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Are you not willing to hold a grudge, even when others hurt you?

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If you had to choose, which would you rather do?

If I was renovating my house, I would paint the walls this color:

While on holidays in the middle of a hot summer, my favorite thing to do is:

Would you mind having a three-person dinner with a couple?

Which is your favorite day of the week?

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Do you like feeling needed and relied upon by others?

Are you able to concentrate for long periods of time (over 90 minutes)?

Does refusing someone's request make you feel embarrassed or even guilty?

My favorite kind of vegetable is:

Could you accept being very successful in your career but having a messy personal life?

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When listening to a new song, which part do you usually find more impactful?

If you had to live in a city abroad by yourself for a year, which job would you choose?

If was going to eat alone at a restaurant, the kind of restaurant I would choose would be:

What is your favorite movie genre?

What color describes your personality in the best way?

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What is your favorite weather?

if I had to choose something to study for self improvement, it would be:

If I've had a hard day at work, I'll choose the following method to relax:

What is your favorite flavor?

Wings of Fire Quiz

Hey everyone! Are you a fan of the Wings of Fire series? If so, then we invite you to our Wings Of Fire quiz! Which Wings of Fire character are you? Twenty questions to answer, then find out for yourself!

Wings Of Fire

Sutherland wrote children’s fantasy books for the Wings of Fire series, which Scholastic published. The book has sold millions of copies and spent over 122 weeks on the bestsellers list. Furthermore, it has been translated into over 10 other languages.

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The series, which already has three arcs, is about young dragons called Dragonets who come true prophecies in a mythical world. Every arc includes five novels, each of which focuses on the protagonist and tells their journey from a constrained third-person perspective. There are now fifteen volumes in the main series, published between 2012 and 2022.


The Universe

Pyrrhia and Pantala are the two dragon-inhabited continents that make up the universe of Wings of Fire. Pyrrhia has seven tribes:

  • MudWings
  • SandWings
  • RainWings
  • SkyWings
  • IceWings
  • SeaWings
  • NightWings

Pantala only has three tribes:

  • HiveWings
  • SilkWings
  • LeafWings

Other than the RainWings, who had many rulers and no royals until book three, each tribe is controlled by an empress, and every race has its own royal family.

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Humans are found on both continents, where they are treated like animals and even devoured. However, the third arc’s later volumes and the legendary book Dragonslayer delve into more detail about the human inhabitants of the Wings of Fire universe and their connections with dragons. The War of SandWing Succession, sometimes referred to as the Great War, was when the First Arc of the tale took place.


The Dragonet Prophecy

When Queen Oasis was unceremoniously murdered by three unidentified humans, her three daughters, Blister, Blaze, and Burn, went to war with one another to claim the SandWings’ throne as their rightful monarch. They also formed alliances with five Pyrrhian dragon tribes that lasted for at least 20 years without success.

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The Dragonets of Destiny were the focus of the first story arc. The enigmatic Dragonet Prophecy aimed to bring harmony to all Pyrrhian dragons and bring an end to the Great War. Five baby dragonets, known as the Dragonets of Destiny, were chosen to carry out this prophecy. They were born on the brightest night.

The Jade Mountain Prophecy

The five volumes that make up the Second Arc are:

  • Escaping Peril
  • Talons of Power
  • Moon Rising
  • Winter Turning
  • Darkness of Dragons

The story’s second arc starts 6 months after the Great War is over. The Jade Mountain Academy was built by the senior Dragonets of Destiny to welcome the seven dragon tribes and gather them into 5 winglet members to mimic their peaceful coexistence after 18 years of conflict.

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The Second Arc focused on five Jade Winglet students:

  • Moonwatcher the NightWing
  • Winter the IceWing
  • Peril the SkyWing
  • Turtle the SeaWing
  • Kinkajou the RainWing
  • Qibli the SandWing.

These students each played a role in averting a potential threat from Jade Mountain’s potential “fall beneath thunder and ice,” which was predicted by Moonwatcher in a prophecy known as the Jade Mountain Prophecy.

The Lost Continent Prophecy

Five volumes make up the Third Arc:

  • The Flames of Hope
  • The Hive Queen
  • The Poison Jungle
  • The Lost Continent
  • The Dangerous Gift

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The Lost Continent, also known as Pantala, is said to be located a long way west of Pyrrhia by the Pyrrhian dragons. Until the Third Arc, neither the Pyrrhian dragons nor the dragons from either continent were particularly aware of Pantala’s presence since the Scorching.

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It is revealed that the evil dictator Queen Wasp, a HiveWing queen with the power to govern her HiveWing tribes and reign for fifty years after eradicating the LeafWings, burning large tracts of forests, erecting structural hives, and treating SilkWings as subhumans, has taken over Pantala.

The five dragons that are the subject of the third arc are:

  • Blue and his sister Luna
  • Cricket the HiveWing
  • Sundew the LeafWing
  • Snowfall, the young, recently-crowned Queen of the IceWings

These dragons contribute to the unification of the two continents, the destruction of Queen Wasp, the survival of the Leafwings, and the fulfillment of the Lost Continent Prophecy.

Ultimate Wings Of Fire Quiz

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