Am I Transphobic? | Free Transphobia Test | Reliable Results

Am I Transphobic? | Free Transphobia Test | Reliable Results

Have you ever wondered why some don’t identify with the gender assigned to them at birth? Why do they behave like the opposite sex even though their birth certificate says otherwise? And most importantly, why do some people undergo various procedures to change their appearance and sexual characteristics? 

People who do not ask these questions and lack awareness about gender identity are sometimes susceptible to prejudice against transgender people. They may believe only two genders are real – male and female – and that it is not possible to fool nature. This leads to a negative attitude towards transgender people and refusal to treat them equally to gender binary people. But how about you? Where do you stand when it comes to transgender, gender non-conforming, and non-binary people? Are you transphobic or not? Thanks to our new test – ‘Am I Transphobic?’ – you can finally learn the answer! Provide responses to 20 questions we prepared for you and we will tell you whether your attitude towards transgender people is positive or negative. Let’s begin!

Do concepts like gender identity, transgender, and non-binary make little sense to you? Still getting confused by gender-related terms? We welcome you to have a read of our article before you start the test! It will help you better understand this subject and may also give you reasons to stop being transphobic.

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What Is Transphobia?

Transphobia is a collection of negative beliefs, opinions, and ideas about transexuality and transgender people. It included negative feelings and attitudes towards people who are not proponents of the conservative concepts of gender roles and traditional binary structure of gender – male and female. Those who are transphobic argue that life choices of transgender people are not justified and don’t make sense. Changing one’s appearance to look like the opposite gender, undergoing transition surgeries, or refusing to identify with a gender assigned at birth – this is all bogus or mental illness to transphobic people. 

Opponents of transsexuality often see this phenomenon as dangerous and harmful to society, their traditional values and beliefs. When they manifest their prejudice and hatred, they may feel they are fulfilling the mission to re-establish a natural order of things. However, their disgust and hostility are fruits born from lack of understanding and awareness of gender identity. 

Forms Of Transphobia

Transphobia can be manifested in a number of ways. There are many forms of discrimination which are obvious examples of transphobia but there are also subtle and more invasive forms of prejudice which are equally harmful to transgender people. Take a look at the list below and find out how many examples of discrimination you use towards transgender people or agree with.

  • Using slurs, derogatory language, and offensive terms
  • Refusing to work with someone who is transgender or non-binary
  • Refusing to talk with transgender people
  • Using wrong pronouns or names (deadnaming) to insult transgender person
  • Seeing trans people as inferior, mentally ill, or less intelligent
  • Criticizing books, movies, tv series, or games if they feature trans characters
  • Agreeing that trans people should have less rights
  • Promoting videos, articles, and memes, that portray trans people as evil or sick
  • Bullying, physical violence, hate speech on the Internet
  • Supporting political parties and organizations which are openly against trans people
  • Encouraging violence against transgender people
  • Portraying transsexuality (or LGBTQ+ in general) as a danger to society and its values

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Dangers Of Transphobia

Many people who manifest transphobic behaviors and support anti-transgender narration don’t think much about the consequences of their actions. They may not realize that their attitude is harmful and endanger the lives of the targeted group of people. Unfortunately, that is the truth – discrimination towards members of LGBTQ+ can have dire consequences. It does not only apply to physical and mental health, but also has a negative impact on one’s career, sense of security, and the quality of everyday life. Dangers of transphobia are as follows:

  • Limited access to goods and services
  • Workplace discrimination
  • Increased chance of developing anxiety, depression, and hopelessness
  • Suicidal thoughts 
  • Exclusion in housing and employment
  • Violence such murder, sexual assault, physical abuse
  • Lower quality of sleep and eating disorders
  • Dangerous forms of coping with discrimination (alcohol and drugs abuse, self-harm)
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As you can see, prejudice and discrimination can have very dangerous effects and even endanger someone’s life. Lives of LGBTQ+ members can be difficult and extremely stressful, if they are treated unfairly and respectfully. 

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Am I Transphobic? 20 Factors To Consider

Are you prejudiced against transgender people? Do you firmly believe that only a male and female are real genders? Take our new test and find out if your views make you transphobic.

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Who Should Solve ‘Am I Transphobic?’ Test?

If you don’t understand the phenomenon of transsexuality and think poorly of transgender people, you will benefit from solving this test. You are going to learn whether your hatred is extreme, moderate, or if you are just slightly prejudiced. What is more, some people may not be aware that they are transphobic – another reason to try our test!

Are Transgender People Mentally Ill?

Being trans does not have a direct correlation with any mental illness. Statement that all transgender people have mental disorders is false. What is true though, is that transgender people are more prone to anxiety, depression, and suicidal thoughts than binary people. 

How Can I Stop Being Transphobic?

Be more open-minded and empathetic towards other people. Remember that bullying, violence, offensive jokes, and prejudice doesn’t help transgender people, but cause them a lot of harm and mental distress. Try to understand the reason behind their choices regarding gender identity, appearance, and views on gender roles. Read articles, essays, and research results on the topic of transgender people.

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