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Fruit Test
As the famous song goes: ‘But this delicious nut is not a nut. It's the coco fruit’. If your fruit is coconut, that means you are a very cool guy or girl with a strong personality. You act responsibly and think before you act, and also know how to have fun at parties.

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As a lemon, you are a unique and interesting individual. You like trying new things and experimenting, even if it’s difficult. You are not afraid of challenges and failures don’t affect you much.


As a peach, you know how to have fun. You want to live life to the fullest and enjoy little things. You are also quite a looker. You make sure to be in good shape and wear fashionable clothes.

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If you are a grape, you are an extroverted and enthusiastic individual. You have a lot of friends you like to hang out with. If you have siblings, you have great relations with them.

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Hello everyone! Today we would like to ask you a very important question: ‘Which Fruit Are You’? That’s right, this matter was put off for later for far too long. We cannot just simply ignore it and live the rest of our lives oblivious to the juicy truth. 

As humans, we often create anthropomorphic versions of animals, inanimate objects, and also fruits. We just cannot stop assigning human features to various beings we share this world with. There are already many stereotypical views of animal species. But what about fruits? You have probably seen your share of animal personality quizzes. This time we are going to do justice to fruits and show the world how cool they are!

So which fruit are you? Are you coconut, peach, grape, or lemon? Solve our Fruit Test and discover which product of nature best matches your personality! Don’t forget to invite your friends and compare your results! 

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Fruits – Overview

Fruits are parts of our everyday life. We often add them to our shopping list so we can have a healthy snack for lunch. Some of us eat them everyday, either enjoying them as they are, or making exquisite dishes with them. We certainly know how to recognize a fruit and properly name it. But do we truly know what a fruit is? Can we define it? The science of fruit goes quite deep. If you are interested, below we can offer you  a glimpse of this branch of biology.

What Really Is A Fruit

Fruits are often considered seed-bearing structures used by plants to propagate. Fruits are often attractive to the eyes and secrete inviting aromas. They also tend to be delicious for animals, humans, or both. It’s the plant’s strategy to disseminate their seeds. Although it cannot be said that plants planned this, it’s nature’s way to spread genetic information which developed according to the rules of evolution. 

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Fruit Types

Each fruit consists of three layers: the outside, called exocarp, middle, known as mesocarp, and endocarp (inside of a fruit). All three layers form pericarp. This is a common denominator for all fruits, despite their shape, color, taste, and texture. Fruits are divided into two main types: fleshy and dry. 

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  • Fleshy fruits are characterized by their high water content in its layers. Their inside is fleshy once they are ripe. Fleshy fruits are the type we are more accustomed with. They are more popular than dry fruits and can be found in grocery stores in larger quantities. Many sweet and juicy fruits belong to this group: pomegranates, apples, peaches, pears, and plums to name a few. 

  • The pericarp of dry fruits is hard and dry once they mature. They also have smaller water content than fleshy fruits. A lot of dry fruits don’t need animals to propagate, instead they use other strategies such as dehiscence, water, or wind.

Fruits In The Quiz

Now let’s take a quick look at the fruits we included in our quiz. We hope you like our choices!


Contrary to popular belief, coconuts are not nuts. ‘But this delicious nut is not a nut’ as the famous song teaches us. Coconuts are fruits classified as fibrous one-seeded drupes. Drupe is a fruit covered by a stony and hard enclosure protecting the seed. Coconuts are associated with palm trees on which they grow. However, coconuts we get at stores are not like the ones that are harvested. The coconuts we buy lack exocarp and the mesocarp layers.


Peach is a fruit with roots in Zhejiang, a Chinese province when it was first cultivated and domesticated. According to the legend, the queen of the Han Dynasty had a garden where immortality peaches were grown once every three thousand years. One bite was all it took to gain the powers of immortality. Peaches are mainly produced in China, Spain, Greece, US, and Italy.

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Grapes are fruits which were discovered a very long time ago. They have a long and rich history. Their cultivation dates back to 6500 B.C. Since then, they kept gaining popularity, especially after 4000 B.C. when it was discovered they can be used in the process of winemaking – fermentation of juice in order to create an alcoholic drink. Grapes come in many forms, colors, and shapes. Grapes can be red, purple, green, blue, and even seedless. They are cultivated throughout the whole world, most of which are used to make wine.  


As the famous saying goes: ‘When life gives you lemons, make lemonade’. The famous beverage made with lemon juice, water, and sugar dates back to 14th-century Egypt when it was used as a delicious way to quench thirst during hot weather. Lemon is a yellow fruit native to Asia. It’s harvested throughout the world mainly for its tasty, sour juice which can be used, for instance, in soda and juice making processes. 

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Which Fruit Are You? Fun And Free Test

Time is of the essence. Let’s not waste it anymore and get to the fruity point. Solve our Fruit Test and find out if you are Coconut, Lemon, Grape, or Peach!

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What Is The Most Popular Fruit In The United States?

The most popular fruit in the US are bananas. According to the surveys, an average American buys 26 pounds of bananas each year.

Which Country Has The Largest Fruit Market?

This title belongs to China. As a global leader in producing fruits, China is responsible for 242.79 million metric tons of fruit produced in 2020. It’s way past the second place, which is India (105.97 mln metric tons).

What Is The Rarest Edible Fruit?

There are more than one fruit considered very rare. Even though they can be eaten, they are very hard to get. The most interesting ones include jackfruit, durian, rambutan, mangosteen, miracle berry, and water apple, among others.