Are You Lalala Or Okokok? | Tyler, The Creator Personality Quiz 

Do You Prefer Big Parties Or Meetings With Few Close Friends?

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Are You An Extrovert Or Introvert?

Pick An Ice-Cream Flavor.

Which Music Genre Do You Prefer?

Which Tyler's Album Do You Like More?

Which Movie Do You Like More?

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Which Snack Do You Prefer?

Do You Have Quirky Personality?

Which Word Better Describes You?

Where Would You Rather Live?

Which Personality Trait Better Describe You?

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Pick A Drink.

If You Had To Dye Your Hair, Which Color Would You Pick?

Which Sport Do You Prefer?

Which TV Series Would You Rather Watch?

Which Social Media Platform Do You Like More?

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Which Season Do You Prefer?

What Do You Do When You Listen To Good Music?

Which Element Are You More Connected To?

Which Superhero Would You Rather Be?

Are You Lalala Or Okokok?
You are Lalala! You are full of energy and awesomeness. Some say you are hyperactive, giving off the vibes of someone who loves to party.

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You are Okokok! You are composed and charismatic individual, emanating pure coolness. Your head-bopping to good music is contagious.



Hi all! Are you up to date with the newest TikTok trends? Then you have probably already seen the viral series of TikToks where fans of Tyler, The Creator choose to sing either Lalala or Okokok. Those who have never listened to Tylers’s popular song See You Again may be wondering – but why not sing both Lalala and Okokok? Well, because that’s impossible! If you listen to the song or check out the lyrics you are going to find out that Lalala and Okokok are sung at the same time. Fans are left with a choice: they either sing Lalala or Okokok. 

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But how about you? Have you already made a choice? Do you sing Lalala or Okokok? This choice can say a lot about your personality. Our new quiz – Are You Lalala Or Okokok? – is going to tell you which Tyler, The Creator fan you really are! Depending on your responses to 20 different questions you will learn whether you are Lalala or Okokok and what it tells about you. It may seem silly at first, but when it comes to unusual personality quizzes, you never know what mysteries you may uncover regarding your personality! 

If you are ready to sing either Lalala or Okokok, click the ‘Start Quiz’ button. Make sure to invite your friends to ‘Are You Lalala Or Okokok?’ Quiz and compare your results!

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Tyler, The Creator – Who Is This Man?

Tyler, The Creator is the author of the famous song See You Again which became viral on TikTok in April 2023. Even though See You Again, the song included in the Flower Boy album, was released in 2017, it became viral recently. The song’s creative gimmick is its last part where Lalala and Okokok are sung at the same time. Fans can only sing one at the time, which turned out to be a genius move. Tyler’s creative ideas are one of the reasons he was able to break through and develop a successful music career.

YouTube video

Tyler Gregory Okonma, better known as Tyler, The Creator is an American rapper, record producer, songwriter, and singer. He was born in March 1991 in Hawthorne, California. His musical debut was the self-released mixtape Bastard released in 2009. He is one of the founders of Odd Future also known as Odd Future Wolf Gang Kill Them All, alternative hip hop music collective. So far, Okonma has won three BET Hip Hop Awards, three Grammy Awards, MTV Video Music Award, and a BRIT Award. 

Tyler’s early music is often referred to as horrorcore. His newer productions are considered bedroom pop, R&B, alternative hip hop, jazz rap, and neo soul. Early projects such as Goblin are described as dark, violent, and gritty while the newer ones give off the vibes of jazz. Horror-like themes and violent lyrics can be considered the first era of Tyler, The Creator’s career. The second era was started with the Flower Boy album, consisting of the viral Lalala and Okokok lyrics. It was quite a drastic change in art direction. 

Beside music, Tyler is also involved in two streetwear companies. He runs Golf Wang which is known for its colorful designs and Gold Le Fleur, focused on luxurious clothing. 

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Tyler, The Creator – Albums

Tyler released his first album Goblin in 2011. One of its tracks – Yonkers – was published on Youtube as a single, and gained a lot of attention. The song helped Tyler to become more recognizable and kick-started his career. Goblin received a lot of positive reviews and was praised for its unusual horror-like style. Tyler then continued to release more albums, becoming a very recognizable artist, featured in Top Rap Album charts.  As of April 2023, Tyler, The Creator released six albums which are as follows:

  • Goblin – Released on May 10, 2011
  • Wolf – Released on April 2, 2013
  • Cherry Bomb – Released on April 13, 2015
  • Flower Boy – Released on July 21, 2017
  • Igor – Released on May 17, 2019
  • Call Me If You Get Lost – Released on June 25, 2021

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Are You Lalala Or Okokok? Up to Date With Newest Trends

Which Tyler, The Creator fan are you? Are you Lalala or Okokok? Solve our new quiz and find out if you are a Lalala or Okokok fan and discover what it says about your personality!

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Where Does Lalala And Okokok Come From?

Lalala and Okokok are part of the lyrics of See You Again, a popular Tyler, The Creator song. The song itself was released in 2017 and is one of the tracks included in the Flower Boy album. However, the Lalala vs Okokok trend became viral on TikTok in April 2023.

Which Is Better Lalala Or Okokok?

This question may spark a debate which will make scholars scratch their heads for many generations. Many ponder which is better – Lalala or Okokok? – but we may never find out the answer. It is simply beyond human comprehension and all efforts are for nothing.

Who Should Solve ‘Are You Lalala Or Okokok?’ Quiz?

If you are a fan of Tyler, The Creator you can’t miss this quiz! Because Lalala and Okokok are sung at the same time at the end of popular song See You Again, you need to decide whether you sing Lalala or Okokok. If you are curious what your choice says about your personality, you have to try this quiz!

How Many Questions Do I Need To Answer?

‘Are You Lalala Or Okokok?’ Quiz has 20 questions in total. After you provide responses to all of them, you are going to learn whether you are Lalala or Okokok fan of Tyler, The Creator.