AFOQT Practice Test | Air Force Officer Qualifying Test

AFOQT Practice Test | Air Force Officer Qualifying Test

Do you believe you can fly? Is your dream to become a pilot? You are in the right place! Our AFOQT practice test will prepare you for the real exam so you can succeed. Take our training quiz to be ready for the qualifying test. We believe your place is in that cockpit!

What is the AFOQT?

The AFOQT is the exam all aspiring Air Force pilots must take. It is intended to evaluate the critical skills, propensities, and knowledge required of a serving officer.

In most cases, if you have a license to practice law, medicine, or ministry and intend to use it after entering the Air Force as an officer, you do not need to take the AFOQT. As always, confirm with your recruiter.

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How many questions does the AFOQT consist of?

The AFOQT test contains 380 questions divided into 12 sections. You will have about 3.5 hours to answer all the questions, which includes the 10-minute break. All potential Air Force Officers must have a minimum score of 15. You will not need 3 hours to complete out AFOQT practice test!

What is on the AFOQT?

What material does the AFOQT cover? You will find questions related to general arithmetic, geometry, algebra, word knowledge, situational judgment, verbal reasoning, physical science, spatial reasoning, table reading, instrument reading, and aviation information. The questions on our AFOQT practice test will cover that material.

The Verbal Analogies section, for example, will put your language skills and knowledge of words and how they relate to one another to the test.

The Situational Judgment chapter will present you with hypothetical scenarios and test your reaction to them. Aviation Information is one of the few sections that require pre-existing knowledge and technical understanding of the subject.

The Self-Description Inventory section will not be graded. This unit will examine your personality traits, behavioral style, values, and ideas.

Our AFOQT practice test will help you prepare for all the questions.

Do your cognitive abilities need to be checked out?

What level of math can you expect on the AFOQT?

For your AFOQT test, you will need to know the basics of algebra, arithmetic, and geometry. Most of the material is on the early college or high school level, so it’s not anything that should be new to you.

You will not have access to the formulas during the exam, so remember to learn them. You unfortunately can’t use a calculator. You can bring a pencil and some paper just in case, but the writing utensils will be provided.

What can you say about your aptitude?

How difficult is the AFOQT?

The AFOQT can be demanding, especially if you don’t have experience with similar exams. The tricky part is that except for aviation information, there is no specific material you can study for. You will have to utilize the knowledge and skills you already possess, like basic math.

With the correct preparation, passing the AFOQT should not be a challenge. Familiarize yourself with the format and style of questions, so you are not caught off guard on the day of your exam. You can find many mock tests online to help you prepare, including our AFOQT practice test. Make a study plan and concentrate on the trickiest questions and subjects.

When should I start my AFOQT preparation?

It depends on a person but preparing for your AFOQT exam should take between three and six weeks, depending on your learning pace and how much you can dedicate to studying daily. It’s always better to start your preparations early, so you don’t get stressed by the upcoming exam deadline.

How do you study for the AFOQT?

Start with taking an AFOQT practice test to familiarize yourself with the structure and identify your weaknesses and strengths.

Your next step should be establishing a schedule that works for you. Carve out some time to revise as many days of the week as it is possible for you. Many students preparing for standardized exams have discovered that studying most days of the week results in a higher score.

Next, get acquainted with every section and its content. Concentrate on your weak spots. Take plenty of practice tests to build confidence for the big day. Our AFOQT practice test will help you get used to the formula of the exam. If you aren’t sure where to start with your learning, consult one of the many study guides available online. They will help you build the right plan for you.

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Can you take the AFOQT online?

During the Covid-19 pandemic, it was possible to take the electronic version of the traditional AFOQT exam for the first time. Reach out to your nearest MEP location or your Air Force recruiter to find out about your options.

You don’t need to sign up from the outside if you’re enrolled in the Air Force ROTC program because taking the test is requested of you anyway.

What if you’re not in the ROTC? You fill out the form on the Air Force website. After that, a recruiter will contact you to see if you’re a good fit for the test. If they deem you a valid candidate, they will assist you with the rest of the process.

How many times is the applicant allowed to take the test?

You’re allowed to take your AFOQT test twice. In rare cases, an applicant might be allowed to take the test for the third time. However, they will need a waiver. In the past, if you took your test twice and got a worse score the second time, you were stuck with it. Currently, it’s not the case, and your better result with be considered. If you want to ensure your success, use our AFOQT practice test.

When you’re done with your preparation, check out the rest of our quizzes!

Are you all set for your AFOQT practice test? Prepare to become a pilot in Air Force by taking our quiz! Good luck!

What results can you get on this quiz?

You should score at least 51% to pass, which equals about 11 points.

What is the lowest AFOQT passing score?

All potential Air Force Officers must have a minimum score of 15.

How can you study for the AFOQT to succeed?

You should take many practice tests and set up a study schedule.

Does anyone who wants to be a pilot needs to take the AFOQT?

All individuals pursuing a career in Air Force through an Air Force ROTC program must pass the AFOQT.

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