How A Fandom Would See You? | Suggestion Based On 20 Factors

How A Fandom Would See You? | Suggestion Based On 20 Factors

What sort of personality are you? The hero, the villain, the sidekick, or maybe even the love interest? Our quiz will explore how a fandom might perceive you as a character in their favorite world. What character would you be in literally any movie, book, or video game? Take the questions and find out!

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What is a fandom?

A fandom is a community of people who share a common interest in a particular work of fiction, such as a book series, TV show, movie, or video game. Fans in a fandom typically engage in various activities related to the work of fiction, such as creating fan art, writing fanfiction, participating in online discussions, attending fan conventions, and cosplaying as characters from the work of fiction.

Fandoms can be large or small and can exist online and offline. Many fandoms have their unique subcultures, shared language, and norms of behavior. Fandoms can be a source of enjoyment and social connection for fans. Participating in a fandom can be a way to explore and celebrate their love for a particular work of fiction.

Fandom is not a uniquely modern concept. There have been many works of fiction that have inspired passionate followings throughout history.

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One of the earliest examples of fandom in the strictest sense of the word could be the one created around the works of William Shakespeare, which dates back to the 16th and 17th centuries. Even in Shakespeare’s day, his plays were renowned. They continue to be performed and studied for centuries afterward. Many Shakespearean societies and organizations dedicated to examining and appreciating Shakespeare’s works exist today.

Another example is the fandom around the Arthurian legends, which originated in the Middle Ages and has continued to be popular ever since. The myths of King Arthur and his knights have been the subject of countless retellings, adaptations, and interpretations over the centuries.

Other examples of long-lasting fandoms include the fandoms around classic works of literature such as Jane Austen’s novels, the Sherlock Holmes stories by Arthur Conan Doyle, and Jules Verne’s science fiction novels.

Types of fictional characters

There are many archetypes of fictional characters commonly found in fandoms. It would be impossible to cover them all in this short text, but here are some of the important ones.

Do you know which of the twelve archetypes you are?

The Hero

The Hero is a timeless character concept found in every culture and countless works of fiction. They are usually the main protagonist of the story, typically possessing admirable traits like courage, selflessness, and a strong sense of morality. The Hero’s purpose is to maintain justice and fight against evil.


The are many variations of this archetype. The Hero could be a shining example of morality or a misfit seemingly unsuited for the Hero’s journey. In most cases, the Hero could be defined as someone who overcomes great odds to achieve their objectives.

The Villain

The Villain is typically the story’s main antagonist, whose purpose is to cause conflict in the plot. They will often possess malevolent traits like cruelty, greed, and a disregard for human life.


Many of the big bads who oppose classic Heroes fit into one of a few archetypes. A Villain could be a sympathetic figure due to their tragic backstory, noble motivations, or even a good side. In some stories, a Villain can be a protagonist. Other Villain archetypes include the Bully, the Diabolical Mastermind, or a literal Beast.

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The Sidekick

The Sidekick is a friend and loyal ally to the Hero. Their role is to assist the Hero with their mission and often to provide comic relief. The Sidekick can be a secondary Hero or a typical character observing the action. In many stories, the Sidekick is present to challenge the protagonist and get them to assess their values.

The Love Interest

It is a universal and long-standing archetype. The Love Interest is a character who forms a romantic bond with the Hero and serves as an incentive or motivation for the Hero’s actions. The are many variations of this trope, including Friends-To-Lovers or Enemies-To-Lovers.

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The Mentor

The Mentor is the more experienced advisor to a young, inexperienced character, particularly a Hero. The Mentor might have been in the Hero’s position in the past and can thus guide them. Their role is to introduce a new skill or sharpen their student’s current skills, often hoping to pass the torch because their career is coming to an end.

The Rebel


The Rebel is the character who breaks from the established norms or rules and challenges the status quo, often creating conflict and tension. They have an attitude of defiance, resistance, and revolution. The Rebel can be heroic, villainous, or anything in between.

Do you wish to know how a fandom would see you? This fandom quiz will tell you about your role in a fandom. Answer the questions and discover your fandom archetype. Have fun!

What character can you get?

The Hero, The Villain, The Sidekick, The Mentor, The Love Interest, The Rebel, or The Femme Fatale.

What is the Mentor archetype?

The Mentor is the wise and experienced character who guides and teaches the Hero, often serving as a source of wisdom and advice.

What is the Femme Fatale archetype?

The Femme Fatale is a female character who manipulates and control others through her charm and trickery.

What is the Sidekick archetype?

The Sidekick is a Hero’s loyal companion who often provides comedic relief or helps with the Hero’s mission.

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