How To Know I Am Pregnant Without A Test | 99% Accuracy

How To Know I Am Pregnant Without A Test | 99% Accuracy

Do you seek an answer to the question ‘Am I pregnant?’. In such a scenario, you have two options, either take a pregnancy test or solve a reliable online quiz which will tell you if you are pregnant. In today’s quiz we would like to give you a helping hand and solve your dilemma. 

There are many factors to consider when finding an answer to this question. Our quiz, How To Know I Am Pregnant Without A Test, takes into consideration 20 signs and symptoms which occur after impregnation. All you need to do is answer them honestly and we will tell you if you are pregnant or if your symptoms are caused by some other condition. 

If you would like to expand your knowledge about pregnancy and its symptoms, we welcome you to have a read of our quick and honest pregnancy overview.

Pregnancy – How To Know Without A Test

There are many classic symptoms of pregnancy which can tell us that we are pregnant without the need to take a pregnancy test. Even though a clinical test is the only sure way to confirm pregnancy, if you experience some of the symptoms common for pregnancy, you can have many reasons to believe that you are pregnant. The more signs you experience, the higher the possibility of pregnancy. 

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20 Factors To Consider

The signs and symptoms vary from person to person. Some women may experience only a few of them, while others can note down a long list of their symptoms. Because of that, we decided to take into consideration quite a lot of symptoms in order to provide a reliable result. Take a look below at the 20 easy ways to confirm pregnancy. 

1. Missing Periods 

This is the most popular reason to believe that someone is pregnant. After the fertilization, eggs stop being released by the uterus which results in missed periods.

2. Cramping 

Cramps are a part of the menstrual cycle. However, during pregnancy the cramps feel different than usual. They feel like pulls or small pricks around the uterus.

3. Spotting 

A light vaginal bleeding outside a regular period may also indicate pregnancy.

4. Vomiting 

It can occur at any time during a day during pregnancy. It is often accompanied by nausea.

5. Sore Breasts 

During pregnancy, breasts become sole and tender which is caused by changes in hormonal activity.

6. Mood Swings

Hormonal changes also affect mood. You may experience periods of happiness followed by increased anger and irritability

7. Headaches

Headaches themselves are not a sign of pregnancy but often goes together with other early symptoms.

8. Fatigue

Lack of energy and exhaustion are also a common symptom, caused by hormonal changes.

9. Change In The Appetite

Some women feel the need to eat more than usual during pregnancy. On the other hand, some women during pregnancy feel full and eat less than before.

10. Frequent Urination

This is another symptom caused by hormonal changes. Many women feel the need to urinate more often than before pregnancy.

11. Redness In Palms

This is known as palmar erythema, caused by the increased levels of estrogen. This condition gives hands a reddish hue.

12. Dry Skin

Another symptom related to skin is dry skin. It often occurs during pregnancy.

13. Spider Veins

With the excess amount of estrogen released into the bloodstream, skin may appear to have something called spider veins. They usually disappear after the baby is born.

14. Basal Body Temperature

This is a strong indication of pregnancy. If the basal temperature stays the same after two weeks after ovulation, this may indicate pregnancy.

15. Pimples

It is possible that acne may reappear during pregnancy which is also caused by hormonal activity.

16. Itching

Skin gets more sensitive during pregnancy, which causes some women to experience itching on various parts of the body. 

17. Nasal Congestion

Nose membranes can get dry and swollen during pregnancy. It’s worth taking this symptom into consideration.

18. Discolouration

Pregnancy can make your skin and hair discolored. Dark spots are the most common to appear. This goes away after giving birth.

19. Back Pain

Back pain often occurs during early stages of pregnancy. 

20. Dark Line In Hair

A dark line of hair growing from the uterus to the pubic bone is something worth paying attention to. This is a strong indication of pregnancy.


It is certainly possible to answer the question ‘Am I pregnant?’ without a clinical test. However, the above symptoms may still be caused by some other condition. Our quiz can provide an accurate result, but it doesn’t rule out some of the rarer instances of illnesses which symptoms mimic pregnancy. If you have reasons to believe that you are one of those people, e.g. suffering from some condition, you may need to do a pregnancy test as an ultimate confirmation.

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To sum it up, the more early symptoms you experience, the higher the chance that you are pregnant. We hope that our test will be helpful to you!

How To Know I Am Pregnant Without A Test – 20 Factors To Analyze

Wondering if you are pregnant but don’t want to take any tests? Answer 20 questions we prepared for you in this reliable test and get your answer!

Remember, this quiz is not a professional test. Be sure to consult your doctor! 

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Is It Possible To Know If I Am Pregnant Without A Test?

If you experience many symptoms listed in the quiz, you are most likely pregnant. It’s impossible to know for sure without a test but the accuracy of free internet tests is quite high. If you get Pregnant as a result in our quiz, you can have many reasons to believe that you are pregnant.

Which Symptoms Should I Look At First?

The most common symptoms of pregnancy are missed periods and fatigue. Those are the classic early signs you should keep attention to after a week or two after sexual intercourse.

How Many Questions Does This Quiz Have?

There are 20 factors this quiz analyzes.

Is This Quiz Accurate?

As other online tests, this quiz can provide highly accurate results. We took into consideration various symptoms and signs of pregnancy. After you answer honestly to all 20 questions you will get one of the four results which predict the possibility of pregnancy. In order to be 100% sure, however, you will have to take a pregnancy test.Remember, this quiz is not a professional test. Be sure to consult your doctor!

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