreaming is great for your art – it will help you come up with ideas. Relax, let your mind take off and the inspiration will come to you eventually.

Consuming all sorts of content, like reading books, watching movies, etc. will also help you out. When you read a book, you can imagine how you would draw the characters or the scenery. While watching a movie or a TV show, you can get inspired to draw your favorite actor. Use the media for inspiration!

An interesting idea to get inspired is to go to a museum. Museums are filled with things you can draw. Next time you don’t know what to draw, go to the nearest museum. Take a notepad with you to write down ideas and doodle some sketches for later. If you do intend to draw in the museum, remember to check the policy on creating art inside the building. Simple doodling usually isn’t a problem, but messy paints will most likely not be allowed.

You can take the opportunity to visit museums you normally wouldn’t be interested in or check out some art exhibits that you usually wouldn’t gravitate towards. If you’re interested in realistic drawings,  for example, you can check out abstract sculptures or paintings. Remember to open your heart and enjoy the experience. That’s when a drawing idea can find its way into your mind and soul.

Sometimes to let the inspiration come to you, you need to clear your mind from any negativity, anxiety, or stress. It’s up to you how are you going to do it. Perhaps a long, relaxing bubble bath is the answer. Let the world sleep away and surely you will have an idea before long. Or maybe you need to take this time to meditate and quieten your mind. Some people find long walks in nature the most relaxing. Just do what you feel is right, and the idea for the next drawing will show yourself to you!

If you’re used to working with a full palette of colors, try limiting your color range next time you start a new drawing. You can try picking out a few colors at random and putting the rest away. Drawing with a limited color palette will certainly put you out of your comfort zone, but that is the point of it all. You will be forced to experiment, try blending colors differently, and make color transpositions. This can lead you to very interesting results.

What if you change the lighting you use for your art? Perhaps, if you only have one light source, you can try two. Test out how different light sources change the way shadows are cast or where the highlights go. How about the color of your lighting? Imagine lighting your subject with blue light, or red. Did you know? Under red lighting, the color cyan will lose most of its saturation and appear nearly black! There are many different variations you can experiment with.

Remember to be confident when you are drawing. You are your worst critic, so even if you don’t like your drawing, chances are other people will love it. Self-confidence is the first step in finding inspiration!

Are you ready to come out of your artist’s block? If the answer is yes, get down to the questions! What should you draw today? Take our quiz and find out the answer! If you don’t like your results, you can simply take the quiz again. Have fun!

How many questions are in the quiz?

There are 20 questions.

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Draw your pet, Draw object next to you, Draw from nature, Draw from city, Draw your favorite fictional character

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