Are You An Internet Troll? | Honest And Reliable Test | Completely Free

Are You An Internet Troll? | Honest And Reliable Test | Completely Free

Do you get a rush of adrenaline when you are pranking people on the Internet? Do you feel happy and get into a great mood after successful trolling? If you love provoking others on various websites and can’t get enough of it, you are probably an Internet troll, someone who likes to cause chaos and incite conflict on the Internet. 

The test we prepared for you will tell you whether you are just an innocent jokester or a full-fledged troll, whose favorite activity is to make ruckus online. If you decide to take our ‘Are You An Internet Troll?’ Quiz you will be assigned to one of the four stages of Internet trolling. Each stage represents a degree of one’s devotion to spreading misinformation, offending people online, and making other users purple with rage. Keep on reading to learn more about the stages, or start the quiz right away if you like.

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Are You An Internet Troll? – Stages Of Trolling

There are many ways to approach internet trolling. You can be either as offensive as possible or create elaborate plans to troll someone into oblivion. Some people prepare for weeks and even months to begin the greatest prank of all time. Devotion of certain individuals can sometimes be scary.

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On the other hand, we have those who stick to small communities like discord groups, or forums where they know everybody and do a little innocent trolling from time to time. They aim to make everyone laugh, including the targets of trolling. These lovable jokesters are who everyone likes to hang out with, waiting for their next hilarious idea. 

Take a look at these four stages of trolling which are among the results of ‘Are You An Internet Troll?’ Quiz. Do you think you are a friendly little troll or an Internet beast craving chaos and destruction?

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Stage I – Cool Troll

People who do a little trolling can also be kind and cool. They are good friends and want to make you laugh at their trolling attempts. They don’t want to offend anyone and know their limits. If they know that someone is sensitive, they are not going to exploit that fact. Are you a Cool Troll? Then congratulations! That’s how trolling should be done.

Stage II – Wild Troll

In this stage, trolls try to experiment and go beyond what seems appropriate. They can throw an offensive remark here and there, or forget that someone is sensitive. Usually, they are Cool Trolls, but sometimes they tend to overdo it, making people uncomfortable or irritated. Wild Trolls are also the most chaotic and unpredictable out of the bunch. You never know whether their next move will make you laugh or sad.

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Stage III – Mean Troll

At the 3rd stage trolls start being very mean and offensive. They are constantly trying to make people look dumb and purple with rage. From time to time, Stage III trolls can pull off something big, like spread misinformation, make deepfake videos, impersonate someone, and other kinds of mischievous activity. This is also where trolls can look out for paid opportunities and troll part-time.  

Stage IV – Savage Troll

This is the last stage of Internet Trolling you can reach. People who are Savage Trolls are the most mean and dangerous creatures out there. They lack empathy and don’t care about what other people think. At this stage, people are addicted to Internet trolling and devout to this huge part of their lives. Savage Trolls don’t think about consequences, they want to watch everything burn. The bigger the chaos, the more happy they are. At this point, you are not going to laugh if you become a target for this kind of troll. What is more, trolls like that often work full-time to troll the media, being paid by shady companies that spread misinformation for nefarious reasons.

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Are You An Internet Troll? Free Test Online

Do you enjoy trolling people on the Internet? Find out if you are an Internet troll. Take this reliable test and we will tell you an honest truth!

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How Much Time Do I Need To Solve This Test?

Our ‘Are You An Internet Troll?’ is a short but concise quiz. You don’t need to worry about spending a long time solving this test. It should take you about 5 minutes to answer all 20 questions.

What Results I Can Get On ‘Are You An Internet Troll?’ Quiz?

There are four results, each representing a different stage of Internet trolling: Stage I – Cool Troll, Stage II – Wild Troll, Stage III – Mean Troll, and Stage IV – Savage Troll. You can learn more about the stages in the article above.

How To Deal With Internet Trolls?

You can’t get yourself provoked. If you think you are a target of trolling and don’t like it, don’t let your emotions take control over you, because this is what trolls want. You can either ignore them or block them if you have such an option at your disposal.

What Is The Difference Between Hater And Troll?

Hater is someone who dislikes something or someone so much, they can’t control their emotions. Like trolls, they may try to make people angry, but for other reasons. Haters speak out their mind in an offensive way, doing what they can to prove that something sucks.

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