Is He Your Type Of Guy? | Free & Honest Quiz

Is He Your Type Of Guy? | Free & Honest Quiz

Hello everyone! We have prepared for you another interesting quiz related to the topic of love and relationships. We know very well how you like such topics, so we try to prepare a quiz for every situation and every doubt of yours. After all, love is very complicated and can mess with your head. Today we are going to analyze the concept of attraction. Is he your type of guy? Take our special quiz and find out!

What Is My Type Of Guy Meaning

What does it generally mean to say that someone is your type? Have you ever thought about it? This concept can be hard to define. Every person who is attracted to male persons has a specific type of guy. Therefore, it can be said that it is an individual matter of preference.

But it’s a little difficult sometimes to explain to someone what type you are, because it can be a collection of many different traits. When you see someone who is your type you may have a strange feeling that they are, but you can’t tell exactly what it is about. You just feel the attraction.

However, knowing your type is possible. All you have to do is look closely and analyze the subject. And what is the best way to do this? Decompose your type into specific characteristics. We will help you with this!

How to describe your type of guy:

  • Character traits
  • Appearance traits
  • Behavior
  • Manner of speaking
  • Lifestyle

To discover your type you need to analyze all these factors. We start with character traits, which are very important and determine the durability of a relationship with a person. Different traits can be attractive to us on different levels. Think about what you like about guys in terms of character traits.

Being confident is attractive to you, or are the shy guys more cute? Do you like sensitive guys, or do you have a taste for bad boys? Every character trait is worth looking at. People are usually looking for someone similar to themselves, so look at your character traits as well.

But the best way is to look at your crushes, including those who are fictional characters. Think about which character keeps catching your attention when you watch a movie or TV series, and look for what you particularly like about them.

Sometimes it’s not about specific features, but a combination of features with other things. For example, self-confidence only works if the boy is both understanding and not pompous. Or his nonchalance and casualness is only attractive to you if you can also see that he cares.

As you can see, it’s quite complicated and depends on the person and the situation. Therefore, when you take our quiz, take into account preferably one particular guy.


Another thing is physical appearance, which is considered less significant by some people. But in fact, appearance can be just as important as character, and one affects the other. Appearance is the first thing we notice about a guy. It is the first impression that gives us the first suggestion of whether someone is our type. Also, think about what appearance features you particularly like.

But besides appearance and character traits, there are other things we forget about. It is a general way of being, which can consist of behavior, speech and lifestyle. Behavior is the way you move, your habits, the way you walk, your posture. All of these things can affect your perceived attractiveness.

Also important is the way a guy talks, the tone of his voice, how his pronunciations sound, what words he uses. And the way he lives, that is, how he spends his time, his approach to life, his expectations and dreams. All of this makes up the whole picture, which can make up your type. However, you don’t need to know everything about him to see him as your type.

Sometimes basic information is enough, but if over time you get ick on any of these things, he may no longer be your type. As we mentioned, it’s a complicated process getting to know the other person. This is perhaps why so many people don’t know their type specifically. Especially since a guy’s type can change for you over time, with age and new experience. But perhaps now you know… Is He Your Type Of Guy?

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But if you want to find out if this particular guy is your type, you can do so by taking our quiz! Also check out our other What Is Your Type Of Guy Physically Quiz, which we’ll link to you below.

Looking for a quick and easy way to discover your type of guy? Take our quiz!

Is My Boyfriend My Type?

If you’re already in a relationship and want to find out if your boyfriend is your type, it’s worth taking our quiz. When people get into relationships they may be guided by different things. Sometimes being with your type is not possible or not that important. But is it possible to be with someone not your type and form a happy relationship?

The answer is yes, but it is worth considering why we are with a person not our type. What is special about this person that makes you want to be with him? If the situation is such that you are happy with a guy not your type, he is attractive to you, treats you well and you really like him, then everything is fine.

On the other hand, if your reasons for being in this relationship are different, for example – you feel lonely without him, he gives you some status, someone talked you into it, you felt pressure to get into this relationship – then you’d better consider whether it’s worth staying in this relationship.


Girls are more often subjected to various pressures than guys. For example, it is very common for a girl to finally give a guy a chance and get into a relationship with him not because she likes the guy, but because he kept insisting and trying, and she wanted to appreciate it. Beware of such situations, because relationships from coercion or manipulation do not end well. It’s better to know what you want.

Therefore, check if your boyfriend is your type and think about what you like about him.

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Is He Your Type Of Guy?

Now you’re ready to take our test, because you probably know all about your type of guy. You also don’t have to worry that your boyfriend will turn out not to be your type. Because as we mentioned, a partner doesn’t have to be perfect to form a good relationship with him. But it’s always worth analyzing. Therefore, don’t wait any longer and take our special quiz! So… Is He Your Type Of Guy?


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How many questions does this quiz have?

This quiz has 20 questions.

Is this quiz accurate?

Yes this quiz measures all factors that affect perceived attractiveness.

Is this quiz only for girls and woman?

This quiz is for anyone who is attracted to men.

What does it mean if someone is my type?

It means that someone has qualities that you find attractive, someone fits in with your preferences.

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