What is your vulnerability?

What is your vulnerability?

No human being is perfect, and we all have some kind of vulnerability. Do you know what yours is? Or is it still a mystery to you? Sometimes it can be hard to take an honest look at yourself and figure out your weaknesses. Our quiz can help you find out the answer to the question: what is your vulnerability?

Before we get on with the quiz, let’s answer the question: what is vulnerability? The word vulnerable is derived from the Latin word vulnerare, which means to be wounded. There are different kinds of vulnerability, including emotional, physical, social, and existential.

Cognitive vulnerability is a result of flawed patterns of thinking, which makes people prone to certain psychological problems, for example, mood disorders. In psychopathology, cognitive vulnerability is created from schema models, hopelessness models, and attachment theory. This theory states that humans need to develop a close bond with their caregivers. When there is a disruption in the bonding process between parent and child, it might be associated with cognitive vulnerability and depression.

Social vulnerability means the inability to handle the external stressors that an individual is faced with. Structural factors, including social inequalities and political factors, can play a role. Entire communities may be vulnerable in what’s known as collective vulnerability, “a state in which the integrity and social fabric of a community is or was threatened through traumatic events or repeated collective violence.” Intergenerational trauma can have a big effect on many generations after traumatic events occurred.

In dialectical behavior therapy or DBT, physical vulnerability refers to the things that can have an impact on your mental or emotional state.

In our culture, vulnerability is often associated with something shameful, an aberration, or an embarrassing weakness that must be hidden. Existential philosophy, however, teaches us that vulnerability is essential to our existence as living beings. Because we are limited, finite, mortal beings, vulnerability to trauma is a necessary and universal feature of our human condition. Suffering, injury, illness, death, heartbreak, and loss, are possibilities that define our existence and loom as constant threats. To be human is to be vulnerable, and there is no outrunning this truth.

What does it mean to you to be vulnerable? Some groups of people seen as vulnerable in society are those in certain age groups or people with disabilities or illnesses. This is something different from being vulnerable in any sort of relationship (whether romantic, friendly, work relationships, etc). According to the dictionary definition, vulnerability means “to be exposed to the possibility of being harmed or attacked either physically or emotionally”.

Some people might associate vulnerability with weakness, but it can be your greatest strength. We are all vulnerable and we are all afraid of getting hurt,  but those who protect themselves to avoid getting hurt, fail to appreciate intimacy and close relationships.

There are numerous ways we can be vulnerable. For example, when you first start dating someone and you’re at those beginning stages of the relationship. You aren’t sure yet if you can trust that person. There are many thoughts in your head: are they going to hurt me? Are they going to cheat on me? Are they going to break my heart?

These thoughts can be scary, but it doesn’t mean you can never trust anyone. Sometimes you have to take that leap and let them know what is in your heart. After all, what’s the worst that can happen? If they don’t feel the same, at least you will know not to waste your time with them. It can suck for a bit, but soon enough this person will be just a memory. What if they aren’t the person you thought they were? It’s time to leave. You gave it a shot, you did your best, now you know – it wasn’t meant to be.

Fear is what stops us. You fear being rejected. Fear being dumped, humiliated, hurt. You fear being lonely, too; fear standing up for yourself and saying “No, I don’t want this, I’m done”. But we must overcome that fear if we want to be happy.

Vulnerability can also be our flaws; we all have some, though sometimes I can be hard to admit. For some of us, our vulnerability can be vanity. When a person is too self-absorbed, too convinced about how awesome they are, it is their vulnerability. They can miss out on human connection in their chase after beauty and splendid. They will never learn how great another human being can be because they can only think about themselves.

Another vulnerability can be selfishness. It’s good to think about your needs, but constantly putting yourself over anyone else is less good. People don’t want to get close to someone selfish. Sooner or later, they will see that selfish person for what they are, and they will get away. After all, who wants to spend their time with an egoist?

There are many different vulnerabilities. What is your vulnerability? Take the quiz we prepared and find out the answer now! Don’t forget to share the link with your friends.

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There are 20 questions.

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Selfishness, Rage, Perfectionism, Arrogance, Dishonesty

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